I have received several anonymous reviews concerning the description of this story where it is stated that the Golden Trio are "too old to fight". I am perfectly aware of their age in the storyline, thank you very much, and I know just as well that logically a witch or wizard just around 30 years should not be named as too old. But that is because you guys are currently taking that sentence too literally!

And you should also read that there's a terrible curse involved in this happening, which might point you in the right direction as to why this "too old to fight" is written. I would also appreciate if you do not judge the story by just that description but actually take your time to read all of the posted chapters and then state your opinion.

Would also like to point out a few details that will otherwise confuse you; story is set 14 years after the fall of Voldemort (so in 2012). Sirius Black, Remus Lupin, Fred Weasley, Tonks and Severus Snape are all alive. Story centers around a number of students at Hogwarts that were all created by the admins over on the Facebook-page "Get away from my godson" *bam* - Sirius and chapters will be posted over there as they show up.

Comments and reviews are love!

Fourteen years. That is how long it has taken me to prepare myself for what is to come. No one else knows of it, of course; it is not something you can trust anyone but yourself with.

Fourteen years. Two generations have by now finished their studies at Hogwarts since my Lord and Master was defeated by a boy. A boy! How could he let himself be tricked like that? I pondered that question for many of these years while hiding from Shacklebolt and the Ministry. Then I saw it; my Lord and Master had been a fool to underestimate the strength of love, and the strength of a young age. I, on the other hand, will not. I have lulled the Ministry and the wizards and witches all over the world into a peaceful slumber, figuratively speaking. They believe that darkness has been concurred and destroyed, at last.

Harry Potter. The boy who lived. Let us see how long he can stay alive after my plan starts to work.

But not yet. No, it is not yet finished. I still need some time, some months, before it will all begin. But when it starts they won't have seen it coming. They will be unprepared, and they will be defeated.

Sleep, Harry Potter. Sleep while you can, for when I am done with you the only thing on your mind will be to wish that you had never been born.