This is my first Deacon & Rayna fanfic I hope you all like. So, this is Rayna's POV after the dream she had about her and Deacon I thought that dream was real at first cause it was done so perfectly that it had me thinking they were cheating together. What if that dream lead to Rayna suddenly blurting out that she had a sex dream about Deacon when she thought nobody was listening.

"Wow, that was very sudden." I say to myself out loud while looking in the mirror in my bathroom. Okay, maybe I wasn't thinking about Deacon in that way at all maybe I was just remembering... No, don't go there Rayna just put this out of your mind, go downstairs and prepare breakfast for your family. Oh, right Teddy did that already didn't he?. Oh, well just go downstairs and don't look like you are keeping a secret just act normal. I finish up in the bathroom and head downstairs where my family is getting ready to leave for the day. Everybody leaves and I am alone in my house, I don't want to keep thinking about that dream so I try to distract myself by doing a little cleaning and I start with the kitchen since that's where most of the mess is. I'm cleaning the counter when I here the phone ring and it startles me I jump a little and look up at the phone, it rang once more and I go and pick it up.

"Hello" I say trying to sound normal if that's even possible.

"Hi, Rayna" It's my sister calling about her wanting to come over in a little while to talk about Teddy's campaign. Gosh, not now I don't want to talk about the campaign but if it'll take my mind off that dream then fine.

"Fine, see you soon." I tell my sister before hanging up.

After talking to my sister I finish cleaning the kitchen and head to the living room to clean a little in there before my sister comes over. While I cleaned my head started to wander about that dream. "Why can't I stop thinking about Deacon and that dream?" I try to busy myself with my cleaning but nothing helps distract my thoughts so I decided to put on some music I mean that helps me out of any situation so this could help this situation too right? I go over to the stereo system (which is huge with big speakers and a big radio) I pop in a CD that I thought was my Faith Hill CD but it turns out that the CD's got mixed up and when I go to press play I hear the song I never wanted to hear it was one of our songs in fact it was the second song we've ever sang together. Deacon had written this song after our first song became a hit and then after that song became a hit our relationship started to take a hit too. Once we became a big duet partnership everything went down hill including Deacon's limit on alcohol. Sometimes, I regret getting famous cause it caused Deacon to turn into someone he wasn't and it made our relationship something I never wanted. We became famous cause of some songs that became hits not because of some drinking problem or us not being fully dedicated to our work and sometimes those regrets come back to haunt both Deacon and I when we least expect it. After turning off the radio the door bell rang. "Damn, my sister has great timing." I say out loud as I walk over to the front door and open it to my sisters bright smile.

We shortly after talked about Teddy's campaign and where he is in the polls at the moment then we talked about me and Deacon singing together at one of Teddy's campaign rally's which wasn't in a place where I wanted to be but of course I told my sister that we will sing. So, after my sister left I went to call Deacon. He wasn't okay with this at first cause he's supporting the mayor for re-election but because Deacon is such a good friend to me he decided to do the gig anyway.

Later that night, my mind starts to wander off again thinking about that dream when Deacon comes walking in looking really handsome. He walks over to me and smiles.

"Hi, Ray" He says with a smile and I say hi back.

"So, thanks for doing this even if you aren't supporting Teddy I'm really thankful that you came." I mean it too, I am grateful to Deacon for helping me out and agreeing to do this event with me.

"No problem, I'm glad to help you know I'm always here for you no matter what." Yes, I do know this he really is always there for me when I need him and out friendship will always be there even if they aren't in very good places at the moment.

After about 10 minutes standing and talking outside of the event room we enter with smiles to begin our session which we agreed would be 2 songs only. Unfortunately, we didn't get to have that second set cause Deacon ran out so fast that I couldn't stop him. I do know why he left because he was looking over at Teddy's table through out the first song so he was clearly upset about something but I didn't know what. After, Deacon left I stayed to be a good supportive canadates wife and stood by Teddy's side the rest of the night.

The next morning I wanted to call Deacon but I knew that he wouldn't want to talk about last night so I didn't call him. I stayed in with my family (well my daughters) while Teddy's went out campaigning again with dad. Ugh, my father can be so... And that's when it hit me, why Deacon stormed out of the room last night and why he was staring over at Teddy's table. He wasn't looking at Teddy he was looking at my father and not looking too happy. Oh, my something happen between dad and Deacon that I don't know about and now I know that something happened between them that I have to get to the bottom of. There is some secret that they are both keeping from me and I don't like when people keep things from me.

I decided to call Deacon and ask about this so I just asked him to meet me at our spot on the bridge so we can talk about whatever it is that he and father is keeping from me. I sent my daughters to the mall for a few hours while after I dropped them off I went to meet Deacon.

Thanks for reading, there will be more to this soon I would love to know what you'll think so please review so I can be happy.