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 When Ed Attacks

The crew of Bebop was walking through the spaceport at Tharsis City on Mars. ''So where is this bounty that Jet said would be here?'' Faye said turning to Spike.

Spike was walking with hands behind his head, not really paying attention; just letting his thoughts wander. He was trying to listen for anything that sounded like their bounty, but all that could be heard was this one particularly annoying person, with an odd voice that kept shouting at someone........

''Joseph! What are doing in that pile of luggage!!''


''Joseph! What in heavens name are you doing with that box?! No, you can't keep it!''


''Joseph! That is a flight sickness bag, not a hat!!''

Poor kid…thought Spike. He started mulling over his own childhood. Suddenly, his introspection was interrupted, by a hard thump on his head.

''Don't you ever listen to me?'' Faye glared at him with her hand on her hips. Spike was still standing in the same position as before and without turning around said, ''No.'' he then continued walking.

''Grrrrrrr... Hey, wait have you seen Ed?'' he heard her ask.

He turned around to face Faye, as she looked around to see if she could see Ed.

He smiled evilly, ''Oh, great you lost her! What is Jet going to say? She was your responsibility.'' he said, trying to get to her.

Stomping up to him, I want to smack that stupid smirk right off his face, she though. ''Me! No! She wasn't my responsibility'', she said, fuming.

Spike idly wondered when the smoke was going to start coming out of her ears. Their argument was interrupted by a huge metallic crash.

They both whipped around in time to see Ed flying through the air with her arms out like an airplane and then land on top of an information kiosk and start jumping around. The attendant inside had latched on to the desk and was hanging on for dear life, screaming, ''What's going on here!! Ahhhh! Somebody please help meee!'' Ed had climbed up the sign and jumped off it on to the top of the kiosk, hence the crash.

''ED!!!!'' Faye and Spike both made a mad dash across the port to the kiosk

''Edward!'' Spike shouted'' if you don't get down here right this instant I'll ........'' he trailed off because he couldn't think of anything to threaten her with.

At Spike's yell Ed stopped jumping about like an ape and looked down at them, she said, ''Helloooooooo, Spike person and Faye-Faye!'' she said brightly seemingly unaware of all the commotion she was causing. She then proceeded to wreak havoc on top of the kiosk.

Faye looked at him incredulously, and raised one eyebrow looking up at him ''You'll what? Threaten her with Jet's cooking? Come on. You know there's nothing that you can do to her.'' she snorted rolling her eyes.

''Well it sounded good.... at first-''

''Men....'' she was then interrupted by the attendant. (they had been completely oblivious to everything else during their exchange).

''Hey are you two going to just stand there, or are you going to help me?!'' she screamed still hanging on for dear life.  Spike started yelling Ed's name again, and waving his arms around.

''Hey! Hey! Shut Up!'' She punched him in the shoulder,'' I've got an idea.'' He crossed his arms over his chest and waited.

Faye took a step towards the rocking kiosk, she leaned forward slightly, cupped her hands around her mouth and yelled ''Ed! Hey, Ed! Guess what?''

Ed sat up straight as an arrow and turned her head to look at Faye, moved her goggles off her eyes and on to her forehead. She then crawled forward to the front of the kiosk and leaned over the edge trying to get as close to Faye as she could without actually getting off.

''OOOOOOOOoooo what is it Faye-Faye?'' as she said oo her mouth formed a tall oval shape and her eyebrows went to the very top of her head, '' What is it Faye-Faye?!'' Tell Eeeedddd!'' she rocked back and forth in anticipation, causing the attendant to scream again.

''I saw a computer shop down that way; they had all kinds of very interesting looking parts and programs there. I even saw a computer with 'fishies' on it.'' she said persuasively.

Spike looked on with interest and then remembered the attendant. ''Ahhhhh, don't worry she'll be gone soon'', he said trying to be reassuring. He felt bad for this poor girl. '' You should get out though just in case it doesn't work.''

She had just been staring at him the whole time he was talking and it had kind of creeped him out, but then she snapped out of it, nodded and left the kiosk through a small door and walked off looking kind of dazed.

Spike just shook his head, and watched Faye continue to persuade Ed to get off the cart. There probably really isn't any store. That's pretty clever though. He had to admit. He smiled to himself as he watched. He remember the first time he met her...


They had been at a casino on one of the moons of Jupiter. He had been walking around and saw that a there was a new game starting at one of the poker tables, this one had a particularly nice looking dealer...


So much has happened since then...

He then saw Ed swan dive off the cart and had run away towards the part of the port that Faye had pointed at with her arms out like an airplane yelling, ''Heeeeere comes Ed! Watch out Fishy Computer! Heheheee''! She laughed evilly.

He watched Faye smile and her eyes soften as Ed ran off. It was a rare glimpse into the real Faye, behind the masks and walls.

''So is there really a store?'' Spike asked?

Faye looked at him, ''Huh? Yeah, of course, why?''

''I thought that you were making it up.'' he stated simply.

''O ye of little faith,'' she said patiently, she punched him lightly in the shoulder, ''Come on let's follow her, make sure that she doesn't get into any more trouble.''