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Dosu Kinuta, Zaku Abumi, and Kin Tsuchi each of them ten years old stood in a row in the dark room. The three having been ordered to come to the room. Each one was silent and neither moved as each had his or her own thoughts about why they had been brought here. Although their expressions were stone faced on the inside they were concerned about what would happen. Despite working together and surviving, that meant little as others had been executed and killed for the minor of things. Standing in the room with them were older ninjas as well was The Jailer.

Footseps were heard suddenly and they looked forward peering into the darkness as someone was approaching.

Stepping into view was a tall long dark haired man with pale skin and golden eyes. The sound of his footsteps echoed across the room and the three could hear their heartbeats increase as they looked on as the man approached them.

He stopped ten feet away from them revealing himself fully, Orochimaru, The Snake Sannin and Leader of the Hidden Sound Village. The Otokage…

"Orochimaru-sama…" The man said to him and bowed. He mentioned to a group who rolled out a mat for him to step on.

"These are the ones?" He asked looking on at them the three standing straight and at attention. Not daring to look lazy or show disrespect to him.

"Yes master, they are the top three." The Jailer responded to him.

He stepped forward and held out his hand and three similar pieces of clothing were handed to him. Mentioning to them Dosu, Zaku and Kin stepped forward standing in front of him. The Three kneeled and he put the grey camo scarves around their necks one by one

"Money cannot buy the honor that you have earned today." Orochimaru said to them. "You make us all proud." He said and they strapped the hitai-ates across their forehead and bowed. The three full fledged ninjas of Otogakure now.

"Only through effort, discipline, loyalty, sacrifice earn you the right to wear the Sound Hitai-ate." He said to them his gold eyes staring at them. "You are here because the rest of the world rejects you, casting you out from society, this is your family! I am your father! I want you and all the others to become full fledged ninjas of The Hidden Sound Village." Orochimaru said to them.

"Remember why I chose to pick you off the streets, gave you a life when no one else would." He said to them. "Now that you are officially ninjas of The Sound Village you are the first of the new group of Shinobi that shall destroy my enemies. You shall be the bearers of death to all those who oppose me. Together we shall destroy them all…" Orochimaru said his voice turning into a hiss filled with anger that sent shivers down the trios spine.

"We shall destroy Konoha!" He said his golden eyes filled with destruction.

Present Day…

Nartuo dodged a series of palm thrusts from Neji dodging his attacks making sure they didn't come in contact with his skin and cut off his chakra as Neji attacked him with his Gentle Fist style as the two continued their fight. Bobbing and weaving his body as even a quick combo of blows would cut off his use of chakra.

"Give it up, you can't defeat me!" Neji shouted. "Four Trigrams: Twenty Palms!" He shouted and went into a Jyukken Move delivering fast swift blows at him. To his credit Naruto dodged them all as Neji's blows came into contact with nothing but the air.

"Take this!" Naruto shouted and performing hand symbols prepared a Jutsu. "Slicing Air Wave!" He shouted and clapped his hands together and creating a gust of wind fired at him. Neji moved out of the way of it as it went past him and hitting a tree left a deep cut in it. Naruto charged him with a kunai in hand and slashed at him. Neji backed away from it and smirked thinking he had avoided it. Suddenly he felt a cut on him and he looked down and saw a cut on his shirt as if it had been slashed by his kunai.

"Using Chakra to use your element as a blade even if you miss with your kunai." He noted looking down, if he had hit him with it that would have left a deep wound on him, maybe even a laceration. "I did not see that coming." Neji said and in truth he was surprised at his opponent's moves, this was a complete 180 change in tactics and character from the buffoon earlier who had won in the preliminaries thanks to his bowels acting up.

"I guess Fate didn't see that coming either." Naruto taunted him and Neji scowled in return at him.

"A meaningless gesture, in the end it will do you no good." Neji said to him. Naruto scoffed and threw shuriken at him which he deflected with his Kaiten as the two continued their fight.

Naruto threw a kick at him which he dodged and Neji retaliated by doing several quick attacks the blonde avoiding them.

"Hey, where's Dosu?" Zaku said looking on at the stands as the Bandaged Nin was missing. First Kin was gone and now Dosu had disappeared as well. Kin had gotten up and left surprising some of the others that she had done so not sticking around for the fight and Dosu was gone also, vanishing from view shortly after his victory against Shikamaru. Zaku wondered where the two had gone and what were they doing leaving at a time like this.

He turned his attention back to the fight watching on.

Kin stealthily followed after Kankuro, the long haired girl following after the puppet wielder looking to see where he was going. After his match with Shino, Kankuro had walked off and her suspicions of him grew as she felt he was up to something with how quickly he had forfeited his match and had left. He wasn't in any real danger of losing or being harmed when he had given up. Something about the way he acted seemed odd and it had caught her attention knowing just by his posture and the movements in his steps that he was up to something. Whatever it was she planned on finding out what, The Sand Nins' actions that of one who was hiding something.

Kankuro walked on doing everything he could to not appear suspicious, no easy feat considering his outfit and the bundle he wore on his back. He turned his head and looked back to make sure he wasn't being followed or watched as he put his hands in his pockets and continued walking.

Kin emerged from her hiding spot and continued to follow him, keeping out of sight and watching where he was going.

She timed herself and leapt onto a rooftop and quietly followed after her from above keeping him in sight as he was going through alleyways.

He soon came to an empty building and making sure no one was around entered it. Kin frowned wondering what was going on with him as why would he be out here? She approached the door and twisted it and wasn't surprised when it was locked. She looked up and saw a place big enough for her to be able to listen in. Channeling her chakra she began running up the wall and came to the middle part of it and pressed her hair against it putting chakra into her ears to detect what was going on. She heard footsteps and it sounded like it was going up higher. And she could also detect the breathing of multiple people in it as well.

As they passed Kin gripped the window and silently opened it without a creak and snuck in. Looking around she heard the sound of voices and followed the source of it hoping to find out what he was up to.

"So," A female voice said as Kankuro entered the room. "All preparations have been made?" The woman wearing a green Kimono and grey blue hair said to him. Inside the room with her were several Sound Ninjas who scrutinized the Sand Ninja.

"Yeah, everything is in place. Just don't try and stop Gaara when he gets going, believe me you'll regret it." Kankuro told her a hand on his puppet ready to unravel it in case anything happened. After all, these guys were ninjas. Only a fool would trust another ninja.

Guren? What was she doing here? The long haired girl did not expect to see her here in Konoha. The older woman was a dangerous fighter and another one of Orochimaru's servants who possessed a rare Kekkai Genkai that enable her to create and use crystals as weapons. It came as a surprise to Kin to see the woman here in Konoha. Orochimaru must've brought her here to replace Kimimaro. This changed things…

"So everything is setup right? We got our men positioned and setup ready to move whenever." He said to her.

"Let it be known that if you or any of Sand tries anything against Orochimaru-sama you will be punished severely." Guren said to him her eyes glaring into him and Kankuro tugged at the collar of his outfit feeling under a microscope with the way her eyes bore into him.

"Don't worry, we don't got any plans on backing out." Kankuro said to her. A part of him wondered why his father had decided to ally with Sound and attack Konoha but he had ignored it. It wasn't any of his business what happened here. If Gaara went berserk though he was hightailing it out of here, he did not want to stay around and watch him go insane because of that beast inside him.

"Look lady, what is it with your obsession with that guy? You one of his lovers or something?" Kankuro asked her at the way she had waxed on and on about him.

"You are a fool not to recognize Orochimaru-sama's greatness." She said to him. "His brilliance which had gone undetected and underappreciated for so long."

"Alright then, if you so say." He said to her. "Just make sure he does his job, we're taking a big risk here allying with you, if something goes wrong the guillotine is going to fall on us."

"We will attack as soon at the match with Gaara and Sasuke Uchiha begins. Kabuto will cast a Jutsu on the crowd making them fall asleep, unaware that they will be dreaming a permanent dream this time." Guren said smiling which unnerved Kankuro a bit. "Within the hour The Sandaime will be dead and Konoha shall be destroyed."

Kin listened in as this was big news, Sand was going to take part in the attack as well? She hadn't heard of that or knew about it. With the addition of Guren as well with her Kekkai Genkai and the Suna forces, they might not be able to defeat Orochimaru and them. She had to get out of here and warn Dosu, Naruto and the others about what was going to happen. She had to tell them this before it was too late!

Suddenly she activated her Kekkai Genkai and a crystal sword formed around her arm and pointed it at him.

"Put down the jewelry sword, I'm no squealer." Kankuro said raising his hands up in front of him.

"Get her…" Guren ordered surprising him a bit, and Kin gasped in realization. She knew that she was here!

"Traitor!" A Sound Ninja shouted and threw a shuriken at her hiding spot. She moved out of the spot just in time as it just missed her head.

A Sound Ninja rushed her and she dodged his attack. Getting senbon out she threw them hitting him in the neck dropping to the ground unconscious as she hit his vital spots. A ninja went to grab her but she activated her bells and he clutched at his ears as they rung loudly disorienting him and multiple copies appeared. Kankuro was gone having taken the confusion to slink away.

She fought against them showcasing her improvements over the past month as she battled against the numerous ninjas some her former comrades in Oto. She threw a senbon and it hit one in the shoulder and his arm dropped and hanged limp. A man slashed at her with a Kunai and she dodged it and kicked him away. She did hand symbols and bringing forth a small flame brought it up to her lips and blew on it and sent them at a sound nin covering him in flames and he screeched and howled trying to bat them off

Suddenly she was unable to move and she looked and found her body up to her chest covered in crystals as Guren had activated one of her techniques and immobilized her with her crystal. Kin struggled to break loose but to no avail as they were solid and held her there.

Guren looking at her with no emotion in her eyes charged up and leapt up and kicked Kin her leg going through the crystal and connecting with Kin shattering the crystal that hold her and sending her crashing into the wall which she fell in a heap. She hadn't even hit the ground for a second before she was grabbed by them and hoisted to her feet.

"Take her to Tayuya." Guren ordered and the group began dragging Kin out of the building

"Excuse me Hokage-sama. There are things that I must attend to before the next match." The Kazekage said and stood up and with a bow left the arena.

Sarutobi watched him go and turned and looked back at the fight that was going on.

The Kazekage looked back at the fight and scowled beneath his mask at Naruto. "Wretched boy…" He muttered before leaving.

Neji threw a series of palm thrusts at Naruto who ducked and avoided it the attacks. The two continued their fight not backing down from the other one bit. "Give it up!" Neji shouted throwing several attacks at him.

"You first!" Naruto responded and slashed at him with a kunai. He suddenly grabbed the duster of his outfit and slipping it off threw it at Neji to distract him.

"Parlor tricks!" Neji shouted in irritation batting it aside. Neji glared at Naruto who rushed him and swung at him. Neji dodged them easily and struck him across the face knocking him back.

"Prepare yourself! 32 Palms!" He shouted activating his Byakugan. If he had not been so rash, he would've noticed that something was off about Naruto.

Neji delivered several attacks him as he performed the 32 Palm attack onto Naruto To his surprise Naruto exploded halfway through it and Neji's eyes widened in realization that it was a Bushin and why he had discarded his jacket, he had done so he wouldn't notice him create a Bushin but where was the real Naruto?

He got his answer when Naruto having used a Jutsu to give him the appearance of a tree reappeared and hit him in the stomach with a chakra powered blow. Naruto dropped low and kicked Neji in the jaw sending him up into the air. Naruto created clones and sent them after him preparing to deliver the killing blow to him and win the match. "U! ZU! MA!" Naruto shouted delivering the attacks with his clones when he prepared to deliver the final blow to him and win it.

"Kaiten!" Neji shouted and spun in midair activating it. The unexpected attack knocked Naruto and his clones down and his clones exploded hitting the ground as he landed on his back.

"Now then, it's time I finish this." Neji said and activated his Byakugan preparing his most deadly move, one that no one had withstood before Eight Trigrams: Sixty Four Palms!" He shouted and rushed Naruto who was unable to get up and block in time. "Two, Four, Eight, Sixteen, Thirty Two, Sixty Four!" He shouted as he delivered the attacks to Naruto striking him with his Jyukken aiming for his chakra points, each blow he landed on him across his body with Naruto unable to counter them. With a cry Neji delivered the last one directly to his chest knocking Naruto backwards and onto the ground laying still.

"Ignorant fool…only a fool goes against fate." Neji said with a confident smirk thinking he had won.

Most in the crowd had the same thoughts as well, no way in their mind was Naruto going to get up after that, that was enough to put down an Upper Chunin.

"No…" Ebisu said quietly looking on with concern. Having watched the fight with Konohamaru and his friends he looked on. That was one of the most dangerous moves The Hyugas had, worry for Naruto's safety was in his mind as enough blows especially like those Naruto took to the chest could destroy his heart. "C'mon Naruto."

"Damn it Naruto, don't let me down like this!" Zaku shouted clutching the rail as he watched. "Get up! Your better than this!" He shouted as the sight of him laying there reminded him of himself after his loss against Shino.

Sakura and the others watching it looked at him and back at the fight as it appeared that Neji would win.

"It's over, looks like he wasn't able to pull it off after all." Sasuke said looking on and was prepared to go down there and get ready for his match against Gaara.

"Wait…" Kakashi said to him and he looked back and his eyes widened in surprise as Naruto slowly began moving and getting up.

"I…won't give up…not ever!" Naruto shouted through pain and gritted teeth as he willed himself up to his feet. Neji looked on in disbelief for a moment that he was still standing, was still determined to fight but soon his look changed into one of disgust.

Genma seeing it began to step in. "Due to Naruto being unable to-"

"SHUT UP!" Naruto shouted at him surprising him as he glared at the Proctor stunning him and the crowd at the volume of his voice. "Don't you dare finish that sentence! I said I'm not done!"

"You stubborn fool!" Neji said to him. "Why don't you just give up and lie down and play dead like a dog? This entire battle is meaningless! No matter how strong you are, no matte how much you train, you can never defeat fate!" He yelled at him. "This fools crusade your on is doomed to failure, you could never defeat me! What makes you think otherwise?!" He shouted at Naruto disgust in his voice that he would still continue to fight against him.

"A pathetic imbecile is what you are, a deluded fool is what you are." Neji said to him. "Going on and on about how you'll become Hokage and expect people to actually believe in you, your destined to be nothing more than an insignificant speck of dust in the world! Forgotten about and never remembered! No one will ever recall who you were, or what your dream was! Everything that has ever happened has been dictated by Fate, including your defeat here today!" He said angrily to him.

"Nothing can oppose Fate as it is the most powerful force in the world, not even an S Class ninja can stand against it!" He said to Naruto who watched on. "I…I too thought I can make my own path in life that I could make whatever I chose to do so in life. But I saw the truth as I realized that my path in life has already been decided and there is nothing I can do to change or hinder it. A fool like yourself will only realize when its too late how pathetic you truly are. Just give up and save yourself further humliation!" He yelled at Naruto.

"I was like you, believing I could make a difference, but due to what's happened I saw what will happen in the world. So when things happen I don't protest or complain about it, I just accept it as it was bound to happen anyway. Unlike you I don't bother fighting pointless battles that can't be won. Your defeat was determined by Fate long ago, as well as Hinata's defeat at my hands as well." He said referring to his cousin who sat in the stands with her father and sister. He turned his head and felt Hinata staring at him and he scowled at her direction. "What's done is done, I won't bother struggling like a fool such as yourself against something that can't be changed."

"Neji…" Naruto said and it appeared as if he had seen a revelation as if it had dawned on him. "That is…" He said slowly. "The biggest, dumbest, self centered, delusional, stupidest, most idiotic, thing I've ever heard!" He shouted as his face turned into rage surprising Neji. "All this time I thought there was more to you but now I see you're nothing but an dumbass!"

Neji stammered in disbelief and anger at what he was saying. How could he possibly be standing up after that? He had perfected the Eight Trigrams move and no one before had ever gotten up from it. And yet the blonde boy not only had outlasted it, but appeared to be getting stronger as well.

"If fate really was as powerful as you say then three people wouldn't be here right now! They would've died, but instead they decided to screw that and chose to live instead!" He said to him. Suddenly Naruto rushed him and Neji did not have the time to react or counter him.

"One, a ninja who was ready to kill himself until he found himself with an unlikely second chance that had been given to him!" Naruto said as he delivered punches to Neji's chest. Neji threw a jab which Naruto blocked easily. "Two! A Kunoichi who has shedded the ice around her heart and opened herself up, remembering what its like to actually smile!" He said and delivered more blows to Neji who was unable to keep up with his attacks as Naruto's blows overwhelmed his defenses and knocked him back. "And Three! A lonely scarred child who was outcast and looked on with disdain until someone decided to see past his face and who he actually was!" He finished and with a cry fired the Kazegama jutsu into his chest knocking him back. Neji clutched at his chest in pain and in fury slugged Naruto across the face, to his shock Naruto didn't even regard it or if he did it just ticked him off more.

Zaku watching on in the stands smiled knowing who it was he was talking about.

Naruto struck Neji across the face overwhelming him, Neji tried to fight back but his attacks were no longer having any effect on him as Naruto did not register the blows.

Neji snarled in fury losing his emotions at this unexpected turn of events How could this be happening?! The damn fool should've been carted off long ago! He should not be struggling no much against him! That's it! He'll finish him once and for all right now!

"Enough!" He shouted in rage throwing a powerful strike which Naruto dodged and he got into a stance. "I'm tired of looking at you and your stupid Nindo! I'll end this once and for all with my most powerful technique that which surpasses the 64 Trigrams you should be grateful that you-"

"Shut your damn mouth!" Naruto interrupted him before he could finish and delivered a head butt to his face stunning him and knocking him back. "You lose asshole! Wind Release: Tornado Hold!" He shouted and from beneath Neji a small tornado appeared and knocked him up into the air inside it his body spinning in the center of it.

"This is it! Now's your chance! Finish it Naruto!" Ebisu shouted standing up as Konohamaru and his friends were also cheering as well.

"He's going to pull it off after all." Sakura said in disbelief watching on with the others on the edge of her seat at the intense fight.

Neji spun there in the air helplessly unable to move or get out of it. Naruto suddenly appeared in the center of it with him and The Blonde created Clones.

"U! ZU! MA! KI!" He shouted and delivered the attacks to him one by one Neji helpless to defend himself. Naruto appeared above him and doing a flip did a spin kick slamming his foot right into his head sending Neji plummeting to the ground as the tornado disappeared.

Neji's body hit the ground a look of shock and wonderment appearing on his face over what had happened before his eyes rolled up into the back of his head and he slipped into unconscious defeated, his last thoughts still not believing what had happened. His opponent landed on his feet having snatched Victory from the Jaws of Defeat.

"I don't believe it, Neji had it won." Hiashi Hyuga said looking on seated with his clan and daughters. "An Ant has overcome a Lion," He said as he was surprised that Neji had learned such moves and techniques despite being a branch member but also that it wasn't enough for him to win as Naruto had defied and overcome the odds.

Naruto walked forward towards him and stood standing above looking down at him. "When you get up, IF you get up. Rethink everything you have ever thought." Naruto said to the unconscious Neji.

"The winner is…Naruto Uzumaki!" Genma announced declaring him the unexpected victor to the stunned audience who had not expected this outcome especially those watching with the Hyugas.

"Yeah all right!" Zaku said with a grin that Naruto had won.

Ebisu looked on applauding and smiling proudly that Naruto had indeed won like he had believed he would, his faith in the boy who had transformed so much in the past month. Not only as a ninja but his new friends as well who had an positive effect on him restoring his faith in his dream of becoming Hokage despite what the naysayer's had said before.

"He pulled it off after all," Kakashi said looking on with Sasuke although his face appeared stoic and emotionless he was actually quite happy and proud that the boy had won after all despite his earlier beliefs a month ago that Naruto would lose against him.

"So, The Dobe has actually improved." Sasuke said having watched it. "Who would've thought."

Naruto looked on and soaked in the applause and adoration of the crowd, some reluctant to praise him others such as Iruka, Anko, Zaku, Sakura, and the others cheering him. He looked on and saw The Sandaime smiling down at him and he smiled back at him. Getting his coat he slipped it back on and went back up the stands.

As all that was happening, Kin was dragged roughly and was wearing a unique collar that had been forcefully put on her neck and had sapped her of her chakra. She tried to struggle to get free but she couldn't break free of the iron grip they had on her.

She was dragged to where a group of Sound Ninjas was at. Her eyes widened a bit as she saw the back of a familiar person.

"Tayuya we have your prisoner." One of the Sound Nins said as they forced Kin to her knees.

Tayuya didn't say anything as she turned and looked at the long haired girl.

"Tayuya…" Kin said looking at the one person in Oto who was her friend. Tayuya looked at her sadly for a moment but her eyes soon changed back into their usual angry expression. "Don't do this." She pleaded to her.

Tayuya didn't say anything as the two stared at one another for several long moments. The redhead although she had her usual scowling face on was going through several emotions over what had happened and what she had been ordered to do. A few memories of the two played throughout her mind but she shoved them aside, not wasn't the time for emotions, her duty to her master came first and that was the only thing that mattered, even if the girl was her only friend that she ever had.

"For defecting and opposing Orochimaru-sama the penalty is immediate death." She said as she summoned a sword and took it and raised it overhead. "A death fit for a fucking traitor. Goodbye Kin." She said and she closed her eyes so she wouldn't see her final face and what would happen and swung the blade down aiming to kill her.

However, the blow never came as suddenly without any warning Dosu appeared in front of them and blocked the attack with his Melody Arm to the shock of all as they didn't expect him to show up as he had spotted Kin leaving and followed after her.

Letting out a cry he activated his gauntlet and it emitted a loud piercing noise stunning them and the men holding Kin loosened their holds allowing her to break free.

"C'mon!" He shouted and grabbed her and the two ran.

"After them!" Tayuya shouted and The Sound Nins pursued them. "Damn it! Their going to ruin everything!" She cursed in anger, her hesitation in not killing her immediately had thrown the plan into disarray.

Dosu and Kin ran as Dosu had removed the collar that had been placed on her the two being pursued by dozens of Sound Ninjas chasing after them.

"Kin, can you perform a Jutsu?" He asked her as they ran. Although they had a good distance they were slowly being catch up by them.

"I…I don't know." She said as her chakra had been drained. She doubted she could even perform the Kawarami right now. Dosu seeing this reached into his pocket and pulling out a soldier pill made her eat it and slowly she felt her strength returning and Chakra being restored.

"If you can try and perform a fire type Jutsu." He said to her. "Aim for the sky, shoot one up into the air."

"Huh? Why that? Wouldn't it make more sense to-"

"Just do it!" Dosu shouted at her as he whipped around and slammed his gauntlet into the ground creating a tremor to stun their pursuers.

Kin began doing hand symbols preparing a Jutsu. Hopefully she had enough for it, she hadn't done this Jutsu correctly before so it was a gamble if it would work.

"Fire Style: Phoenix Fireball!" She shouted and fired the Jutsu into the air. The fireball soared high into the sky and once it reached past the tallest building in the area and exploded and it take the shape of the mythical bird.

Many people heard the explosion of it catching their attention.

"Whoa, someone's setting off fireworks." Naruto said looking on at the sight. "Wait a sec…that's it!" He shouted realizing that that was a symbol for something.

"What the?!" Orochimaru disgused as the Kazekage shouted in confusion not understanding what happened. "Where'd that come from?" He said in fury. What was going on? "No, No, NO!" He shouted in fury barely controlling his rage at that had gotten a lot of people's attention. This wasn't suppose to be happening! Kabuto was suppose to lull the people in the arena to sleep

Sarutobi saw it as well as other people and his eyes narrowed as he stood up and began making hand symbols of his own With a cry he shout a ball of energy up into the air and it reached up and exploded showering the above area with light.

Orochimaru reached up and yanked off the mask he wore in fury. All reasonable methods of planning and deception were out of his thoughts now that his plan had been foiled.

"Kill them all!" He shouted ordering his confused men. "Spare no one!"

"Its time." Jiraiya said standing up as he watched it putting his book away. His eyes were serious as The Toad Sannin had been waiting for this. He had known that Sarutobi would let him and the others know when it was time.

"Time to fight…" He said as The ANBU and Leaf Ninjas drew out their weapons prepared to engage the disoriented Sound Forces who's ambush and advantage was now gone.

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