Benny looked down at the plate in front of him. He tried not to let his nose wrinkle at the smell of over-spiced barbequed chicken.

He turned his attention to the stew and only winced a little when he spotted a whole bay leaf floating in it. He fished it out as covertly as he could.

"You know bay leaves aren't actually poisonous," said the angel sitting across from him. Benny looked up and locked eyes with him, raising an eyebrow in silent question. He had been taught by his own mother that you were supposed to take the bay leaf out of anything as soon as the flavour had soaked in, just in case someone swallowed the poisonous foliage.

Samandriel cleared his throat and looked down, "Its shape bears a striking resemblance to mountain laurel and cherry laurel, which are both very toxic. It must have become confused with them over the years and lead to some very unfortunate deaths."

Benny felt a small smile curl on his face, "Ya learn somethin' new every day I suppose."

Samandriel avoided his gaze by standing quickly and saying something about needing to stir the gumbo.

Benny let him as he cut off a chunk of chicken with the side of his fork and speared it. It was only a little crispy really, and the inside looked moist enough.

Samandriel had decided to cook for the vampire that night while the rest of the team, (Dean, Castiel, Sam and some guy named Kevin who seemed far too smart for his own good) had gone out on some super-secret mission that they had decided not to tell Benny and the other angel about.

So, when Benny mentioned how sick he was of the only human food he could indulge in being burgers and greasy pizza Samandriel had taken it upon himself to cook him something he used to eat all the time and enjoy.

Benny appreciated the gesture. Really. But he wasn't sure what the angel's angle was exactly. He watched the slim shoulders of the vessel as he stirred the gumbo while trying desperately not to drop too much seasoning in with the other hand.

Benny didn't even try to smother a laugh and he stood up, leaning against the counter beside him with an easy smile. "Need some help there?"

'Alfie' as Dean had christened him turned to look at him eyes desperate and shoulders slouched, "If you wouldn't mind…?"

Benny rolled his eyes and took the spoon from him, "Relax kid. It's not like I'm Gordon Ramsey or anything. The fact that you're even trying this makes you higher up in my good books then most anyone else in this ramshackle house."

Samandriel smiled a little and rubbed the back of his neck, "I did notice that you've been… Sort of pushed aside recently."

Benny stopped stirring before turning to face him head on. "Are you doing this out of pity?"

"No! No of course not." Samandriel shook his head emphatically. "I just wanted… To cheer you up a bit."

Benny hated how endearing the small smile looked on the angels borrowed face and how he was unable to leave it unreturned. "Well consider me cheered and never try to cook for me again. And if you do, please ask for help next time."

Samandriel laughed a little and nodded.

They ate what Benny could salvage of the meal and agreed to try it again the next night. The two of them hadn't smiled so much in their time on earth as they had that night, and Benny took that as a good sign.