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After our Halloween meeting, I remained sitting in my chair at the head of the table, twirling my wand between my fingers.

I thought, as has become a habit of mine lately, about Harry Potter.

I kept turning the same thoughts over and over in my head. The prophecy said that he would be of danger to me, so maybe he wields some powerful, unknown magic? What if he is stronger than me? What if-

Nonsense, I shouted at myself mentally. I'm the greatest wizard alive, some one-year-old kid can't defeat me! One simple Avada and he'll be gone.

It was almost ridiculous, but I immediately started to feel better.

I realized that Bellatrix was still here. Were it anyone else, I'd probably Crucio his ass out, but with her, it was different. She was the most loyal of all of the Death Eaters, and unlike a lot of them, she really put her heart into the fight.

In fact, she was way better than any of them - she was smart, extremely talented duellist and when she did something, she put all her effort into doing in right.

And, well, it seemed like she had a thing for me.

I almost snorted.


A weakness, good merely for fools like Dumbledore. But, as long as it wasn't slowing her down, I decided to let Bellatrix dream. After all, what could possibly happen? We both knew her feelings were unrequited.

Quite curious about her intentions, I lifted my head and looked straight at her.

"What are you still doing here, Bella?"

I saw her eyes glow with happines when I used that nickname. She's had that kind of reaction every time I've shown something resembling affection towards her.

I remembered that back in the early days, when I taught her how to fight better, she melted with my every touch. It was actually quite amusing.

"My Lord, are you sure there's no other way?" she asked hastily, clearly eager not to awaken my wrath.

"Other way?" I repeated slowly. I understood that she was talking about tonight, but I had only vague idea as to why would she ask that.

"It's just...I have a bad feeling about tonight. I know it sounds stupid-"

Oh. So here we were. Feelings. I gripped my wand tighter. She better pick her next words very carefully, or I might just decide to lose my patience.

"-and I know you're perfectly able to take down one little family, but I'd just feel better if you at least took someone with you..."

I was almost ready to send a curse her way, but then I took in her expression, her pose, her entwined hands and decided to take a look at her emotions. A quick touch of Legilimency and I could read her feelings as clear as if they were written in a book.

She was actually concerned about me. Almost...scared for me. A smirk crossed my lips.

I asked curiously: "And since when are you so...caring, dear Bella?"

She looked on the table, saying nothing, and I could almost see the thoughts swirling in her head. Just when I wanted to use Legilimency, she said quietly: "You're my Lord. I don't want you to," she paused for a second, "get hurt."

I stood up and in a whirl of black robes moved to stand in front of her.

If she wanted to play a game, there'd be a slight change of the rules.

"Really? Or is it something...else? What do you think , Bella?"

She kept her gaze glued to the table.

"You're my Lord," she finally said, repeating herself.
"You know I feel respect and concern for you, nothing more."

"Oh, but we both know that's not quite true, don't we, Bella?" I started to circle around her, watching her intensely.

"It doesn't matter how I feel, my Lord. You know it doesn't interfere with what I do as a Death Eater."

She evidently got all her courage together, because she raised her head and a pair of brown eyes met mine.

"Can you promise me that you will come back, my Lord? Please?" she asked quietly, almost whispered.

I chuckled, but then I thought for a moment. I knew that my attention and my praise were the things that made Bellatrix happy, and when she was happy, there wasn't an obstacle she couldn't overcome.

I lifted her chin and for a moment allowed myself to look deep into the chocoalte brown orbs.

"I promise," I whispered, just enough to make her shiver.

And then, suddenly, we were kissing.

I had no idea how it started, but to say I was very surprised would be an understatement. I was shocked even more when I realized that I was kissing Bellatrix back.

It was...strange.

Of course, I had many women through my life, but usually only to reach some goal or to...relieve myself.
I never put my heart into it.
But in that very moment I've somehow ended up with my hands around Bellatrix's waist and she was leaning into me, her back arched like a cat's, with her hands entwined behind my neck.

She put a lot of the passion into the kiss, more than I would ever think she felt. When we finally broke apart, she was breathing heavily and slightly trembling. She looked like she just got a dose of a drug of some kind.

I realized that I felt...good. In fact, I felt better than in a long time.

But what actually scared me a bit was the fact that once I got the taste of Bellatrix Lestrange, I was pretty sure I wanted more.

Bellatrix's eyes were wide and I wasn't sure what to say. So I just repeated: "I promise."
Apparently it was exactly what she wanted to hear, because she smiled warmly and leaned a bit closer to me.

I felt something twitch deep inside of my heart. A treacherous thought got inside my head, a thought of a satisfyingly spent night, a thought of another taste of her lips, a thought of abandoning the task at hand-


The words of the prophecy washed over me like a bucket of ice-cold water. There was something I had to do, and tonight was the night to do it.

Halloween, one of the most powerful magical nights of the year.

Angry at myself for even considering doing something that would only encourage Bellatrix in her attempts, I took a step back from her and Disapparated.

However, when I arrived at the Potters' house, I couldn't help but remember how good that kiss felt.

I felt my magic grow and shift as my heart pounded just a little bit faster.

I couldn't feel love, I wouldn't deliberately feel it, but that didn't mean I couldn't enjoy the little things.

I raised my wand and blew the front door off its hinges with a single wave.

Say goodbye to the world, Harry Potter.


After fourteen years, I finally had my body back.
That was good.

Harry bloody Potter escaped again, this time with the help of some strange spell and a bunch of ghosts.
That was bad. Very bad.

I was angrier than I ever felt in my entire life. My mood didn't exactly improve when the filthy scum Snape crawled to me two hours later and begged me to let him join the Death Eaters again.

After torturing him for a while, I decided to search his mind, not actually expecting to find anything interesting in there.
However, what I discovered surprised me. He's been telling the truth, he really wanted to be the part of the fight again, and he did have a very good position at Hogwarts.
In the end, I decided to spare his life and appointed him as my spy. I wasn't often generous, but the trip into his thoughts actually made me feel like he deserved a second chance.

Even if it was merely for my amusement.


The beginning of one January night found me on the way to Azkaban, with my Death Eaters around me on their brooms. Through the past six months, we had a lot of meetings, planned for the future and prepared the ground for our big coming-out.

But I realized, however stupid it was, that I missed Bellatrix there, her passion for the cause, her never-ceasing energy to fight, her refusal to ever give up.

If tonight went according to the plan, we should have our imprisoned colleagues back soon enough.

When we arrived, I made the first step - I ensured the loyalty of the dementors. They were easy to convince since I could offer them a feast much bigger than the one they had in Azkaban if they'd join me.
Then, while other Death Eaters fulfilled their appointed tasks, I went to the corner of the roof, where I knew Bellatrix's cell lay.
The others would be fine with simply seeing their brothers-in-arms, but I knew that Bellatrix deserved to see me after all these years, not just a person in a hood.

Or so I told myself.

Ever since I properly came back last June, I've been thinking about me and her. Not anything big, just little sneaky thoughts, ideas, memories...feelings.

The result was that now, while I swished my wand in one swift motion to blow up the corner of the roof, I felt strangely confused, almost to the point of...scared?
I honestly didn't know anymore.

All I knew was that I...missed my Bella. Even if it was almost impossible for me to admit.

The stone wall exploded and left a gaping hole, allowing me to land gently on the floor of Bellatrix's cell.
Slowly, she stood up from the corner. Her hair was a mess, her cheeks were hollow and she overall looked much worse than I thought she would.

The results of Azkaban.

But when she lifted her head and looked at me, I saw the surprise, joy and happines in her chocolate brown eyes, the eyes that stayed the same, no matter how much time has passed since I've looked into them for the last time.

Bellatrix croaked: "I knew that you'd come back, my Lord. I never stopped believing!"
I felt a rush of pride, pride and something resembling affection towards her, for she has just confirmed what I knew the whole time - that her faith in me never fluctuated, never grew weaker.

Also, it was strangely satisfying to hear the words my Lord from her...she always said it with such delight, such passion, like it was a pleasure for her to be able to say it.

I smirked a little: "Of course I returned. I promised, didn't I?"

I reached out to her and she took my hand without hesitation. Then she warily stepped closer to me and quickly looked over herself. I merely smiled and pulled her even closer, with an arm around her waist, aware of her breathing fastening.
I smiled even more. Apparently, I could still make her melt with a simple touch.

"We'll apparate to the Malfoy Manor. Your sister will take care of you. Is that okay with you?"
I didn't know why I asked.
But then it dawned on me. I wanted to be nice to her.

Bellatrix looked as surprised as I felt, but she quickly answered: "O-Of course, my Lord. Anything."
I tilted my head to side and then I remembered something. I pulled out a wand from within my robes.

Her wand.

"I thought you'd like to have it back."

Ismiled once again at the joy in her eyes when she saw that piece of wood.

"Thank you, my Lord," she bowed a little. There was pure happiness in her expression, almost to the point as if she was high on something, but then she frowned a little.
Deciding not to bother her with questions now, I gently pulled her to the edge of her destroyed cell. She looked around, mouth opened in surprise, taking in the outside world. Then she looked at me and smiled.
And she laughed, weak, dirty, but still her, the passionate, ruthless, amazing Bellatrix.

I put my other arm around her waist and pulled her against me.
"Ready?" I asked and the corners of my lips twitched upon seeing her expression. She was staring at me, her eyes shining.
I used the opportunity and quickly scanned her mind, only to discover that her Occlumency shields were down. I felt loyalty, the faith in me, happiness...and a mix feelings towards me. Curious what was really going on in her brain, I dived deeper into her thoughts.

She was thinking about my lips and...if they still tasted...after chocolate?

That kiss had to affect her pretty hard if she remembered it after fourteen years of being under the influence of the dementors.

Unable to resist, I leaned closer and whispered into her ear: "Maybe you'll get the chance to know some day."

Immediately, I asked myself: why on Earth have I done that?

Giving her false hope, feeding her dreams...what was it good for?

What did I really want?

And why were feelings so damn complicated?

My head felt like a cauldron full of ingredients that didn't blend together, like I've been hit with a Confundus charm and couldn't think straight.

And then I understood.

It was all about the kiss. That damned kiss so many years ago.

Because I liked it.

And if I had a chance for another one, I'd take it.

Bellatrix was looking at me, big grin on her face and I began to think...what if I let her do what she wants?
It wasn't like I could lose anything...

After all, I was Lord Voldemort, the Dark Lord, the greatest Dark wizard of all time.

And if there was a woman on this planet good enough for me, it was the one standing right in my arms.

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