The next chapter of Three Pawns. Orochimaru makes his move to try and stop Tsunade from returning to Konoha while the other members look to deal with Zaku and Kin. Also, the mystery over what Dosu Kinuta is hiding is shown.

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"More Sake!" The man at the bar ordered bringing his cup down. A bitter look was on his face as he was drunk. Few of the patrons in the tavern and inn associated themselves with him. Keeping a far distance from him and looking at him with mistrust and suspicion. Most of the people who knew him never did and honestly after what he been through his entire life the day he was born he preferred it that way. Let them stare and scowl, he didn't give a damn.

The owner of it stepped forward. "Sir, I'm afraid you have had enough. You've had more than enough for three people." He told him cautiously but didn't show any signs of fear or intimidation.

"I said give me more!" The man said angrily scowling at him.

Upstairs a women sat with a young boy in her arms, stroking his black hair and whispering that it'll be all right. That everything was going to be okay as her husband confronted the man.

"Sir I'm asking you nicely, please leave I don't want any trouble." The man said to him. "It's not worth causing any trouble or ruckus over some cheap alcohol." He said to him calmly not trying to start an argument with him.

"Throw the bastard out on his carcass already!" A patron from another table said with a glare looking on.

"Yeah kick the demon out!" Another said.

The man at the table eyes narrowed and turned around standing on his feet. "What'd you say?" He said snarling at them.

"You heard me, your just a demon! A monster in human flesh, like all the rest of your kind!" The man said and the man his eyes filled with fury took a step forward.

"That's enough!" The tavern owner said stepping between them. "All of you get out, I won't have any fighting in my establishment.

"Your protecting a demon?" A man said jeering at him.

"I said shut up and leave before-" Before he could finish he was grabbed by the man who shoved him against the wall.

"Demon? Is that what you say I am." He said as his eyes changed and his teeth became sharper as his body shook. "Some kind of monster?!" He said to him shaking him.

"Let go of my you monster!" The man shouted before he was lifted up and slammed against the wall and a second time. He cried out as it felt his throat was burning as if something hot being pressed against it.

The man suddenly felt a blade pressed against his back. "Get out of here and don't ever come back you freak." One of the patrons said pointing the sword at him.

"That's enough stop this all of-" The inn owner was cut off when the man let out a roar and grasped the sword and melted it much to its owner horror as he melted the steel right off it.

"If you claim I'm some kind of monster than maybe I'll just be the demon you all want me to be!" He shouted as fire burned off of his body.

"Dad!" The little boy said running from his mother's arms towards his father. His mother ran after him yelling at him to not go.

If the man had not been drunk he may have been able to control himself and stop what was happening. He would've not had let his rage and anger get the better of him and be able to control that which was inside him and prevent what was about to happen.

But he wasn't…

Fire forged from his hands and he let out a primal roar and threw fire at a man setting him ablaze. The man shrieked in horror and another was set aflame as well. Parts of the Tavern began to be set on fire as wood burned and smoke went up all around.

"STOP THIS!" The Tavern Owner shouted pleadingly but he was grabbed by the throat and hoisted up effortlessly by him. He stared into his eyes and saw the look of a wild beast in them. A demon who only existed to kill.

He barely had time to scream before his entire body was set on fire.

"NOOO!" His wife shouted shrieking in terror and his son looked on in horror as his father was murdered.

The man then lashed out at them and the last thing the boy remembered before everything went dark was the image of his mother being consumed by them and the fiery burning flames coming closer towards his face.

Present day…

"Su! Earth to Dosu!" The blond shook the bandaged covered ninja who had his lone eye closed.

"What is it Naruto?" Dosu groggily asked Naruto Uzumaki looking at him.

"About time you snapped out of it, I've been trying to get your attention for the past five minutes." Naruto said to him. The two were at the hotel by themselves. It was almost time for them to meet Jiraiya as well as Tsunade and take her back to Konoha so she could save Sarutobi's life. "…Do you really think she can save him?" He asked his counterpart, pointing out the Elephant in the room.

"If anyone possibly could it would be her," Dosu responded to him. "If half the tales about her as a Sannin and Medic are true, than she should be able to heal him in her sleep."

"I'm glad you came with us man." Naruto said to him with a smile truly happy that he had come with them. "Don't know what we would've done if you hadn't used those cards to beat her and make her come with us back to Konoha. I wonder what Zaku and Kin are up to at this moment."

"Zaku's probably slacking off and being an idiot as usual while Kin I'd wager she is planning on using her senbon to torture somebody for kicks." Dosu replied dryly to him. Despite the mirth between them, they knew it was serious what was going on with Tsunade. She had agreed to go with them to head back to Konoha. Jiraiya had gone out to take a look around.

Though what had been disturbingly ominous was that there was no sign of Orochimaru, his former master. Orochimaru had not appeared and Jiraiya had told him and Naruto to keep an eye out for anything suspicious. It was not like Orochimaru to not do anything when something was going on, he knew just as well as them how badly Sarutobi was injured and that only Tsunade could save him. And yet there had been no sign of The Snake Sannin. Something seemed up to Dosu, never in the years he had known and seen Orochimaru had he done nothing when an opportunity presented itself to him.

"We would be wise to not let our guards down until we are back in Konoha and she has healed him." He said to Naruto who looked at him. "Things maybe in the clear as of this moment but if we aren't careful something could happen at any moment."

Unknown to the two, they were being watched from afar by a red headed kunoichi who was listening in from afar using her super hearing. The Sound Ninja listened in on her targets that she had taken upon herself to eliminate the two in order to redeem herself in her master's eyes.

(This is it, this is what I'll do. I'll kill both of them) Tayuya thought to herself. (The blonde dumbass will be easiest to kill, he's easily distracted I can tell. The mummy bastard might give me some trouble, Dosu is rather strong and only gotten stronger than he ever should've.) Tayuya said in her thoughts looking on. (But if I have too I'll go to my level two form and wipe his ass out. By killing both of these jackasses I'll redeem myself in Orochimaru-sama's eyes)

Tayuya knew this was likely her last chance as Orochimaru rarely forgave those who failed him. She had to kill the both of them and help prevent The Hokage from being healed

She went to go put her plan into place.

At Konoha…

"It's not sounding good." Zaku Abumi said to the long haired girl as the two were at home. "From what I heard their going to pull the plug on Sarutobi any day now." He told Kin Tsuchi who looked at him. "They say he's never going to recover from his wounds and he's slipping in and out of Coma at times as he's getting an infection." He said to her and let out a sigh. Absent mindedly he picked up a shuriken and threw it and it hit a picture of Shino Aburame in the head right next to a picture of Sasuke which had a similar shuriken in it.

"So they want to put him out of his misery?" Kin said in response. "I can see why though, a life like that is not one worth living." She mused. "Still, the time we spent around him was the first time we could actually say we were really happy." She said and he nodded in return as despite knowing him for a short while they had been more comfortable and pleased to be near him than they ever had with Orochimaru.

Both were silent, they had been surrounded by death their whole careers as ninjas ever since Orochimaru had found them. But this was the first time that someone dying would actually affect them.

"Unless Naruto, Dosu, and Ero-sennin get back quick. Jiraiya would fight to keep him alive no matter what They say he's lost the use of his right arm now, even if he does somehow recover he'll never be able to use it again as it's too damaged." Zaku said giving more details about his wounds he had suffered.

"Let's get out of here," Kin said standing up. "Anything's better than just sitting around here doing nothing." Zaku nodded and went to join her. The two exited the apartment and walked around Konoha. It was a somber day that seemed to reflect the mood of the village as there was very few people out and the skies were gray and cloudy with no sign of the sun breaking through.

The two Leaf Genins walked around Konoha by themselves. Each having their own private thoughts regarding what was happening and was going on. They exited the village and went to the woods around it coming unknowingly close by to The Forest of Death. They looked on at the site as it was were everything had gone to hell and the start of The Sound Trio's new life after all that had happened.

Suddenly with their hearing they heard a twanging noise and something coming them. The arrow nearly hit them and it slammed into a tree. The two looked on and recognized that arrow as they had seen it before. They turned in the direction whence it came

Three figures emerged from behind the trees, each wearing a similar outfit. One had another body while one was larger than the others combined and the last one had six arms.

"It would have been better if you had died as Orochimaru's sacrifices than what we're going to do to you." Sakon the leader of the group said as they made their appearance and all three laughed.

"Great just what we didn't need." Zaku muttered as he looked on at the group.

"Where's the third one? That disfigured freak you scum hang out with?" Kidomaru said to them. "It won't be fun unless we manage to kill all three of you at the same time." He said. Zaku and Kin each got into a stance as they knew they were here to kill them. Kin didn't see Tayuya among them though. "Heh, you two aren't running like you always did before? Did you get even stupider while here?"

Kin suddenly did hand symbols and threw several senbon that were on fire at them. Jirobo pulled Earth out of the ground to block it. "Heh, so it's gonna be that way." Sakon chuckled darkly. "It'll make things a bit more fun. Let's kill them!"

Zaku and Kin readied themselves as the group charged them. Kin then used Zaku to hoist her up into the air and she spun and threw senbon stopping their charge and forcing them to spread out. "Take this! Slicing Sound Wave!" Zaku shouted firing his air cutter at Jirobo who brought his hands up to block it. "Wind Release: Razor Wind!" Zaku shouted and grasping some nearby leaves channled his chakra into the edges and fired them at Jirobo. The leaves with sharpened edges hit him and one to his surprise left a cut on his arm with blood spilling out.

"You'll pull for that!" He shouted and rushed him and threw a fist at him. Zaku dodged it and leapt back knowing he wouldn't stand a chance against him in straight combat. He had to outsmart and tire out the Brute. Jirobo grasped a nearby tree and pulled it up by the roots and swung it at Zaku who nearly avoided it. Jirobo lifted it overhead and brought it down looking to crush him and Zaku fired his Air Cutters destroying it. He then leapt up and did hand symbols. "Take this you jackass!" He shouted and fired bursts of sound from them at Jirobo.

"Your pathetic bells won't work on me, bitch." Kidomaru taunted her and fired webbing at Kin. Kin dodged it and doing hand symbols fired a stream of fire melting them. Kidomaru lashed out at her with more webbing and fluid at her and she melted them. "Hmph, I don't see why Tayuya ever bothered caring for you, your still the same weak girl the moment we all knew you to be."

"You talk too much you freak!" Kin shouted and threw her senbon and created her clones and all attacked at once throwing senbon at him. Kidomaru brought his webbing up to block them and produced weapons and threw them at her. To his surprise they all phased through them all who smirked at him. The real Kin then appeared and did hand symbols and fired multiple senbon at him and they were attached to lit paper bombs making his eyes widen. They went off and she smirked thinking she had gotten him. But when the dust cleared it was revealed that he had covered himself with a sticky golden substance to protect himself.

"Now for the real fun." He said and produced his bow and arrow and fired at her. Kin dodged it as he fired another one at her.

Zaku was doing well against Jirobo when suddenly he heard something he turned and was stuck by both Sakon and his brother Ukon. Zaku was knocked back and he cried out as he felt Jirobo's fist connect with his back. "That's it! Decapitating Air Waves!" He shouted and putting his arms behind him and fired at Jirobo knocking him back. He then produced a bag and placed small pellets in them that he had built while learning under the Rooster Clans and fired them at the brothers. Small explosives went off from them burning and stunning both of them. Zaku saw them wounded and knew he had a chance to beat them

"Merge!" Sakon shouted and the two combined their bodies and suddenly their wounds healed much to Zaku's shock.

Zaku went to blast them with the full force when the two suddenly separated. He fired both Air Cutters at them but they dodged his attacks. "Damn it! Toru-" He went for the move Benjiro used when Ukon vanished and kneed him in the back cutting him off. Sakon appeared and front and the two began to double team him. Each hit him high and low at the same time and knocked him down

Kin dodged The Spider Nins' arrows and did hand symbols and threw fireballs at him. Keeping him off balanced and preventing him from using his bow and arrows. One hit him in the head knocking off his hitai-ate and revealing his third eye.

"Stubborn bitch!" Kidomaru shouted and summoned dozens of spiders and they all fired sticky webbing at Kin from their mouths. Kin moved and dashed to avoid them but their was too many of them and one got her on the leg and that was all that was needed for the rest to get her with their own

Kidomaru began to swing her around and slammed her against a tree and then swung and threw her towards Jirobo who struck her across the face and knocked her away where she landed hard.

"Damn it, despite all our training we still can't beat them." Zaku cursed as they were overmatched as despite their improvement Sakon and them were still too strong.

"Like I told you, The only thing worse than a loser is a loser who thinks he can win." Sakon said smugly. "And now it's time for you both to die," Sakon said to them. "Jirobo, snap their necks like twigs."

"With pleasure." He said with a dark grin and evil look in his eyes and lifted Kin and Zaku up by the throat preparing to kill the both of them.

"Get away from my students!" A voice shouted and suddenly before any of them could react A figure leapt by and kicked Jirobo in the head knocking him off his feet and sending him crashing into a tree.

"What the?!" Sakon shouted in shock at what just happened when Ebisu appeared in front of him and slammed his fist right into his face knocking him back into Ukon and Kidomaru.

"Zaku! Kin! Are you okay?" Ebisu asked them as he got into a stance protecting them.

"Ebisu? Never thought I'd be happy to see you." Zaku said as he stood up along with Kin regaining their bearing.

The three members of The Sound Four stood up anger in their eyes. "You'll pay for that!" Jirobo shouted and markings covered his face and body as he activated his Cursed Seal.

"What the?" Ebisu said in surprise. From what he had heard of Sasuke, this was similar to what happened to him with the markings and transformation he had gone under.

"Why send a guppy to challenge a piranha?" Kidomaru asked smugly. "Break his back Jirobo." Ebisu gritted his teeth as Jirobo charged him swinging his fists. The Instructor dodged his punches and attacks, he had to stay mobile. Jirobo reached down and pulled out and threw a giant rock at him, Ebisu dodged it by leaping over and did hand symbols and performed the Jutsu he had taught Naruto hitting him in the chest and knocking Jirobo back.

Jirobo snarled and rushed him and grabbed him his hands growing. "Now I'm going to suck all your Chakra out!" He said with an evil grin when suddenly Ebisu disappeared and Jirobo was hit with an heavy metal ball upside the head. Ebisu was shown and he was wielding a Meteor Hammer. He spun the ball and swung it at him hitting him in the chest. He spun and twirled the ball at the end at a fast pace keeping Jirobo back. He swung it at him and the ball wrapped around his arm. The two engaged in a tug of war and Jirobo roared and used all his strength and pulled Ebisu towards him. Ebisu seeing his prepared fist ducked under it and wrapped the rope around his neck and began choking him with it. Jirobo tried to fight him off but Ebisu kept out of his reach and Jirobo dropped to one knee losing strength from the lack of oxygen.

An arrow suddenly hit the rope snapping it off surprising Ebisu and he leapt back dodging another arrow fired by Kidomaru who had broken his weapon. Sakon and Ukon attacked him and he disappeared using The Kawarami and reappeared beside Kidomaru and slashed and destroyed his bow. Kidomaru lunged at him with all six of his arms and Ebisu threw explosive tags at him to keep him back. He then saw that Jirobo had recovered and all of them were ganging up at him looking to cut off his movements.

All of them charged at him and He did hand symbols and let out a cry as an aura surrounded him and it expanded coming towards them. The blow knocked all of them back and they landed on the ground. Ebisu smirked as he looked on at them but struggled to stay standing.

"Damn it, he blew all his energy and chakra with that." Zaku said as he could tell Ebisu was hurting from that. That was a move that took everything out of him.

"Your death is going to be a agonizing one." Sakon said to him standing up. Ebisu was still smirking. "What's so funny?" He said not liking the look on his face and how confident he appeared.

"You really must be stupid, you think no one saw or heard that? Any Leaf Nin worth his salt knows when being attacked to let others know what's going on. Right now there's about twenty Jonin Ranked ANBU bearing down on you as I speak. They'll be here in less than a minute I'd wager." Ebisu said to them. "You can handle a pair of upper Genins and an Insturctor, but can you handle twenty of Konoha's finest elite soldiers?" He said smugly to the group who's eyes widened in shock at what he said.

"Damnation! Losing to such maggots!" Sakon cursed in fury. He threw a smoke bomb down on the ground and the group fled Konoha.

"Ebisu, are you okay?" Zaku said as he and Kin went to help him.

"Yes, I'll be alright. I just need to rest for a moment."

"Ebisu!" A voice said and a purple haired kunoichi appeared along with other ninjas. "What happened here?"

"It's alright Anko." He said to her but she narrowed her eyes.

"Should've expected; these little worms did this to you." She said to Zaku and Kin and stepped forward.

"Hold on!" Ebisu said stopping her. "I saved their lives just now as Orochimaru's men tried to attack and they are just like you Anko, they were betrayed by Orochimaru and abandoned and have chosen new lives to have. They have forsaken him just like you have." He said to her knowing her past as his pupil and student during her youth. Anko brought a hand up to the back of her neck, the place where she had her own Cursed Seal that Orochimaru had placed on her. "If anyone knows that no one has been with Orochimaru is really evil its you." He said to her and she gritted her teeth remembering how when Orochimaru's experiments had been discovered and he had left, many people accused her as well claiming she was in cahoots with him and wanting to drive her out until her friends and Sarutobi had come to her aid.

"Fine, I'll let it slide this one time." She said and turned and walked away.

"Thank you." Ebisu mentioned to her. "C'mon let's go." He said to Zaku and Kin.


Naruto and Dosu were walking around the city, the two Genins by themselves as they had just eaten lunch and were taking a stroll before meeting up with Jiraiya.

"Move!" Naruto shouted and tackled Dosu to the ground. Just in time, as a pendulum swung overhead and would've beheaded both of them if they hadn't gotten out of the way.

"What in the world?" Dosu said when he sensed a presence this time. "Watch out!" He said and grasped Naruto and pulled him out of the way as a giant clawed hand emerged from the ground nearly snatching him. "Show yourself!" He shouted

"Who the hell is she?" Naruto said looking on at the redhead.

"That's Tayuya, one of Orochimaru's bodyguards." Dosu said to him. "If she's here than he's likely close by."

"What does that creep want this time?!" Naruto shouted at her glaring at the redhead.

"He doesn't want anything from you, what I want is you two pieces of trash heads!" Tayuya shouted at them. She then threw kunai at them and Dosu deflected it with his Melody Arm.

"Naruto, Tayuya's dangerous. She's skilled in Genjutsu and she also has a cursed seal as well." Dosu quietly said to him. "Orochimaru gave her a Cursed Seal along with his other top Henchmen." He said and Naruto looked at him shocked that she had one of those as well. "We might be in over our heads."

"We'll see about that!" Naruto said and went to do hand symbols. "Kage Bushin No Jutsu!" He shouted and produced several dozen clones. "Get her!" He ordered them and they charged her all at once. Tayuya smirked and did hand symbols and suddenly a loud popping sound was heard and the clones all went up in smoke at once. "What the?!" He shouted in surprise at what happened. Another loud sound was heard and he staggered back as if he felt something collide with him. "The hell?!" He said not understanding.

"Can you block something that you can't see coming idiot?" Tayuya taunted him She went to do the Jutsu again when Dosu did hand symbols of his own and punched the ground with his gauntlet sending rocks at her.

"Unlike Naruto I remember very well you using that Jutsu on me and the others multiple times Tayuya, I know how to counter it." He said to her as he knew that in order to block the silent jutsu she was using he had to put something in its way to stop it.

"Bastards!" Tayuya shouted and got her flute and brought it to her lips.

"Stop her!" Dosu shouted knowing what was about to happen. Before they could try to she played a tune on it and summoned three giant ape creatures who had their faces covered with bandages and each had giant kanabos to wield.

"Tear them apart!" She ordered her Doki and they lunged at the two. Dosu and Naruto just barely dodged it. Naruto threw a kick at them but to no effect and felt like his leg went numb from the contact of their hard skin. One batted him away with a fist and he landed on his feet. It swung at them and he just dodged it as it smashed into the ground.

"Dang, what kind of freaky summons are they?" Naruto said looking on at them.

"Her Doki and main source of strength. What Tayuya lacks in power strength wise personally she makes up for with her Genjutsu and these as they are her heavy hitters." Dosu said to him. The Doki lunged at them again and the two dodged and avoided the attacks. One masked Doki lunged at him and he avoided it as cracks appeared in the ground from where its club had hit. Naruto ran and used Dosu as a steeping stool to leap and fired The Kazegama right in its face. The Doki staggered a bit but was not really harmed and swung at him. Naruto ducked under it and the others charged at them, under her command as she played her flute to give orders to them.

Naruto dodged the attacks and summoned his clones and they charged him. But they all fell and fell hard against the Doki. Dosu did hand symbols and trapped them on all sides with stone walls but Tayuya played a tone on it and to both their shock they disappeared having been sent away by her and then reappeared outside the box.

"We gotta find a way to cut off that flute of hers!" Naruto said with a growl.

"Naruto, keep them busy for thirty seconds." Dosu said to him and Naruto looked at him. "I got a plan." He told him and Naruto looked in his eye and nodded.

"Idiot, does he really think he can last against them?" Tayuya said in disbelief as he Naruto rushed them.

"Over here you big oafs!" Naruto taunted them. The Doki attacked him and Naruto dodged their attacks and swings. Sometimes they would hit the other but while they would survive an attack if they hit Naruto he wouldn't be able too. Naruto dodged and spun his body avoiding their fists and clubs. Taunting them and harassing them.

"Over here!" Dosu shouted to Naruto. "Bring them here!" He shouted to him as he was close by. Naruto ran towards him and The Doki gave pursuit. Naruto ran at Dosu who nodded his head as the Doki came at them. Suddenly they stopped moving.

The Three ape like creatures stood there like statues, not moving one bit. Tayuya played her flute giving commands but they didn't move much to her surprise. As if they didn't hear the music from her instrument "The heck? Why aren't they moving?" Tayuya shouted in confusion.

"I put a silent barrier around them. No noise gets in or out in that radius." Dosu said to her. "Your summons require the music of your flute in order to do as you command. Since they are in there they can't hear a word you are saying or any tune you play from your flute. I must thank you though, if it hadn't been for you teaching Kin that move who showed it to me I wouldn't have been able to do it." The bandaged ninja said to the Kunoichi who glared murder at him and his smug words that one of her own techniques was used against her. "Now then, let's see if you can really fight without your Doki around to protect you!"

They went to attack her when suddenly, a large blob appeared behind them and wrapped around both Naruto and Dosu surprising them. "What the heck?!" Naruto shouted in surprise as he was caught off guard. The blob forced them to the ground despite their efforts to struggle against it as it wrapped around their bodies.

The two then heard a cackling familiar laugh as slowly approaching was a black haired man in grey and black with a purple bow. With him was a silver haired ninja.

"It appears you aren't fully worthless to me Tayuya-chan." Orochimaru said with a dark smile to her who bowed kneeling before him. "Good job, These will be the perfect bait for me to use against Tsunade." He told her who nodded.

"Let us go!" Naruto shouted at him glaring at him.

"Struggle all you want boy, not even with the Demon inside you can you break free." Orochimaru taunted him as Naruto continued to struggle against it but the more both he and Dosu did the stronger and tighter it became. "I had a different plan to use but this will do just fine. Two rats caught in my trap," He said and brought his hands up to form a symbol. Sparks erupted from the blob around them and suddenly the two were shocked by it. Both Naruto and Dosu let out cries of pain as they felt several bolts of electricity course through their body. Orochimaru looked on with a sinister smile as he heard their agonizing screams.

Elsewhere, Jiraiya was seated at the Bar with Tsunade and Shizune. The blonde was drinking a glass of rice wine silently. Jiraiya looked on at her (with some difficulty to not stare at her chest) as he watched his former teammate who he hadn't seen in years. By watching her he could tell despite her drinking that she was preparing herself mentally for heading back to Konoha and to try and save Sarutobi's life. It would be the first time in years that she had stepped foot back in The Leaf.

"Tsunade, it's about time we go." He said to her as she finished her glass.

"Fine, grab the Gaki and his mummy friend and let's get going." She said to him. "Don't see why you take an interest in the kid anyway."

"Surely you recognize his name and he's an mirror image of a certain someone don't you?" Jiraiya said with a smirk.

"Maybe so, but the kids wild, he's got no restraint, he's scatterbrained, he's unaccustomed to how the world really works and a lot more vices I can list. His friend seems to have a better grasp of what goes on in the world and how it's not like a fairy tale. I doubt he'll make it to his sixteenth birthday." Tsunade mumbled and her fellow Sannin frowned.

"Since when did you become so jaded?" Jiraiya asked her sourly.

"Since I found out that despite everything I've learned it's not enough. There's always someone you can't save." Tsunade responded without missing a beat and Jiraiya shook his head as this was not the woman who grew up as his teammate. Shizune was quiet as she had seen this side of Tsunade before when she had been at her most depressed and felt as if nothing was worth doing.

He went to say something to her when a young woman suddenly walked towards them "Excuse me," The woman said to him and Jiraiya smiled at her as she was rather endowed. Tsunade rolled her eyes at his display "I am hear to deliver something to you."

"Oh really? Is it your Declaration of Love?" He asked and Tsunade face palmed.

"Um no," The woman said sweating a bit. "A man told me to deliver this to you." She said and placed a small bag down and ran out of the room before Jiraiya could say anything.

"What she give you?" Tsunade mumbled looking on with half interest.

"Don't know." He said and opened the bag and peered inside. Jiraiya's face turned pale and his eyes had a look of shock and horror on them at what he saw inside it.

"What is it?" Tsunade said looking on a bit of concern in her eyes as she had rarely witness an expression on his face. Jiraiya dumped the bag emptying the content.

It was a snake skin, wrapped around Naruto's hitai-ate…

"OROCHIMARU!" He shouted and ran out of the building fury in his eyes. Tsunade and Shizune followed after him as he went at a fast pace.

Jiraiya ran as he now felt an ominous chakra source nearby. A familiar one he could detect anywhere as he knew who it belonged too. He also felt weak ones as well. Tsunade ran after him trying to keep up. The Toad continued to run leaving the village and continued to go for over a mile.

He came to a stop when he saw what was in front of him.

Orochimaru stood before him, with him was Tayuya and Kabuto. In the background behind them summoned was a Rashomon Gate. Two figures were tied onto it. Both Naruto and Dosu's arms and legs were bound and tied to the gate by chains unable to move as they hanged there weakly. The two genins hanging on it unable to move or struggle. "Naruto! Dosu!" Jiraiya shouted and he turned to look at the smug Orochimaru. "Orochimaru let them go or I swear I will pay you back a hundred times fold for all you've done and the people you've hurt!" He threatened him who laughed.

"Kukuku, you are in no position to make threats or demands Jiraiya." He taunted him.

"Orochimaru…" Tsunade said her and Shizune having caught up with him staring at her old teammate Team Sarutobi, The Legendary Sannin together again.

"A little bird told me that your planning on heading to Konoha and healing Sarutobi and saving his life Tsunade-hime," Orochimaru said turning an eye towards Tayuya. "Naturally I can't have that as the last thing I need is him up and about. So I've decided to see to it that you don't go."

"Damn you!" Jiraiya shouted as this was just like him. Always looking for any means to get what he wanted.

"Now then, I'd advise you to rethink about going to Konoha Tsunade." Orochimaru said to her. "Their blood will be on your hands if you do." He said and held his sword near Naruto's head. "If you go know that you will be responsible for their deaths."

"Don't listen to him!" Naruto shouted at him. "Forget about us, Sarutobi's life is more important!"

Orochimaru cackled in amusement at the boy as his golden eyes stared into Naruto's blue orbs. "Even in the face of death you stand defiant and are not afraid of the reaper. There's a bit of The Fourth in you after all." He said and suddenly lashed out and cut Naruto across the cheek leaving a deep cut. Naruto cried out but glared at him in fury. "Now Tsunade, yield or I shall make you watch as I cut this boy piece to piece." He said as Naruto spat at him in defiance as the cut healed.

"Orochimaru you coward!" Jiraiya shouted at him. "You would dare hide like behind children!"

"I do what is necessary to win." Orochimaru replied smugly with a smirk and turned to Dosu who was also glaring at him with his one eye and Orochimaru slashed across his face and Dosu cried out in pain as he was struck across his chest and left a cut. "Perhaps I shall scar what's left if your face first. That way all your body face will be bandaged up" He said to him. "I still remember that day I met you, the scarred pathetic child who was shunned by the world for what had happened to him. I gave you everything you had. I could've left you to die right where I meet you, I should've killed you the moment I saw you and put you out of my misery if I had known you'd be such a thorn in my side!" He said to Dosu hissing. Dosu before when he saw Orochimaru like this showed fear and cowered away. However this time The Ninja glared at him open defiance in his lone eye. Seeing it Orochimaru snarled at him that he no longer showed fear. He lashed at him with Kusanagi again leaving another cut.

"Dosu!" Naruto shouted seeing blood seep from the wounds he had been given.

"Stop it!" Tsunade shouted at him.

Orochimaru grinned at her showing his sharp fangs. "Perhaps I can broker a deal between us Tsunade-hime. If you don't heal Sarutobi I'll bring back some old friends of yours. Someone your dying to meet." He said to her and shock was in her eyes. "I can use these two fools as a way to bring them back."

"Don't listen to him Tsunade!" Jiraiya shouted at her knowing what he was talking about.

"I can bring back both Dan and Nawaki, you know I have Edo Tensei. In exchange for letting the old goat pass away I'll bring them back by using these two as sacrifices to do so." Orochimaru said to her referring to Naruto and Dosu who he'd use in it. "I know you have longed to be with them again. After all that's happened and how you saw them dying before your very eyes helpless to save them. I can fix that, just as long as you do as I say." He offered Tsunade who looked at him. "What's the price of an old fool and two worthless pawns worth when it comes to having that Fairy Tale happy ending you've always dreamed of having for yourself? Do what I say and Dan and Nawaki shall be back among the living in no less than five minutes."

"Tsunade don't! Dan and Nawaki would rather stay dead than knowing you did something like that!" Jiraiya said to The Slug Sannin.

"Quiet fool, Tsunade-hime has a decision to make."

"Maybe she does," Dosu said suddenly and Orochimaru turned to regard the boy who glared at him. "But I made my decision to oppose you long ago the moment you sold me, Zaku, and Kin out!"

With a great cry and using his full amount Chakra he had left he activated his Melody Arm and let loose a great burst of sound from it. The sound wave from it surprised them all at how loud it was and Tayuya and Kabuto covered up their ears as it was deafening. That moment of distraction was all that Jiraiya needed to run forward and hit both of them while they were incapacitated knocking them down and slashed at Orochimaru with a Kunai. Orochimaru blocked it with his sword and with a snarl lashed at him looking to behead him. Jiraiya blocked it with the small knife and leapt up and fired a jutsu at him which The Snake avoided and countered with his own at him.

He heard a snapping sound all of a sudden and turned around at what the source of it was"What!" He shouted in anger at what he saw as Tsunade snapped the chains binding Dosu and Naruto as if they were nothing freeing them

"You really think I had sunk so low I would let you sacrifice kids?!" Tsunade yelled at him incredulously. "You're a greater fool than I thought Orochimaru! I may miss Dan and Nawaki but I would never allow someone else to die!" She said to him.

"If you won't do what I say than I shall kill you!" He roared in fury and fired a snake at him. Tsunade caught it and snapped its neck killing it. She then did hand symbols and blew out poison gas at him. Orochimaru replaced himself with a clone which was consumed by the gas. He did hand symbols and summoned dozens of swords and threw them at her. Tsunade retaliated by summoning a slug which absorbed the swords in its skin and fired them back at him which he avoided.

"Devour her!" Orochimaru shouted summoning a giant snake. The python lunged at her and she avoided it. It came at her again and she didn't move until the last second until catching it by the mouth. The snake struggled and hissed but Tsunade held him in place; giving Jiraiya the time he needed to immobilize it in a swamp. Orochimaru lunged at him firing a Jutsu but Jiraiya was ready surrounding himself with a mucus to stop the attack. The two Sannin then fired upon their teammate with a Jutsu sending him back.

Orochimaru cursed in fury and did hand symbols preparing to wipe them both out. But Jiraiya was also charging up an attack in his hand. Naruto suddenly stood beside him a ball in his own hand. Jiraiya looked at him and the two nodded as Orochimaru fired at them.

"Rasengan!" Both Sannin and Genin shouted as Both Jiraiya and Naruto threw the attack at him and it overcame his own Jutsu and hit him in the chest and knocked him back. Orochimaru snarled in fury and rage and doing hand symbols engulfed himself and the others in a Snake shaped cloud. When it cleared up he was long gone as he had retreated.

"This isn't the last of it," Jiraiya muttered looking on at the spot where he had been. "Until he's dead he won't ever stop."

"Well we'll keep knocking him back again and again no matter how many times he tries!" Naruto said in response. Jiraiya patted his pupil on the back seeing the fire in his eyes.

Shizune was tending to Dosu's wounds across his chest and he breathed easier as she used her medical skills. "Now then Jiraiya," Tsunade said looking at her teammate. "Let's go ahead and go back to Konoha and Sarutobi already before something else happens." She said and began to walk away.

"Wait," A voice said stopping her as Dosu nudged Shizune away and began to walk towards her.

"Shizune can heal your wounds kid, she's more than capable of fixing that." She said to him.

"It's not that." Dosu said

"Dosu what's wrong?" Naruto asked looking on at him.

"I suppose the time to reveal why I came along with you has come." Dosu said to them and stood across from Tsunade who looked at him. "Had I not heard of Jiraiya and Naruto-san talking about you I never would've taken this gamble and come along. Nor would I have found the courage to ask you something." He said to her and The Medic looked at the boy.

"Dosu?" Naruto said as he looked on at the bandaged covered ninja. The former ninja of Otogakure reached up to the bandages on his face, that which had been a part of him for so long ever since that fateful day when he lost his parents. Having worn them as if they were part of his body.

And began to unravel them…

"My god…" Tsunade said looking on visibly shaken at the wounds she saw. She had seen many wounds in her time but this was up there with some of the worst. Naruto paled as well as for the first time he got a look at Dosu Kinuta for real and what he hid underneath as the bandages were taken off.

His face was horribly scarred and damaged, were flesh should've been it was like someone had taken a grater to it and scrapped against it cutting into. His lips were damaged as their was scars and deep cuts on them. His jaw was all but gone as there was signs of bones on it piercing through the face on it, his nose the left part of it was gone as if bitten or snapped off. The only thing that appeared to be not damaged was his short black spiky hair he had.

"What happened to him?" Naruto said to himself as they looked on at his face.

Scars lined his face, what appeared to be one scar was actually a multitude of them and his face appeared to be heavily burned as well, as if someone put a hot torch to it as his flesh was red and beaten as he revealed all that had happened to him when he was a child forcing him to don the bandages ever since that fateful day long ago. The flesh seemed permanently damaged as his ear was damaged as well.

What was most horrible of all the wounds on his face was his left eye, or lack of eye. There was nothing there, just a deep empty hole where a pupil should be, no eyelid or lashes or anything, just empty…

(When I find the guy who did this to him I'm going to break him in half!) Naruto vowed silently filled with rage that someone would do such a thing to another person

"Can you heal me, can you restore all of this?" Dosu asked her

Tsunade stared at him as she knew with all the wounds as well as restoring his ear, his eye, and his nose as well with the scars and burns that it would be a long and difficult task to do so. But looking at him and how broken he appeared she knew she couldn't bring herself to deny it.

"I will."

The next day…

Many people were in shock at the Woman who walked through the street. Some had heard of her, whilst others had not seen her in Konoha for many a year. Excited whispers grew in the crowd as they watched on as they were filled with hope and faith upon seeing her as she made her way to the Hospital.

Naruto looked on with his team as he watched her go. He felt Kakashi put a hand on his back and a smile was in his eye. Sakura smiled brightly as well and even Sasuke seemed to lighten up and give him a smirk of approval. The Blonde boy beamed brightly looking on as they watched.

"That's who Dosu and them were looking for?" Zaku asked looking on as he stood beside Kin. Like many young men he almost gazed at her chest but seeing Ayame and her Father and TenTen there controlled himself.

"Where is he anyway?" Kin asked as she hadn't seen him come in when the Woman had returned.

"I'm right here," A voice said and a figure walked forward carrying a fur bundle on his back. He had black hair and one black eye and one light blue eye. He stood across the two who looked at him in confusion.

"Huh? Who the heck are you?" Zaku said looking at him who chuckled. Kin he didn't noticed seemed to have a tinge of pink on her face looking at the strange ninja.

"Don't tell me Zaku you've gotten so dumb you can't recognize your teammate?" He said to him.

"D-Dosu!" Both Zaku and Kin shouted in disbelief at the person in front of them. It was, that was him, their teammate. "But how?!" Zaku said as his face had been completely healed with his eye restored and the scars and burns gone.

"Thank The one who did it, she's responsible for restoring my face." He said with a smile. Zaku was stunned while Kin had a blush on her face as she looked on at Dosu.

"Whoa, haven't seen you before!" Ino said standing right before him having spotted him. "How did I ever miss a cutie like yourself?" She said with a flirty smile to Dosu. "How about we-Hey let go!" She was interrupted when Kin grabbed her by the back of her hair.

"Scram!" She shouted at her and kicked her in the rear sending her away and turned to look back at Dosu a smile on her face

Sarutobi's eyes slowly began to open and The Old man felt strong, stronger than he had been in days. As if his spirit and energy was returning to him. He looked around in confusion not understanding what was happening to him. He was minutes away from joining his wife and seated beside his ancestors and family in the next world it felt like and now he was back amongst the living it appeared. Was it a dream?

He looked and saw a face he had not seen in many a year.

"Tsunade?" He breathed out looking at his student who had tears in her eyes as she looked at him. He brought his hand up to touch her face and she took it in her own and squeezed it letting him know that this wasn't a dream that this was real. "You've come back?"

"I've come home."

Watching on outside with tears of his own streaming down his face Jiraiya looked on at the sight.

Later on many people were celebrating and rejoicing over Sarutobi's recovery as many were cheering over Tsunade's return and his restoration. For the first time in many a day their was reason to be happy and celebrate.

Looking on, Two summons watched on as they had been summoned for this event by Naruto and Zaku.

"Baw-ka, I don't get why they are so excited and running around." The black goggles wearing Rooster said looking on.

"People are happy because The Hokage is better, even my pa's happy that he's alive." Gamakichi said to Benjiro the two looking on. The Toads were also rejoicing as long they had helped Konoha and Jiraiya as well as Enma and his Monkey Clan.

"Well so long as they don't think I'm part of the Main Course and someone's dinner." Benjiro said and walked and his foot hit a small wire. A bucket of paint suddenly was launched and came down towards the two.

The two narrowly dodged the bucket of paint just missing them as drops of paint were on their bodies. The two summons shook it off and saw a boy running.

"Hey! Watch where your going you little punk! I'm gonna kick your ass the next time I see you!" Benjiro shouted at Konohamaru who didn't pay him any attention.

"Wow Benjiro you sure do have a short fuse." The toad said.

"What do you mean by that?" Benjiro said and got up in The Toad's face. "Are you saying I'm some kinda firecracker set to go off on some festival for your amusement? Is that what your saying?"

"I didn't say that." Gamakichi said in response gulping a bit.

"Oh, so I must be a grenade with the pin pulled and ready to blow up then!"

"No that's what I'm saying!" Gamakichi said sweating as Benjiro glared at him. "I'm just saying you have a short fuse that's all." The orange toad said to the rooster.

"I have a short fuse, is that what your saying?"

"Yes." Gamakichi repeated to him

"…THAT'S IT!" Benjiro shouted and lunged ontop of the Toad as a cloud of dust kicked up with the two inside it. "I HAVE A SHORT FUSE?! I SHOW YOU A SHORT FUSE! HERE'S YOUR SHORT FUSE!" He shouted as he beat him up.

"Ow stop it! What'd I say?! That's my legs! I need those to hop!"

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