Lack Thereof

Kuroko was not quiet. Regardless of regular presumptions that one may make when describing his common nature, Kagami was the first to find out that the bluenette was anything but.

Kuroko had a loud sneeze. It echoed throughout the walls like a boomerang, making Kagami jump in alarm; much like the countless times that his teammate had just happened upon standing beside him, claiming to have always been there from the start.

"Bless you," Kagami would say, receiving a soft sniffle and a gentle, "Thank you," in response, a complete contradiction to the catastrophic noise that had been emitted from Kuroko's nasal passages just moments prior.

Kuroko had soft steps, but loud strides. He would wake Kagami in the middle of the night, not from ruffling around to get out of the bed, but instead, from where he was going. Although light to the touch, the floorboards would squeak and whine in protest with every foot length the bluenette took. This made Kuroko very anxious, seeing as he did not want to deprive his teammate of his beauty rest.

"It's fine. If you have to pee in the middle of the night, you have to pee," Kagami would say warily, the look of guilt on Kuroko's face being his only form of reciprocation between the two of them.

Kuroko had a loud laugh. It was not very often heard, and Kagami was one of the lucky few that had been gifted with such a spectacle. It was high-pitched, almost like that of a hyena, but it wasn't intimidating and instead held a softer tune to it. This would make Kagami scratch the back of his head and chuckle at his own joke, the fact of the matter being that Kuroko's laugh was simply contagious.

Kuroko had a loud cry. It wasn't like the kind of remorse where he wallowed in isolation, a single tear—or possibly two—to drip down his face. No, this cry was fierce and filled with anger. Kagami didn't like this cry. The bluenette had thrashed his fists about his teammate's chest in a blind rage, fed up and tired with a matter that was clearly just one big misunderstanding.

"Do you want to break up?" Kagami had whispered, his voice so soft that even he had a hard time hearing himself over such a boisterous mess. This had caused Kuroko to silence, utterly unaware that such a thought had been pending within the redhead's mind.

The next sound was a sound that Kagami also did not like, but it was a sound that made his heart swell with a range of all sorts of emotions. Kuroko wailed loudly and had wrapped his arms around Kagami's large torso, crying horridly into his chest and begging for forgiveness. The answer was that of a no. Kuroko did not want to break up.

Kuroko had a loud voice, and this was most certainly something that Kagami and Kagami alone had heard. He would writhe and breathe and pant and moan at each and every of his teammate's not-so-innocent of touches. Kagami would leave the bluenette in such states of desperation that made him begging for more. He didn't mind. That groan of pleasure and scream of ecstasy, he held no oppositions toward it, so long as it was his name being called out from the other end.

By all means, one look at Kuroko and you would hypothesize him to be the most quiet and soft-spoken of all creatures. In fact, most people that had known him for a lengthy amount of time still saw him that way; through eyes that were blissfully ignorant to the truths that lied within.

Kagami knew. He knew that despite everything, Kuroko was not quiet. With misdirection and a seemingly invisible presence, when it came to sneezing, sneaking, laughing, crying, and bedroom behaviors, there was no such thing as a lack thereof.

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