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Chapter 35: Ten Years Later

"Allie, when's Mommy going to have the baby?" Caylie pouted as the two sisters sat in the hospital waiting room.

"I don't know," the now ten-year-old told her four-year-old sister. "When she had you, we came to the hospital in the morning, and you weren't born until after dinner."

"I want to meet our little brother or sister," Caylie said.

"So do I," Allie said. "I wish Mom and Dad had told us if it was a brother or sister."

"Did you have to wait here when I was born?" Caylie asked.

"Yes I did," Allie said. "Well, Uncle Kurt came with me."

"Do you think Uncle Kurt and Uncle Blaine will come with Bryan and Lizzie?" Caylie asked. "What about Beth and Grandma? Or do you think Grandma and Grandpa will come in from Ohio, or Grandpa and Grandpa?"

Allie smiled to herself. Her little sister was always asking questions. "I'm sure everyone's eventually going to come to meet the baby."

Allie looked up and saw Shelby and Beth coming in. "Your dad called us," Beth said. "He doesn't want you two waiting alone."

"Are you excited to be a big sister, Caylie?" Shelby asked.

"YES!" Caylie said.

"What about me?" Allie asked.

"You already are a big sister!" Beth said.

"I remember when we sat in the waiting room with your aunts and uncles waiting for you to be born," Shelby said to Allie. "Everyone was so excited."


Finn looked out the window of the delivery room and could see his daughters waiting in the distance with Shelby and Beth. Then, he heard his wife's voice. "Finn, get back to me!"

Finn smiled as he went to sit by Rachel's side. This was the third time they'd been here. It was hard to believe that the first was more than ten years ago. Their little girl was now a ten-year-old fifth grader. She was so much like both Finn and Rachel, and yet different from both of them. While she wasn't a singer like her parents, or a dancer or an actress, she was involved with music. She played the viola in her school orchestra and knew the music to lots of the pieces Finn and Rachel liked to sing, so sometimes their duets were a family affair.

As Finn and Rachel waited for Rachel to be ready to push, Finn thought about the past ten years. After graduating from NYADA in 2017, Rachel got a part in the chorus in a Broadway production of Annie. She had that part for about a year before the casting director in a revival of Phantom of the Opera discovered her and wanted her to play a minor role in their production. Rachel had that role for a few months before discovering she was pregnant again.

Caylie Michele Hudson was born on October 24, 2019. Allie was so excited to be a big sister, and Finn and Rachel also could not be happier. They were sure they were the parents of the two most beautiful, sweetest little girls in the world. Allie and Caylie both looked so much like Finn, Rachel and each other.

Rachel took about a year off to be with Allie and Caylie after Caylie was born, and then she got an even bigger break. She was offered an opportunity to play Eponine in Les Miserables. She played Eponine until she found out she was pregnant again, and when she finished maternity leave, she'd be playing Maria in a new revival of West Side Story.

Finn hadn't had a career that got as many headlines as Rachel's got. He ended up getting a degreee from NYU that was a double major in education and music. He was a teacher at the elementary school Allie attended and was the director of the school district's Glee club.

Finn and Rachel had stayed in touch with all their friends from Glee club. In fact, the year Caylie was born had been like a year of babies for the New Directions alumni. Puck and Quinn had gotten married in 2015, and their daughter Bailey was only a few weeks older than Caylie. They also had a son, Daniel, who was born in 2017. Kurt and Blaine got married after Rachel, Kurt and Blaine graduated from NYADA, and they adopted a baby boy, Bryan, in 2018. They now also had a two-year-old daughter, Elizabeth, after Kurt's mom. Santana and Brittany were also married in 2018, and they had twin daughters, Julia and Emily, who were born about a month after Caylie. Sam and Mercedes married in 2019 and had a son named James. Mike and Tina had a three-year-old son, Evan, who was born a few months after they got married. Artie ended up marrying Mrs. Schuester's niece, Betty, and they had a two-year-old son named Jacob. Rory and Sugar had also gotten married, and they had a one-year-old daughter named Alyssa. Ryder and Marley got married a few weeks after their college graduation, and they had a two-year-old daughter named Olivia. She was also pregnant with their second child. Joe and Kitty had gotten married last year, and Jake had just gotten engaged to a girl named Harmony who joined New Directions his junior year. The New Directions alumni still saw each other at least once a year, and that was Finn and Rachel's favorite time of the year.

They kept in touch with their college friends as well. Blake and Chloe had married a year after graduation, and they had a son named Charlie. Katie was now dancing with New York City ballet and had married one of the other guys who danced with the company. They were currently expecting their first child. Anna was acting in a non-musical Broadway play and had just married one of the other actors from the play.

"It hurts," Finn heard Rachel's quiet voice say. He turned and saw his wife. "Sorry, babe. I was just thinking."

"About what?" Rachel asked, a smile coming to her face.

"Us," Finn said. "Between our girls and our jobs and our families and our friends, we've really lucked out."

Rachel kissed Finn. "Yes we have. Do you think the girls will be surprised?"

"I think they will," Finn said. He and Rachel had kept it a secret from Allie and Caylie that they were not having one baby. They were having two. They didn't know the genders, but they were both secretly hoping for boys, since they already had two girls.

The doctor came in. "Rachel, I think you're ready to push."

Rachel looked at Finn and held his hand tight. Finn felt Rachel squeezing his hand tightly as she pushed. He held tightly to Rachel as she pushed a few times and then the doctor told them the first baby was out.

"It's a boy!" the doctor said.

Rachel gave Finn a big smile. "Wow!"

"One down, one to go," Finn said to Rachel.

"Wait, can I see him?" Rachel asked.

"Of course," the doctor said. He held up the baby for Finn and Rachel to see.

"He looks just like you," Rachel said to Finn.

"He has your eyes though," Finn pointed out.

"You'd better get his brother out," the doctor said as Finn and Rachel reluctantly passed the baby over to the nurse for cleaning. Finn held Rachel's hand as she pushed out the other baby.

"Another boy!" the doctor said.

Finn looked down. "He looks just like his brother!"

Rachel kissed Finn. "It's hard to believe we have four kids now!"

"I know!" Finn said.

"Would you two like to meet your sons?" the doctor asked, bringing the babies over.

"Hey little guys," Finn said, taking one of the babies as Rachel took the other. "I'm your daddy."

"And I'm your mommy," Rachel said.


"It's been so long," Caylie pouted in the waiting room.

"It was longer with you," Allie told her sister. They'd only been there a few hours. Then, Finn came into the waiting room.

"Well?" Allie asked.

"Would you two like to meet your brothers?" Finn asked.

"Brothers?" Allie asked. She had no idea there was more than one.

"It's twins?" Beth asked.

"We kept it a secret," Finn said.

"I did notice Rachel's stomach was bigger than it was with either of the girls," Shelby said. "What time were they born?"

"Christopher William Hudson was born at 1:14 p.m., May 11, 2024. Liam Burt Hudson was born at 1:18 p.m.," Finn said.

"Wow!" Caylie said. "Two baby brothers."

"Let's go meet them," Finn said, taking his daughters' hands as Shelby and Beth followed. They went into the hospital room, where Rachel was in the bed with the boys.

"These are our brothers?" Allie asked her mom.

"Yes," Rachel said. "This is Chris, and this is Liam."

"They're so cute!" Caylie said.

"They are," Rachel said. "Would their big sisters like to hold them?"

"I'd love to," Allie said. She held Chris as Finn helped Caylie hold Liam.

"Did you call Kurt and Blaine, and your families in Lima?" Shelby asked Finn and Rachel.

"Yeah, hopefully they'll come see us soon," Finn said. He went to stand by Rachel as he watched their daughters with their sons.

"Am I a good big sister?" Caylie asked.

"Yes, you are," Rachel said. She turned to Allie. "So are you."

"The girls are naturals at this," Finn whispered to Rachel.

"All our kids are just so perfect!" Rachel whispered back.

"They are, and so are you," Finn said."

"So are you," Rachel whispered to Finn. "I love you so much. I'm so glad we're married and have kids together." They'd come so far since they first met in high school and they made each other so happy. Because there was Finchel and their family, Finn and Rachel both knew that anything was possible.