A/N: I apologize ahead of time if I completely fail at the Doctor and Rose. This is my first fan fiction with them in it. I hope you like it none the less. Enjoy!

"Well Rose! You just survived an alternate universe filled with cyber men. Where to next?" The Doctor asks his companion as he works the Tardis though the wibbly, wobbly, timey, wimey space.

"Surprise me, Doctor!" Rose grins at him.

He grins back and presses more buttons. The Tardis came to a stop and the Doctor opened the door and stepped out of the phone booth with Rose. He turns around to see where, when she taps his arm and staring at something, "Welcome Rose. To May 2, 1998."

"Barty Crouch Junior?" An old woman dressed in green asked, looking disbelieving like he should be dead.

"No, must be someone else," Doctor says walking past the students and up to the old lady. There was a human sized hole in the back window, "Lovey place you have here. Might want to fix the window though. What happened? Got into a fight and tossed them out the window?" He laughs, addressing the woman. Next to her there was a black haired boy with a scar on his forehead. He was dressed in black robes like a lot of the others in the room. Behind him was a group dressed in regular, every day, clothing.

"He disapparatedā€¦ The dementors kissed you. What are you doing here?" The old woman asks, looking at him weird.

"Where am I again? Looks like a dining hall," He turns to Rose, "Don't you think Rose? A dining hall similar to the castle in 19th century Scotland; when we saved Queen Victoria from the Werewolf?"

"I do think you may be right Doctor," Rose replies walking closer to the group in regular clothing, "Just much moreā€¦ Bigger."

"Would you be talking about the Queen Victoria, descendant of Helga Hufflepuff and original owner of Tor-" One of the older students starts until the Doctor interrupts.

"Hufflepuff? That name sound familiar," He looks at the patch on the black haired boy's robes and claps his hands together and turns on his heels to face Rose, "I know where we are!"

"Where are you Doctor?" She asks, skipping up to him.

"Scotland." He says simply.

"What happened May 2, 1998 in Scotland?"

"Oh that is right. You wouldn't know would you. You are only a time traveling muggle after all. We, Rose Tyler, are at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. During the Second Wizarding War of all times." He explains to her.

"Who are you?" Asked a dark skinned man dressed in purple with a matching fez.

"They call me the Doctor and that is my companion, Rose Tyler," He answers, "Nice hat by the way."