Rose sighed walking down the corridors of Hogwarts her best friends Albus and Scorpious at her sides. It was only two days before they left Hogwarts for the last time. Today had been exceptionally hot and they were desperate to cool down.

"Can you guys believe that we are almost out of school?" She asked her companions

"After those finals?" Albus joked "Yeah I can believe that I'm done"

"I can believe it but I almost don't want it to be true." Scorpious sighed putting his arm over Rose's shoulders "when school ends I won't get to see my favorite Gryffindor all the time anymore."

"And I won't get to see my favorite Slytherin who isn't related to me" Rose laughed leaning her head into his shoulder.

Albus laughed before going dead quiet and stopping in his tracks.

"What's wrong Al?" Rose asked walking back to her cousin

"Nothing is wrong Rosie. I just had a great idea! "

"Are you going to share or keep us wondering?" Scorpious laughed

"Answer me this Scorp, what floor are we on?"

Scorpious looked around "I'm pretty sure we are on the third floor… not sure though I wasn't paying attention while wondering aimlessly"

"Yep third floor. And have you ever seem that door over there before?"

This time Rose was the one who looked around "Is that what I think it is?"

"The room of requirement! And I don't know about you but I require a place to cool off!" Albus said heading towards the door. "I thought this was the right hall so I kept thinking and thinking that we needed a place to cool down and this door appeared." He said excitedly as he opened the door.

Inside was an immense swimming pool. Not to mention the hot tub.

"But Al… None of us has on swimming clothes…." Rose said skeptically. Right as Al opened his mouth to reply, a rack of swim wear appeared on the wall. "Never mind" Rose laughed skipping over.

"This place almost reminds me of the hotel I stayed at in London last year…" Scorpious said before grabbing a pair of swim trunks and heading for the changing rooms. Albus was not far behind him.

Rose was left alone to choose her bathing suit, which quite frankly were all sort of slutty. Each and every one showed more cleavage than she has thought possible not to mention all of the lace. Rose gave an exasperated sigh and just grabbed one blindly before walking to the changing rooms.

Rose looked at herself in the mirror. There is no way that this is actually me she thought seeing the reflection. She was in a simple red bikini with flowery white lace covering it. Something about it made her look at least 3 inches taller and the top made her chest look very, very nice.

She laughed nervously and walking back out to the pool. The boys were already there splashing around on the deeper end of the pool. Just as she started to wonder when they would notice what she was wearing Scorpious happened to glance up.

He blinked a few times and his mouth had fallen slightly open. "What… What is that" he sputtered.

Albus turned around to see what he was talking about and laughed "That Scorpious is a girl in a bathing suit."

"It's not like you haven't seen me in a bikini before Scorp." Rose said blushing slightly. Scorpious shook his head to clear it muttering "Yeah, I know"

She laughed and took a few steps back before running and jumping into the pool beside them. As her head bobbed above the surface it occurred to her how much shorter she was than the two boys.

Scorpious laughed and held out his arm to steady her so she didn't flail about. She grabbed it gratefully and smiled.

They played around for a few hours before Albus sighed and got out of the pool "sorry guys but I gotta go pack I haven't gotten around to it yet..."

"Good job Al!" Rose yelled sliding to sit on the edge of the pool with her legs dangling in. "I think im going to stay here for a bit longer to relax. That hot tub is looking better by the second"

"Alright. Hey Scorp you coming back with me?"

"Unlike you I packed days ago. I think I am just going to chill here for a while."

"Fine with me. See you two later!" he laughed before getting changed and leaving.

Rose got up and walked over to the hot tub. She slid into the warm water and sighed with delight. She put her arms on the wall behind her and leaned her head back.

"See you later Scorp I'm going to take a nap" she laughed

"Oh no you don't!" Scorpious called running over and hopping into the pool beside her.

"I can't let you fall asleep and drown in a hot tub! I like you far too much for that to happen."

"Really? Come on scorp! I need to relax! I'm going to be working in Uncle George's shop all summer. I'm not going to get another chance to just relax… "

"Come here…" he said sliding over to her "I'll give you a back rub to make you feel better, because honestly drowning does not seem like the best way to relax."

She moved to where she was sitting in front of him and mover her hair out of the way of her shoulders "I guess that makes sense." She was glad that he couldn't see her face turning red. Rose may have been his best friend but that did not mean that she hadn't noticed how attractive he was. He was very tall and slim but muscular at the same time. He had the amazing washboard abs of an athlete his hair was a beautiful pale blond and his eyes were a gray that made them seem almost like molten silver.

He moved his hands up and down her back rubbing the places where she was tense and working them out with his thumbs. He smiled every time she moaned in pleasure. He had to resist the urge to simply fuck her right then. The fact of the matter was that Scorpious had been in love with Rose for as long as he could remember. Ever since he met her on the train. He had fallen for her head over heels and was determined to tell her before the end of school. He moved a strand of her long red hair over her shoulder. His fingers brushed the side of her neck as he did making her shiver.

Scorpious cleared his throat and slid out from behind her trying to find a position that his the tent that was forming in his pants.

"Merlin's beard Scorp that was amazing…" she sighed rolling her shoulders back and moving her hair so that it was behind her again. It didn't take her long to notice his erection but she thought she would make him suffer for a bit. If he wanted her he would have to make the first move.

"Thanks. I have been told I have a gift." He said grinning his cockiest grin. "hey I didn't mention this before but you look amazing in that bathing suit."

"Thanks! I've been told I have a gift" she said mimicking his cockiness

"Oh really? Prove it." He said moving closer. He got even harder at the thought.

"Hey now… we can't go skipping bases now can we?" she said seductively. She moved so she was sitting on his lap facing him.

"I guess we can't" he sighed his heart beat speeding up. He couldn't hold back any more, he leaned up and kissed her. it was slow at first but it got increasingly more passionate. He cupped her face with one hand with the other attempted to undo her top.

Rose giggled when he grunted with frustration and reached her hands back to undo it for him. He took the scrap of cloth and tossed it over his shoulder. He looked down at her now bare breasts as they floated and bounced in the bubbling water.

"Like what you see?" she said leaning down for another kiss

"More than like" he mumbled against her lips his hands moved down her sides gently barely even touching her, just enough to make her shiver. She took one of his hands and slid it up to her breast letting him rub his thumb in circles around her nipple. She moaned in pleasure and leaned into him even more.

She reached her hands down under the water and began to stroke him through his trunks. He gasped and shifted so that she had more room to touch him. She giggled and slid off of his lap. "Stand up." She said seductively. He did and she smiled at him before slowly, teasingly, she slid his pants down. She gasped when she saw the whole of his erection before her.

"Like what you see?"

Rose simply nodded and moved him so he was sitting on the edge of the tub and she was kneeling on the bench in from of him. She bit her lip and smiled leaning her head down to take him in her mouth.

Scorpious moaned with delight and pleasure as she moved slowly up and down his cock letting her tongue swirl around the tip. It wasn't too long before he arched back and exploded into her mouth. He looked down to see her smiling at him. He got hard again just looking at her.

He stood up and pulled her into him kissing her more passionately than he thought physically possible. He started to rub her through her bottoms and she moaned and her hips moved closer to him.

"Your turn" he said ripping the bottoms off of her and tossed them aside. He rubbed his fingers along her folds and clit causing her to gasp. He moved her so she was sitting on the bench of the tub. She opened her legs wide.

"Please?" she moaned softly. He quickly obliged moving his cock to her opening. He stayed like that for a moment teasing her "Scorpious… I need you in me." She sounded almost desperate. He smiled and pushed in causing her to moan even louder than before. He began to thrust into her slowly letting her pleasure build until she came for the first time. Her pulsing pussy felt so good. He continued to thrust into her at the same speed.

"Harder!" she whimpered "Faster. Faster. Faster! " he smiled and did so thrusting into her faster and faster. He lifted one of her legs so he could go deeper making her scream his name.

Scorpious felt like he was going to burst but held back. He lifted her other leg and slammed his whole cock into her. He felt his balls hit her ass then drew almost all the way out before thrusting right back in. Rose screamed again before her second orgasm. Scorpious unable to hold back any longer burst inside her and collapsed next to her breathing heavily.

"I love you Rose Weasley." He said raggedly

"I love you too Scorpious. I always have."

He smiled and moved so that she was leaning on him their hands interlaced. He had her now and he was never going to let go.