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Voldemort was dead, and his followers fled. The Doctor walks into the Great Hall, his hands in his pockets. The atmosphere was light with conversation, and regardless of their losses they had won. McGonagall walks up to him. "I was wrong about you Doctor. I apologize, I assumed you were Barty Crouch Jr."

"Yeah, well. I am sure it won't be that last time I have a doppelganger look-a-like." He grins widely, and then faded as he remembers Rose. She could be anywhere at any time, but he will find her.

"Come. I have something that belongs to you." Minerva says shortly, before walking out of the Hall, knowing he would follow. She led him to a gargoyle that mutters something about people needing to leave him alone then moves out the way, revealing a staircase. The Doctor follows the witch up and through a door. The trio stood at the desk.

"Hello Professor." Harry says with a small smile then looks down at the wands in his hand. "I was just fixing my wand and we figured that it would be best to put the Elder Wand back where it belongs."

"I will see that it is done, Mr. Potter." She takes the Elder Wand from him then looks at Ron. "You three should get down back to the Hall and be with your family." The trio nods and makes their way out of the office. Minerva then turns to a painting of an old man with a long grey beard. "Albus. That letter you told me about. Where was it again?"

The Doctor leans against a table as Albus replies to her, his eyes on the Doctor with a soft glimmer. "Oh yes, in a secret compartment in the sock draw. I do love my socks."

Minerva leaves and comes back after a moment, an envelope in her hand. "If you really are the Doctor, this belongs to you." She says, handing him the letter.

The Doctor takes it. His name was written neatly with faded blue ink. He slides his finger to break the seal and unfolds the parchment inside. A grin slithers onto his face and he whispers two words. "Bad Wolf."

"A very pretty blonde gave that to me in 1943. Very clever, helped me a bit with the attacks that year and to unpetrify student." Albus says from his painting.

"So, Doctor. What is your plan now?" Minerva asked curiously.

He folded the letter again and slipped it back into the envelope. "Well it sounds like we need to stop an attack in 1943 then who knows. Maybe take Rose to 1950 London. I have all of time and space to travel with her."

"Well I wish you luck with your travels."

"Thank you, Headmistress." He grins widely and watched as she transforms into a grey tabby. He laughs lightly before running back to his TARDIS. He flips a few switches and inserts his destination (Scotland, Hogwarts, 1943), and then yells "Allons-y!"