The Ugly Little Omega

Chapter 1

The schoolyard of Oakwood Elementary was a terrifying place when you were very small, and very new to America.

"Go on, Arthur. Don't you want to play a bit?" Ms. Hale encouraged with a big, elementary-teacher smile. Arthur, barely as tall as her knee, ducked his face against her pretty red dress and shook his head. His big, green eyes peered out at the playground fearfully from behind Ms. Hale's sheltering legs. He was certainly a unique looking little child. Ms. Hale pitied him for those eyebrows. Hopefully he'd grow into them. In the meanwhile, she'd have to try and prevent the teasing.

The kindergarten class at Oakwood was small, as it was a very costly private school. Arthur's father, a diplomat from the United Kingdom, had not thought it wise to enroll his youngest son at an overcrowded public school his first year in the states. The only problem with the small class size was that Arthur was one of only two male Omegas. The split on the playground was particularly obvious.

Over by some pretty flowering bushes with long, willowy leaves, a cluster of six or so little girls and one little boy (with honey blond hair so long and curling that he looked like a girl) played nest with their dolls and tea sets. Using the long, soft leaves, they built their "nests" and played quietly and peacefully amongst the flowers. Nearby, on the blacktop, another small group of four or so children industriously worked on a chalk art piece. Ms. Hale kept an eye on the Betas and the Omegas, but the supervision was hardly necessary. It was the Alphas she had to worry about, and this year was her rowdiest, biggest group of Alphas yet.

But none of them were quite as bad as Alfred Jones.

"I'm going to be Captain of the rocket ship, Ivan! It's my turn and it's never going to be your turn because I'm the hero!" a loud little boy crowed before roughly shoving another kindergartner a good head taller than him off an upper level of the playground equipment. Abandoning little Arthur, Ms. Hale went running across the playground, scolding Alfred as she went.

"Alfred Jones! You come down right now! That's another time out, young man!" Ms. Hale helped Ivan to sit up and recover his breath. The snow-haired Alpha glared up balefully at Alfred Jones, who stood at the very top of the space-themed playground with his tongue proudly poking out.

"Heehee! You should have seen your face, Ivan! It looked like poop!" Of course, Alfred's insult did not make a single bit of sense, but this week, saying "poop" was the cool, naughty word. Ivan puffed up in anger at the outrageous insult.

"I do not be looking like the poop!" Ivan shouted back, his Russian accent still thick. That was another aspect of Oakwood that attracted Arthur's parents—it was a very multi-cultural program that encouraged diversity. Many of the foreign diplomats placed their children at Oakwood.

Ms. Hale had to do a bit of climbing, but she managed to catch Alfred and lift him bodily off the playground equipment. Hoisting the heavy child up on her hip, she carried him off the playground and away from his rival, Ivan. Alfred squirmed and wiggled the whole way, thinking it a great game of capture and escape.

"Let me go, you old hag! I got freedoms!" Alfred shouted rather dramatically. Ms. Hale gratefully released the squirming boy when they were a safe distance from the playground again. She held Alfred's hand in a firm grip and forced him to remain at her side even though he whined and fussed.

"You're being naughty," Arthur said rather primly. It was the first thing he'd said all day, and Ms. Hale was a little surprised at his boldness. Typically, the little Omega children never spoke up to the Alphas—at this age, all they did was blush and giggle and run away from them. Oblivious to the youthful, innocent flirtation, the Alphas usually deemed Omega children beneath their notice until puberty hit.

"I'm not naughty. I'm Alfred. Who're you?" Alfred asked, forgetting all about whining for his "freedoms." Ms. Hale released his hand when she felt Alfred would stay put—his interest now snagged on Arthur. Alfred's big, blue eyes peering so intensely at him was too much for little Arthur. His eyes dropped to the ground and he ducked back behind Ms. Hale's legs.

Alfred followed, eager like a little puppy to be the first one to talk to the new kid.

"Hey! Talk again! Your voice sounded funny!" Alfred teased.

"Alfred," Ms. Hale said in a warning tone…which was completely disregarded by the precocious child.

"What's your name? How come your eyebrows are so big?" Alfred was all but chasing Arthur around Ms. Hale's legs, till he caught Arthur by the sleeve of his small, spring green pea coat. Startled, Arthur tripped and Alfred landed on him in a sprawl. Arthur's cheeks stained red and he shifted his eyes to the side, tears welling up. Ms. Hale sighed and hauled Alfred up, but his response to Arthur's pain was much different from Ivan's. Ignoring Ms. Hale's fussing, Alfred squatted beside Arthur with a very serious look on his face.

"Did I hurt ya?" Alfred asked. Embarrassed, Arthur sniffled and nodded. Alfred didn't apologize, per say, but it was the sweetest behavior Ms. Hale had ever seen from the normally wild little boy. She remained still and quiet, simply observing.

"M-my knee," Arthur said weakly. Arthur was wearing crisply ironed navy shorts that just covered his scrawny knee caps. His feet were kept warm by knitted green socks and warm brown boots that covered his thin calves. This made it easy for Alfred to investigate the wound. Without any appreciation for personal boundaries, Alfred plopped down between Arthur's knees and pulled the other boy's leg across his lap.

"Lemme see," Alfred said. Nervously, Arthur watched Alfred peel back his shorts to see the reddened knee cap. Alfred's voice took on a grave tone. "It's real bad. Real, real bad. Mine looked like this when I broked it."

"B-broken? But it doesn't feel broken!" Arthur protested.

"If you're gonna be my patient, you gots to tell me your name," Alfred said. Still crying a bit, Arthur's lips trembled and Ms. Hale almost took pity on him. Before she could release Alfred to go torment the other Alpha children again, however, Arthur found his courage.

"Arthur," he said shakily.

"Arfur?" Alfred echoed, having some difficulty due to missing a front tooth.

"Ar-thur—like King Arthur?" the shy Omega said. Alfred gave him a blank look and then shrugged.

"I'm just gonna call you...Artie! That's a cool side-kick name," Alfred assessed. Arthur looked miffed enough by this to almost forget his hurt knee.

"My name is—"

"Alright, Artie…I'm sorry to tell you this, but I'm gonna have to cut it off."

"What?" Arthur said alarmed. Ms. Hale had to hide a smile behind her hand.

"Your leg's no good anymore, kiddo. So I'm going to cut it off. But! You get a lollypop if you're real brave like me! I always get lotsa lollypops at the doctors because the nurse lady says my mouth is so big it can hold THREE lollypops ALL AT ONCE."

Despite himself, Arthur looked a little impressed. Then he remembered this strange American boy was going to attempt to amputate his leg…quite unnecessarily, at that. The pain was already fading.

"I don't think you're a doctor," Arthur said rather shrewdly.

"Am too! I'm a hero doctor! I can fix anything!" Alfred bragged. Arthur frowned cutely.

"Then how come you don't know that you're supposed to kiss it better? Mummy always kisses it better," Arthur said skeptically. Alfred's blue eyes lit with delight.

"You have a real mummy at home? That's so cool! I want to see your mummy! Is it scary?"

Arthur thought of his mother when her boys had left her usually tidy house in a mess.

"She can be," Arthur said thoughtfully. "But most of the time she's lovely," he added.

"Well I'm a better doctor than any old mummy! Watch this!" And before Ms. Hale could remind him that there was no kissing or hand holding at school, Alfred pressed a big smooch to Arthur's knee.

"Taadaa!" Alfred said with a flourish of his hands. "I healed you with the power of Jesus!"

"Alfred!" Ms. Hale scolded. Seriously, it was clear Alfred Jones watched way too much television.

"Jesus?" Arthur asked confused. His knee did feel better, but he didn't know how much of that was due to Alfred's enthusiastic kiss or just the passage of time.

Alfred stood, and extended a dirty hand to Arthur, who accepted it anyway.

"Come on! Let's go play a different game! We can play space ship Captain, but I always get to be Captain, got it?" Alfred said. Unlike an Alpha, who would have felt the need to challenge that rule, Arthur just meekly nodded his head. Ms. Hale watched in surprise as Alfred dragged the little British boy over to the big playground set, which usually frightened the Omegas.

"D-do we h-have to climb to the top?" Arthur asked, nervous about the prospect. Alfred, who firmly believed there was nothing he could not climb (including bookshelves, the roof of his house, any tree in any yard anywhere, and anything that held still long enough) didn't understand Arthur's hesitation.

"Don't be scared, Artie! I won't let you fall!"

And much to Ms. Hale's surprise, Arthur took Alfred at his word. He climbed to the top and played space ship with Alfred for the rest of recess.

Despite Arthur's unusual new friend the first day of school, things eventually settled into a more typical pattern. Arthur still seemed rather enamored with Alfred Jones and his games of pretend, but Alfred was easily distracted away from Arthur by the other Alphas challenging him to races or games, which Arthur never wanted to join. At these times, Arthur would rather shyly join the group of Omegas—fascinated by their tea parties and their picture books.

The only other Omega boy was named Matthew Williams, and Arthur thought it very strange that even though Alfred and Matthew never really talked much during the day, they always went home together with a woman who looked more like Alfred than Matthew.

But Arthur never asked, and so Matthew never mentioned that they were half-brothers, and that his own mother, Mr. Jones's first mate (some Alphas took two mates, or even three), had died when Matthew was a baby. Alfred and Matthew didn't exactly get along. It wasn't that they fought. It was more like Alfred completely bowled over the extremely shy, soft-spoken Omega and refused to let him steal even an ounce of the attention.

But Arthur didn't know this about Alfred and Matthew, so he talked to Matthew about Alfred quite a bit.

"Okay, who is your Alpha going to be today, Arthur?" a sweet little girl named Megan asked. It was a silly question. They'd all learned by now that Arthur always picked Alfred. Arthur was the boldest (and bossiest) of the Omegas, so even though a few of the little girls had claimed Alfred before Arthur came, none of them challenged Arthur's hogging of the blue-eyed blond now.

As always, Matthew seemed a little uncomfortable by the mention of Alfred. His lavender blue eyes scanned the playground, where the Alphas were racing and near them, the Betas were putting together a big, outdoor puzzle. Matthew loved puzzles. He wanted to go join them, but he was too shy to leave the Omegas.

"I pick F-Francis," Matthew said softly. Arthur shook his head.

"You can't pick him. He's a Beta. It has to be an Alpha," Arthur bossed. A few of the other little girls agreed.

"B-but...Betas can mate Omegas," Matthew argued.

"Well, yeah, but that's not how it works in the stories," another little girl reminded. "The princess is always Omega, and the prince is always Alpha."

Matthew sighed. His own mother had been a Beta, but he didn't say anything. He didn't like to argue.

"G-gilbert then," he said meekly.

"Right then. Mine and Alfred's nest is going to be over here. I'll be having a baby party soon, and you are all invited," Arthur said with a smile.

"Are you having a girl or a boy or twins?" Delaney asked with a sweet grin of anticipation. Arthur thought about it.

"Triplets, most likely," he said, very serious, since even at the age of five Arthur knew that three babies was a lot of responsibility. The girls twittered in delight, and Matthew thought longingly about the puzzle.

"I have quite a bit of work to do. Alfred is no help at all," Arthur said, repeating what his mother often said about his father when she had guests to prepare for.

Despite always being included in the Omega games, the Alphas had very little knowledge of it. This time, however, Alfred's foot race had brought him huffing and puffing nearby. The Omega girls instantly broke into giggles and ran into the soft leaves to hide. Arthur had the urge to run, too, but he was actually friends with Alfred so he held his ground to see if Alfred wanted to play with him.

"Hey, Artie! Whatcha playing?" Alfred asked, wiping the sweat off his brow. Matthew frowned a bit at his half-brother, who didn't even greet him, and went to sulk in his play nest where he could watch the kids with the puzzle from a distance.

"We're playing nest, Alfred. You're my mate, and I'm about to throw a baby party."

"Oh. That sounds like a boring Omega game," Alfred said. Arthur frowned.

"Omega games aren't boring," he replied quietly, but firmly. Arthur, once he overcame his shyness, was really quite outspoken. Ms. Hale had suggested that he might, in fact, be a Beta like both his parents, but the blood tests didn't lie.

"What's so fun about it?" Alfred asked doubtfully. Arthur took Alfred by the hand and showed him where he'd arranged the leaves to look like a little cave just big enough for Arthur to sit in. Alfred scoffed.

"This isn't a good nest at all. My daddy built my mommy a really strong nest. This nest is just leaves. Come on, if you're gonna be my mate, you're gonna have the best nest on the playground!" Alfred took him by the hand and raced off towards the playground equipment, where the other Alpha boys and girls had drifted.

They sneered at Arthur, and their looks of unwelcome were enough to make him want to go running back to the Omegas. Alfred, however, puffed up his chest and even pushed at a few who tried to say Arthur couldn't play with them.

"We're going to play battle. He's an Omega. They don't know how to play battle good!" a fiery little girl complained.

"I'm not playing battle with you guys. I'm playing Arthur's game. Move outta my way!" Alfred demanded. Despite Alfred's unusual friendship with Arthur, the other Alphas didn't tease him for it. With the exception of Ivan, perhaps, Alfred was the most dominating Alpha child in their grade. Nobody challenged Alfred without regretting it.

Arthur felt a rush of affection for Alfred as he forced the other Alphas off the playground so that just the two of them could have it for his game of nest. Near the top of the play equipment was a big bubble of plastic—the cockpit of the rocket ship. It had a glass port window near the top, but it hid them from everyone else once they were inside.

Oblivious, Ms. Hale chatted with another teacher who had stepped outside for her break. She saw no harm in the boys playing together—Arthur had been a calming influence on Alfred over the first few weeks of him attending.

"Now this is a good nest. See? It's strong and it won't blow around in the wind. You get inside," Alfred said. Obediently, Arthur crawled into the bubble and sat, waiting for Alfred to direct their game. As far as Arthur knew, Alfred had never played nest before, but Alfred never asked anyone how to do anything. He liked to think of the answers himself, and Arthur liked that about Alfred.

So Arthur waited, and wondered if they would have a tea party or a baby party first.

"Well, now you gotta take your shorts off," Alfred said. Arthur's eyes widened in confusion.

"What? Why?" he asked. Alfred sprawled down beside him, half in the bubble and half out of it.

"That's how my daddy and mommy do it in their nest. Don't yours?"

"My mummy doesn't have a nest. My daddy and mummy are Betas," Arthur admitted a little embarrassed. Being the only Omega in his family, honestly he didn't quite know what an Omega was supposed to do in a nest. He was just copying the other girls and Matthew.

"We're not playing baby nest, like those dumb Omega girls. This is a real nest. Before I can give you a baby, you gotta take your shorts off," Alfred said. He clearly wasn't embarrassed by this prospect. The Alpha children were always stripping out of their clothes without any shame or embarrassment. In the bathroom, the Alpha boys all compared their penises like little scientists without an ounce of shame.

Even without an Omega parent, Arthur knew that Omegas were not supposed to behave like that. Comparing themselves and trying to prove they were better, stronger, faster—that was what Alpha children did.

But Omega children obeyed. That was what they did…so Arthur rather nervously unbuttoned his shorts. "D-don't look!" he said. Alfred shrugged, but looked upwards, through one of the porthole windows while Arthur nervously wiggled out of his shorts, leaving just his cotton underpants. Arthur bit his lip.

"A-all of it?" he asked. Alfred peeked at him with one eye squinted shut, but didn't look at his lower half.

"Yep. All of it. Then I gotta kiss you. That part will be kinda gross, but if we don't, you won't really have a baby."

Arthur was a little scared. Still, it wasn't in his nature to refuse Alfred's rules for their play, so he slipped off his underpants, too, and hoped that recess would be over before they got to the baby part. It might be fun to have a baby at first, but Arthur was certain he'd get tired of it fairly soon, and there would be no way to get rid of it then.

Well, he supposed they could take it to an orphanage when they were done playing.

"Ready yet?" Alfred asked impatiently. Deeply embarrassed, and flushed dark red, Arthur nodded. He sat with his thighs clutched together, his hand cupping over his privates. Alfred smiled brightly and crawled further into the bubble, startling Arthur when he plopped down on top of him, forcing Arthur onto his back and settling his heavier frame between Arthur's bare legs.

"Now we kiss! Open your mouth," Alfred said. Meekly, feeling hot and flushed and still terribly embarrassed, Arthur let his lips fall open. Alfred pressed his lips down, and for an alarming moment, Alfred's tongue was in his mouth, touching his tongue…and then it was over.

Arthur was relieved that it was over, but apparently it wasn't completely over because Alfred had decided it was kind of fun to rub against him. Arthur really wished he hadn't let Alfred show him his version of playing nest, because he felt like if the teacher caught them, she'd be very upset with them.

"This game really is fun! You were right, Artie!" Alfred said, whispering excitedly by Arthur's ear. Arthur hid his face against Alfred's warm t-shirt, feeling embarrassed and ashamed but enjoying the friction, too. He rubbed himself when he was alone sometimes, but it felt so much nicer with Alfred's weight on top of him. His opinion of the game was beginning to change and he didn't even realize he was making encouraging little noises against Alfred's chest when—

"Ms. Hale! Ms. Hale! Alfred is being bad boy!" Ivan's voice rang out loudly, and Arthur realized they were about to get caught. He wanted to move, wanted to scramble back into his shorts, but Alfred (who had never cared about getting into trouble) wasn't done with his game and wasn't stopping just because Ivan was a tattle tale.

Distressed, Arthur began to cry. Oblivious, Alfred rutted against Arthur's exposed privates a little longer before seeming to relax completely—just as Ms. Hale's strong grip hauled him backwards out of the bubble. Arthur tried to cover himself, but it was obvious what they had been doing. His tears came faster and Alfred began to fight with Ms. Hale, telling her she better get out of their "nest" or he was going to beat her up.

Arthur knew it was not going to be a good afternoon.

Mr. Jones sat in the Principal's office with an anxious Ms. Hale and Arthur's flustered parents. Mrs. Jones was present, too, but she was the epitome of Omega womanhood—quiet, soft-spoken, and yielding to Mr. Jones in all things.

Needless to say, Alfred had absolutely no respect for the woman who birthed him. Only Mr. Jones had any control over the wayward Alfred…and even that wasn't saying all that much. Besides, typically when they were called in to hear about the extreme domination behaviors of Alfred, Mr. Jones usually left the office beaming in pride.

Alfred was his mirror image, after all—a perfect little Alpha.

This, though…this he had to take more seriously.

"I believe Alfred told Arthur to…well…take off his clothing…" Ms. Hale said nervously.

"And where were you when this was happening?" Arthur's mother demanded. Ms. Hale's eyes dropped nervously to the ground.

"I'm so sorry. They boys seemed to get along so well. They played nicely together up until this point—"

"Sounds like they were still playing pretty nice. Look, I realize that Alfred is probably more aggressive than most kids, and probably bolder—"

"Probably?" Ms. Hale said in disbelief. "There is no probably. He is. He can't take turns, he can't share, he won't listen to anything I tell him to do, he picks fights constantly, and now—now—he's nesting little Omegas! He's only six! What on earth is he going to be like when he hits puberty?" Ms. Hale vented.

An uncomfortable silence fell over the conference. Mr. Jones sighed, while Mrs. Jones just looked faintly embarrassed.

"I'll make Alfred apologize and he'll be punished. I'll tell him to leave this little Arthur kid alone. I don't know what else you expect me to do. The kid's all Alpha. He can't help it."

"I'm sorry, but I don't know if this is the right school for Arthur anymore. We've never had an Omega child in the school system, but I'm not battling this for the next ten years. I've heard good things about the Omega-only schools back home. We will have Arthur finish out the term, and then we will be withdrawing him," Arthur's father said in a strained voice.

"Look, you folks don't have to do that. A good butt-whopping and Alfred won't look twice at your little boy. I'm sorry that he scared your kid, but we will take care of it. Now, I think we're about done here. I have a son to discipline," Mr. Jones said, not thinking it rude at all to end the meeting on his own terms.

The Betas in the room all shifted uncomfortably, but the awkward silence hung until Mr. Jones stood and held the door open for his mate.

As soon as he was gone, Ms. Hale frowned apologetically.

"Arthur is…more outgoing than most Omega children. I'm not saying he's flirtatious per say…but he seeks out Alfred and isn't scared of him. An all-Omega school might be the best option for a child like Arthur," Ms. Hale advised. Despite still being irritated with her, it was obvious the Kirklands were very seriously considering her advice.

"Leave me alone, Alfred Jones! I hate your stupid face!" Arthur said, loudly enough that the other children heard. It was the start of the next day of school following the incident.

"Arthur!" Arthur's mother scolded, embarrassed that her Omega son was as loud as he was. She was no expert in raising an Omega, by any means, but she knew they weren't supposed to behave like Arthur did.

Her small son refused to budge and kept his back turned to Alfred…who actually looked quite contrite about the whole thing.

"Artie…" Alfred trailed off sadly, clutching the shiny box he held with a bow on top and a paper card that said (very sloppily) "I'm sorry!"

Uncharacteristically (and Arthur's mother could tell it was not typical of the boy because of how his mother looked surprised), Alfred looked up to the pretty Omega as if for advice.

"Maybe you should tell him the gift is for him, dear," the Omega woman said softly. Alfred nodded in determination, confidence restored, and boldly crossed to Arthur. His mother wished Arthur would have hidden himself, or run to her, like most Omega children would do. Instead, he glanced over his shoulder appraisingly and waited.

The parents finally understood what Ms. Hale had been trying to tell them…Alfred and Arthur were not average children. Alfred was an especially strong Alpha, and Arthur was a uniquely strong little Omega. They were a good match for each other. It was merely surprising that they'd defied schoolyard lines so early to become friends.

"My mommy helped me pick it out. I was going to get you this really awesome action figure that was a hero!…but mommy said you'd like this sort of toy better."

With a reluctant show, Arthur peered at the perfectly wrapped box and then carefully opened it. He set it on the ground to pull out what was inside—a pale green blanket with a fuzzy green rabbit attached to one corner. Oddly enough, the rabbit had shimmering wings. It was girly. It was babyish. Alfred was certain Arthur would hate it.

But his green eyes lit with ardent admiration and he hugged the blanket tightly to his face. All was least temporarily. Just a short month later, Arthur's father decided his Omega son really was a little too bold to continue going to school with Alphas like Alfred, and so they transferred Arthur to an Omega only school, first in the States, and then one in England the following year when they moved back.

Alfred and Arthur didn't see each other until exactly twelve years later.

A/N: There are a lot of stories I have not been working on…but inspiration struck and I went with it. Good news, for those who follow my other stuff—I am changing jobs at Christmas so that I will have a life back. I will then proceed to waste that life by writing fanfiction all the time. :P

As for this one, it's my first foray into AlphaOmega Verse, and I'm having a ton of fun with it. I love stories where Arthur is Alpha and Alfred is Omega, but I ended up going with something more stereotypical. Hope you like it regardless!