Alfred woke up early, even though it was a Saturday, and went through his morning stretches before shifting all the dirty laundry off his weight bench. During the week, he used the one at the school gym, but on weekends he had to wade through the smelly gym clothes to his own equipment.

Arthur awoke to the repetitive noises of metal clinking and plastic ropes sliding through the machine. Arthur slept quite a bit. He was always tired and dragging, and by the time he'd finished his studying, he was exhausted. Sometimes just getting out of bed took monumental amounts of effort. The comfort level of Alfred's mattress made it ten times worse.

He burrowed deeper into the blanket, ignoring the noise and the pleas of his bladder.

"Morning, Artie!" Alfred said brightly, his smile gleaming. Arthur peaked out of his blanket burrito and glared at him.

"You're sweaty," Arthur complained, his nose wrinkling up rather cutely. Alfred continued to lift the heavy weights, his biceps bulging and straining with each repetition.

"Nothing like a good morning workout," Alfred said cheerily. Arthur's frown became a pout.

"It would have been nice to wake up beside you…not smelling your rancid gym clothes," Arthur's words were muffled. He had retreated into the blankets again, causing Alfred to grin and take a break. He toweled off shook back his sweaty hair. With a mischievous grin, he crawled onto the bed.

"Ugh! Get off! You stink!" Arthur complained loudly from inside his blanket barrier. Laughing evilly, Alfred began to tug away the blanket and roll all over Arthur every chance he got. The scrawny Omega screamed bloody murder and was finally forced out of the bed, pinching his nose closed.

Finding his game both hilarious and highly enjoyable, Alfred lowered his torso to the mattress, as if he were about to pounce. Arthur backed away, shaking his head "No!" furiously all the way.


"Alfred, no! I don't like rough housing!"


"I'm serious! If you tackle me—"

"Three!" Alfred sprang forward, laughing in delight when Arthur twirled with lightening speed and ducked into the restroom, locking the door firmly behind him. Despite himself, Arthur was smiling as he panted against the door, pleased with his own quick thinking.

"Aww, Artie…lemme in," Alfred pouted, smirking against the door. On the other side, Arthur grinned.

"Not a chance!" Arthur said.

"But I'll be good!" Alfred pleaded.

"Ha!" Arthur replied sarcastically.

"I'll shampoo your hair again…" Alfred tempted. Arthur was clearly considering the offer. Alfred waited while Arthur went to the restroom and gargled with mouth wash. "You want me to sweeten the deal?" Alfred called again, not accustomed to being ignored.

"We could…take a bath together," Arthur finally said. His voice had gotten soft, and while it was obvious he was offering a greater level of intimacy, Alfred was pretty sure Arthur hadn't changed his mind about having sex so soon.

"Just a bath?" Alfred clarified. The last thing he wanted was to piss off the feisty Omega when his dick was exposed and vulnerable.

"Maybe a little bit of kissing," Arthur allowed. "—after my massage, naturally."

"Oh, of course, naturally," Alfred said with a smile. The lock finally clicked. Arthur had removed his pajamas and neatly folded them by the sink. Only a small towel was draped around his bony hips. Alfred stripped out of his sweaty tank top and stepped out of his shorts. He slanted his mouth over Arthur's and ran his hands up and down Arthur's sides as they kissed heavily.

"Minty fresh," Alfred said when they parted. His hand had come to rest on the knot of the towel.

"I'll take it off before we—" Arthur began, but Alfred just smirked devilishly and gave the towel a hard tug. It dropped to the floor.

"Ooops. My hand just slipped," Alfred said with false innocence. Arthur blushed over his entire body, but he let Alfred inspect him. The Alphas heavy, lustful gaze raked over his pebbled nipples and his slim stomach. Arthur was too nervous to get fully aroused, but his reddened cock was twitching and beginning to harden at the base. He curled his toes against the cold tile and his eyes fluttered shut when Alfred took him in his callused hand.

Alfred was certainly well-endowed. Arthur knew that was supposed to be a good thing, but considering all his toys for his heat were half Alfred's size, Arthur was a little concerned. The tall Alpha was skillfully fisting his cock, half-twisting and teasing with an extra-light grip.

"Just a bath," Arthur repeated a little breathily. He cracked one eye open and flashed a small frown, "Because you stink, of course."

Alfred just grinned and began to back him up towards the bathtub. He started the water and then sat on the edge of the tub, his long legs spread open, perfectly at ease in the nude. His smirk was arrogant.

"Have you ever sucked a cock before, Artie?" Alfred asked. Arthur's blush deepened. Alfred knew he hadn't.

"No, and I'm not entirely sure I care to," Arthur replied, eyeing Alfred's hardening member with some apprehension. Alfred dipped his hand in the water and then moistened his arousal.

"I can understand not wanting to mate yet, but we're both adults here, Arthur. We aren't just going to hold hands and kiss on the cheek."

"Well I know that, but…"

"Come here, Arthur," Alfred said, his voice low and husky. Arthur met Alfred's hot blue-eyed gaze for as long as he could before he swallowed thickly. The idea of doing…that… to Alfred's penis was doing good things for Arthur. Practically untouched, his cock was hardening in response to Alfred's tone of voice and the clear message that if Arthur wanted to be coddled and pampered, he was going to have to earn it first.

Nervously, knees practically knocking together, Arthur sunk to the bathroom floor. Alfred smirked at him, still idly pumping his half-hard cock.

"Mmm, just like that. You're going to have to come a little closer, little Omega," Alfred practically purred. Rather awkwardly, Arthur shuffled forward on his knees until he was close enough to do what Alfred was demanding. The thrill of obeying Alfred, knowing it was debasing and dirty, but still obeying anyway was making Arthur's cock leak pre-cum.

"I d-don't know—"

"Just give it a little lick. Taste it," Alfred said. He spread his tanned, muscular legs a little wider and offered his cock to Arthur as if it were a treat. The smell…it was hard to describe. It was definitely masculine—so masculine that it made Arthur's nose crinkle up. He scooted a little closer and nervously gave the tip a little lick.

Salty and strong smelling, Arthur took a moment to adjust to the taste. It was…different. Arthur took another little lick.

"Come on, baby. Don't be shy. I know you want it," Alfred said with absolute certainty. With a small pop of surprise, Arthur realized Alfred was right. Arthur grunted in need and braced his hands on Alfred's tense inner thighs. He licked his lips and then took in the head, curling his tongue around it and suckling. The taste was not good, not like chocolate or pudding, but Arthur quite suddenly craved it. He couldn't get enough. He sucked harder, wanting more of Alfred's pre-cum, and when it didn't come fast enough, he licked the hard, reddened shaft. Alfred's girth was almost too big for Arthur to get his mouth around, but as the blissful taste hit his tongue, Arthur strained his jaw trying to get more of it.

He bobbed his head, trying not to use his teeth too much, and sucked as much of Alfred's cock as he could. At least, he thought he was doing all he could. Then Alfred grunted in pleasure and tangled his hand in Arthur's hair. When Arthur bobbed his head down, Alfred rolled his hips to meet him and tugged on the wayward blond strands. Arthur felt Alfred's cock hit the back of his throat and he nearly gagged. His big green eyes began to water and drool began to run down his chin.

"Yeah…suck my cock…just like that, baby," Alfred encouraged in a deep growling tone. He rolled his hips expertly—not too much to truly make Arthur gag, but enough to let Arthur know his control of the situation was gone. Despite that, Arthur still was getting a blissful high from the smell overloading his nose and the taste of Alfred filling his mouth.

Arthur didn't know how long Alfred fucked his mouth, but his jaw was beginning to hurt and Arthur felt like he'd soaked the floor in his own spit. The pressure was building, Arthur could feel it as if it were his own orgasm coming, and he waited with tightly closed eyes.

A hard, barely controlled thrust and a forceful grunt of pleasure—Arthur felt the hot semen hit the back of his throat and pool in his mouth—his eyes rolled up in pleasure. He jerked at his own arousal as Alfred pulled back and let the last spurts of his cum hit Arthur's lips and chin.

Arthur's tongue darted out to catch it, straining to get every last drop. The bath tub had filled. Alfred turned off the tap. He stood now, sated and very pleased with his little Omega.

Arthur weakly wiped at the drool on his face with the back of his hand. How had he gotten so hard just from Alfred's taste and smell—from doing something so dirty? Why had he liked it so much?

Arthur eyed Alfred's spent cock like a cat eyeing a bowl of cream. Alfred chuckled at him.

"There's nothing wrong with you, Arthur. Omegas like the taste."

Arthur felt a little better, but still. For someone who wanted to be prudish about having sex, he'd certainly been enthusiastic about deep-throating Alfred's cock.

Alfred eased into the hot water with a sigh of bliss. "Come here, sweetheart. I'll take care of you," Alfred said with a tenderness in his voice that Arthur had never heard before. Letting go of his own arousal, still aching and throbbing, he climbed into the tub and rather shamelessly sat himself on Alfred's lap. The larger Alpha smiled warmly against the back of his neck and wrapped Arthur in his arms. "You did so good, Arthur. You made me a very happy Alpha."

Alfred's hands skillfully pumped Arthur's cock under the water, barely having to pump him before Arthur was shooting his seed into the bathwater. The sad part was Arthur didn't know if it was the stimulation to his cock, or the soft words of adoration whispered in his ears that truly made him cum. Arthur panted harshly and trembled as the little aftershocks of pleasure rippled through his thighs and down his tailbone.

"Turn around so I can kiss you," Alfred said, after giving Arthur a moment to recover. Arthur was still huffing and trembling as he rather awkwardly twisted his body. Alfred wrapped a strong arm around his lower back and Arthur felt the hard muscles of Alfred's stomach against the soft skin of his belly. The hot bath water splashed against them as they embraced and kissed.

When their lips were swollen from kissing, Alfred gently pressed Arthur's face to his chest. Gathering little scoops of water in his cupped hand, he wet Arthur's hair and then lathered it up. Arthur nearly dozed off against Alfred's chest as his strong fingers kneaded and lightly scraped over his scalp. The hands moved lower, too, massaging his bony shoulder blades and then the muscles of his back. Arthur decided if he died in that very moment, he would die a happy Omega.

"Alright, baby, let's shower off the soap," Alfred said. Arthur blinked his eyes sleepily, pushing some soap out of his eye with slender fingers, and reluctantly letting Alfred drag him up dripping shampoo bubbles. Alfred used his toes to pull the tub stopper and as the water drained down to their ankles, the warm flood of the shower began to soak them like gentle rain.

Arthur lazily tilted his head back into the spray, closing his eyes and letting Alfred coax out the bubbles and tangles as he pressed steamy, open mouthed kisses against Arthur's throat and cheeks. Arthur kept his hands against Alfred's firm pectorals, where his fingers flexed and lightly tickled Alfred's skin.

"This is definitely a good way to wake up," Alfred said, pressing one last kiss to the tip of Arthur's nose. "All clean!" he said with a bright smile. Arthur smiled back in happiness, unburdened for a blissful moment of worries and troubles, happy simply to be in the strong Alpha's arms.

"Did you eat breakfast yet?" Arthur asked rather sweetly, tilting his face up towards Alfred's.

"Not yet," Alfred said.

"I'll cook you something," Arthur offered, only a little bit bashful. Alfred smiled softly and pecked Arthur's lips.

"Sounds good to me," he replied, pleased at Arthur's sudden urge to cater to him. After all of Arthur's protesting and resisting, Alfred decided Arthur's breakfast could be burned black…but it would still taste like sweet, sweet victory.

It did not taste like sweet, sweet victory, but Alfred was right about the burned black part.

Arthur's green eyes were impossibly huge and vulnerable as he watched Alfred lift the fork to his mouth. Alfred chewed. The consistency of the…eggs?...was runny at first…then surprisingly crunchy. Yeah. That was definitely egg shell. When Alfred tried to swallow, he resembled a turtle extending its head out of his shell.

Damn! How come Omegas are hard wired to like the nasty taste of cum, but Alphas aren't protected against crappy Omega cooking? Alfred thought, trying to contain his grimace. Thank god Arthur was crap at reading his smell or sensing his emotions.

"Not…too bad, Artie," Alfred forced out, with a big toothy smile. Arthur sighed in relief. Alfred was glad he'd lied. The little Omega was just so damn cute when he thought he'd done something well.

"It's my mother's recipe," Arthur said, looking smug with pride.

"They make recipes for that, huh? That's…" Horrifying. "…good. Better write that one down so you don't forget it!" Alfred said with false enthusiasm. Arthur's smile turned sweet.

"What did you want to do today?" Arthur asked. Calm. Peaceful. Willing. If all it took was choking down egg shells and burnt rubber to put Arthur in an Omega state of mind, it was totally worth it. Some mornings. Like…once a week. Maybe.

"Let's go to the park. I haven't taken you on a real date, yet," Alfred said. "We can walk around a bit, get a really early lunch—I dunno, maybe even a second breakfast?—and then I'll take you on a carriage ride. I bet you'd like that sort of thing," Alfred said, proud of himself for the idea. Arthur blushed and nodded.

"That sounds…quite nice, actually."

"Awesome! Did you bring something warm?" Alfred asked, as Arthur cleared away the dishes. Alfred momentarily feared that if Arthur put his cooking down the sink he'd need a new garbage disposal…but he supposed he could just fix it later, once Arthur had left.

"I brought a sweater," Arthur said. Alfred shook his head.

"Not warm enough. I'll find you one of my sweatshirts. I've got an extra scarf and hat here somewhere, too."

When his mother fussed over his clothing choices, Arthur always bristled up and resented it. Somehow, when Alfred did it, it made him melt inside.

They bundled up and headed out, hand in hand. It was a bright, crisp fall morning, and some of Alfred's neighbors had placed grinning pumpkins out on their stoops.

"Whatcha gonna be for Halloween?" Alfred asked. Arthur shrugged.

"I don't typically celebrate," he said.

"But Halloween is the best! I usually have four or five parties to go to. We'll be pretty busy that night."

Arthur would have normally protested that Alfred's plans were not automatically his…but the morning had gone so well that he cuddled against Alfred's side instead and let the Alpha keep talking, content to tune him out and simply enjoy the feeling of warmth and strength so close by.

"I could go as the big bad wolf. You'd make a pretty sexy Red Riding Hood," Alfred suggested with a leer. Arthur rolled his eyes.

"I'd go as something dignified…like Sherlock Holmes. That'd be fun, yeah?" Arthur said with an innocent smile.

"Right. Sherlock Holmes. That's real sexy, Artie," Alfred said in a deadpan tone. Arthur turned up his nose.

"Intelligence is very sexy. Far better than prancing around nearly nude, using a children's holiday as an excuse to dress like a stripper."

"Hey, you totally don't need an excuse. You can dress like a stripper at any time. Feel free, babe," Alfred joked. Arthur gave his chest a light slap.

"You know what I meant."

"Hmm…that might be for the best. I don't know that I want anyone seeing you in a sexy costume. I don't want anyone looking at what's mine." Alfred's voice lowered and he punctuated his sentence with a not-so-gentle nip to Arthur's earlobe, followed by a nibbling kiss against his jaw. Arthur gave the Alpha a weak glare, but he didn't let go of Alfred's hand.

"I do not belong to you, Jones," Arthur said simply yet firmly.

"Oh…was that someone else's cock you were sucking this morning?" Alfred asked mildly, with a shit-eating grin. Arthur did let go of his hand then.

"Can't go for a romantic walk in the park. Oh no. You just had to ruin it, didn't you?" Arthur asked waspishly. Alfred shoved his hands in his pockets and easily caught up to Arthur.


"Leave me alone."


"I don't like your silly pet names."

"Be my boyfriend, Arthur. I want you to belong to me and only me," Alfred said with earnestness shining in his blue eyes. Arthur's green eyes narrowed.

"Is this just a challenge to you, Alfred? What happens once I'm yours? Will you still want me so badly? If you really plan to be my mate, what's the big rush to put a label on me so soon?" Arthur asked rapid-fire. Alfred blinked in surprise.

"I…just want you, Artie," Alfred said, rather simply. For him, perhaps it really was that simple. Arthur frowned and kept walking, huddling his shoulders against the nippy wind.

"I like you, Alfred, but I don't trust you. Not yet," Arthur said.

"Then what do you want? I mean, I know what you want, but your body says one thing and you say another," Alfred protested, catching up to him once more. Arthur stopped walking and turned to Alfred, his dark blond eyelashes fluttering rather prettily as the sunshine hit his face and made him blink.

"I just want you to prove to me that this isn't just a game to you. I don't know how you'll do that, but right now this just feels…like we're back on the playground. We're going through the motions, but it's just…pretend."

Alfred stared at the Omega, simply thinking. Was Arthur right? Was he truly serious about the Omega or was it just the challenge Arthur presented? That's all Alfred's father seemed to think it was, and Arthur seemed to think so, too. Just a whim for Alfred to be amused by.

"I like you, Arthur. You're different from the other Omegas…but it's a good kind of different. I don't expect you to change, but I can't help that it excites me when you show a submissive side. I'm Alpha, Arthur. I can't help wanting to make you mine. I promise, if it was just sexual desire, I'd tell you that straight up," Alfred finally said.

"You may know what I want to eat and how to turn me on, but you don't know me. Not really. We barely know each other, Alfred. You can't talk of children and mating after two days."

"Why not? When you know, you know," Alfred said with a casual shrug of his shoulders.

"Well…I don't know," Arthur replied. They turned a bend in the path, through some pretty leaves streaked orange and plum. Arthur shivered, and Alfred resisted the urge to wrap his arm around the slender Omega. He knew at the moment, Arthur would only shrug him off…even if he was cold. It was easy to tell what Arthur needed—much harder to predict if Arthur would allow his needs to be met.

"Alright. I'll back off," Alfred said. Arthur sucked in a breath, as if he'd just touched something very hot. It was obvious he thought Alfred meant he was giving up entirely. Alfred quickly back-tracked. "I mean…I won't force you to be my boyfriend. I'll wait for you to realize it's what you want. How long is that going to take, exactly?" Alfred asked. Arthur's nose scrunched up, red from the cold.

"I don't know, Alfred. I lack a crystal ball. Can we go back? I'm freezing."

"No carriage ride?" Alfred asked with a sigh. Arthur just shrugged, but he turned back towards Alfred's apartment. "Okay…no carriage ride. Let me—" A sharp glare from Arthur stopped Alfred from moving his arm towards him. "Right. No touching now. Got it." Alfred sighed.

"If you don't like it, there's the door," Arthur said bitingly. Behind him, Alfred rolled his eyes.

"We're outside, Arthur. No doors at the park."

"I meant if you don't understand why I'm upset, and you don't care enough to ask, then you might as well just leave me to walk by myself," Arthur said snippily. Alfred's brows knitted together.

"Okay…why are you upset?" he asked.

"Because you…well…and then…it was your tone. Now it's because you're smirking. I know why I'm upset, damn it! I just can't explain it!"

"You're mad 'cause I was a smart ass."

"Yes!" Arthur said, finally facing him again. Alfred stared at Arthur for a moment, thinking about what he was going to do before he did it for once.

"I've never really done this before…but I'm sorry. For being an ass about us dating."

Arthur's shocked green eyes widened hugely. It was almost a little funny. Alfred looked away, feigning aloofness.

"I…didn't expect that," Arthur said weakly.

"It's not that big of a deal. I was trying to put you in your place, and I shouldn't have. I knew it would hurt your feelings and I said it anyway."

"Thank you…for apologizing. That means quite a bit, actually," Arthur said. Alfred shook his head, as if exasperated.

"You know, a typical Omega would hate that. The last thing they want is for their Alpha to admit he did something wrong or failed in some way—he's typically making the decisions for both of them, after all."

"I thought it was just a pride thing," Arthur said, actually quite curious. Having never grown up around an Alpha, he didn't know why they behaved the way they did most times.

"Can I just be honest?" Alfred asked. As a disclaimer, he added, "It might hurt your feelings again."

"…go head," Arthur said, warily.

"You're a weird Omega, right? You fight when I think you're going to run. You pull me closer when I think you're going to push me away. You don't know how you're supposed to react, so half the time you react like an Omega and the other half, you just do whatever pops into your head. That being said…I'm not going to be the perfect boyfriend. You're too unpredictable. I'm going to do the wrong thing because sometimes, with you, there's no right thing. So I'll say I'm sorry if that makes you feel better, but all the sorry in the world won't change the fact that I know who I am and what I want…and you don't. Not yet, at least."

Alfred expected Arthur to yell at him. Maybe even run off. Sad, hurt tears wouldn't have surprised him either. What Alfred did not expect was exactly what Arthur did…because that was Arthur—forever defying expectations.

"Okay," said easily and casually, without a hint of emotional upset. Alfred subtly smelled the air deeply, but it genuinely wasn't there. Arthur wasn't upset or sad. The shorter blond looped his arm through Alfred's again. "When we get back to your place, do you want to watch that movie we didn't get to last night?"

Not about to look a gift horse in the mouth, Alfred let the heat of the discussion go.

"Sure. I get to pick, though."

Arthur just rolled his eyes.

A/N: Eventually, these two will spend time together without it blowing up into a huge argument. Maybe, lol.