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There are so many people around me as I made my way through the crowded streets of Chicago. I saw landmarks that I recognized, but they weren't the reason that I was here. I needed to see Edward; to be with him again and be back in his arms.

The despair that I felt deep inside me, was ripping my heart in two. When alone, I cried myself to sleep. During the day, I wore a mask, which gave the impression that I was coping; that everything is okay.

I was sure that those closest to me, knew the truth. If they did, they said nothing to me. Maybe they were afraid that I would break down completely in front of them and they wouldn't be able to handle it. I had done so well in holding myself together; the persona I portrayed was like being an actress. Apart from no one ready to shout "Cut!" My loneliness and torment seemed never ending and I didn't know why I was being punished this way.

I made my way across the street, dodging cars as they careered toward me; horns blaring and the drivers swearing and shaking their fists at me in anger. I didn't care, they wouldn't stop me this time.

I had been here before and last time, I couldn't find him anywhere. It like he was hiding from me, but where, and who was helping him stay hidden?

People that I knew, tried to stop me going forward to reach my destination. First to appear was Carlisle. He stepped out from a store front standing before me; reaching out with open arms, pulling me into a hug. Returning the affection before I pulled back to face him. He smiled at me, opening his mouth to speak, but no words came out. He looked confused and tried again, but again, his lips moved, but the words wouldn't come.

He grasped at his throat in some kind of panic and then clapped his hands together and laughed soundlessly. Frustrated, I push him away and stepped around him. I had no time to wait around, playing stupid games.

Moving on, I saw Alice and Jasper, walking toward me and when they saw me, they looked to each other nodded, only to turn and walk away; ignoring me.

That confused me. They had always been there for me, supporting me through the last few months of hell.

I shouted after them, but they ignored me.

Rose and Emmett were the next ones to appear from out of a cab that pulled up next to me. They had huge smiles on their faces and rushed over to greet me. Rose embraced me first, then Emmett. I was sure he had managed to crack a couple of my ribs with his bear hug.

They began talking to me and I couldn't understand what they are saying. It sounds like Spanish, but I couldn't follow it.

Asking them to repeat what they had said, resulted in more of the same gibberish talk. Before frustration set in, they walked away, leaving me standing there staring after them with my mouth wide open.

Turning around confused, I took in my surrounding, again. Yep, I was still in Chicago, but this felt more like the Twilight Zone.

Then I saw him in the distance. He stood out to me in any crowd. He was the love of my life and I couldn't bear to be without him for another second, so I ran toward him, pushing through the crowds that were surrounding me. They were obstructing me from my goal, to reach him.

I shouted his name and as it fell from my lips, he turned around. His eyes searched the crowd.

Instinctively, I reached up, waving my arm frantically at him, and I was sure he had seen me when he smiled. The whole face lit up with a look love and my heart swelled; tears filled my eyes.

Then I realized the look on his face wasn't for me. I saw her as she made her way through the crowd that parted like the Red Sea, allowing her the easy access to him that I had been denied for so long.

She walked toward him; her blond hair swaying down her back. She was everything that I wasn't. Blond, tall and confident.

He threw his arms open as she got closer to him and took her into his arms, kissing her with a passion that used to be reserved only for me. I got closer to them and then I heard him speak to her, "C'mon baby, let's get outta here. I have our usual room booked at The Peninsula; champagne is on ice."

I feel a pang of jealousy course through me and I ran over to them; grabbing her shoulder, spinning her around, wanting to see the face that he looked at so adoringly. The face that replaced me in his heart and his bed.

He stepped between us, blocking my view of her. Glaring at me, he looked angry, "Bella, what the fuck are you doing here? I thought you knew by now. I don't want you, we're over. Now leave before you make an even bigger fool of yourself."

I was left standing there speechless on the sidewalk as he walked away. All I managed to scream was, "Edward! No!"

I woke from the dream or should it be a nightmare? I found that I was in our bed, in the apartment ...alone.

The door flew open and Alice bounded over to me, throwing her arms around me. I began to sob uncontrollably, "Bella, it's okay, it was only a dream."

That made me cry even more, knowing that I hadn't really seen him; been close enough to touch him, but at least I took some comfort in knowing that he might not be with her, "Oh, Alice, it was so real. You were there with Jasper and, and ..."

Tear were now streaming down my cheeks and I was in Alice's arms while she continued to comfort me, letting me ride out my sorrow. It wasn't the first time she had comforted me after one of those nightmares. Normally, I was alone and there is no one to tell me that everything would be okay and not to worry.

I had been having dreams like that pretty much since Edward had been missing. I said missing, but others thought he left me and ran off with another woman. Not me though, I knew him and I was sure now that there is more behind his sudden disappearance than we are lead to believe.

The one thing I did know was, I wouldn't give up hope until I knew for sure where he was. If he didn't want me then he would have to tell me to my face. I wouldn't give up on him. That would mean giving up on us. I loved him heart and soul and would fight for us... for him, every step of the way. I would have him back matter what.

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