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Yata steps out of the bar for a little while - the HOMRA headquarters are tense and stuffy and serious and altogether uncomfortable to be in, which isn't what he likes, as serious as he knows this case may be.

The sound of marbles still clash in his head as he leans against the dirty wall.


He whips his head in the direction of the sound.

It's Saru. Of course it would be. Who else would call Yata that? He's slouched against the wall on the other side of the alley, and running his fingers through his hair, as cool and seemingly disinterested as ever.

Yata groans. "I don't want to finish our battle right now, get lost."

The redhead feels an intense stare trained on him, which doesn't make him feel any better from inside the bar itself. Annoyed, he raises his head to look back, and the moment their eyes meet it becomes insanely awkward because Saru is looking at Yata with this weird sincere kinda look which really creeps Yata out.

This is so unlike him.

"S-Saru?" Misaki asks, nervously, averting his glance quickly.

He makes to get up and go somewhere else, but just as he can evade the awkward situation, Fushimi's suddenly in front of him, blocking him with arms on either side. The weird staring continues, as Misaki feels the blood rushing to his face.

Fushimi moves his head closer as if to lean in for a kiss - the latter immediately pushes him away abruptly.

"What the hell, man!" Misaki shouts as he massages his forehead, face still red all over. "YOU were the one that left! It's not like you even regret it! You betrayed me- you betrayed all of us!"

Tired sigh. "Misaki,"

"DON'T even dare call me Misaki!"

"Look, I hate all this chasing around and fighting just for me to get your attention. Can't you notice me without me having to pick a fight?"

Softly now, "Why do you keep doing that anyway?"

"Dammit, you know already that I still like you, right?"

"Still?!" Yata crouches and covers his face with his hands, shaking. "You can't get over that, can you?"

"The breakup? Sure as hell I can't! Why do you think I left then? I couldn't face you after that, at least not for a long while, and Suoh would obviously demand me to get back in the field so I HAD to leave..."

"Like a coward! Like a friggin coward!" Yata interjects.



"I miss you more than you can imagine, okay? I need to resolve this thing fast before it kills me."

"You're being way too dramatic."

"Misaki, I love you."

Momentary pause, and then a reply:

"Go back."


"Just go back. That's your home now. That's what you chose. Go."


"FUSHIMI, do you not GET IT?!" Yata continues to cradle his head in his hands. "Just go."

Some footsteps are heard, but then before Misaki can react, Fushimi curls his cold fingers around the other's chin and steals a quick kiss,

leaving a broken Yata behind

as he walks back to his base like nothing ever happened.

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