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"We're what?!" I screamed at Amelie. This couldn't happen. How could this happen? I shook with the realization and my stomach twisted in impossible knots. I reached for a trash can, but I couldn't find one and shuddered back the bile.

"Do not yell at me. Yes it is true." I wanted to cry.

"Why would you do that? Why would you let us –" I felt the sting of stomach acid in the back of my throat and needed to be sick now. I didn't care where I was this was so wrong I hurled on Amelie's rug. She stood up and looked at me with disgust.

"Why would you not get something else? Do you know the fine qualities of that rug?"

"If you mean the now green textures, then yes loud and clear." I heaved and saw a guard remove me from that spot so they could clean it. She handed me a handkerchief and I took it gratefully. I wiped my face and I could still taste the residue of up chuck in the back of my throat. Just thinking about it makes me want to hurl again. Amelie continued to look at me disgusted before handing me some sort of trash can. I gladly took it and hugged it.

"If you are done…" I nodded finding a chair and sitting down shaking slightly. "Let me begin." She sat down as well and waved her hand to someone behind me, but I didn't want to look. "When you were only a child I watched as your family fell apart. I had some of the rare occurrences of human friends in the town that could not bear a child. I felt empathy knowing the feeling." She looked fondly at the desk. "I saw the potential you held in the short years of being here and decided that you deserved better. I staged the fire. I made your brother believe that human Morrel girl did it to make sure I was never in the picture. I gave you to your parents and had Myrnin wipe all of your memories making them believe you were always theirs. I sent them away knowing they would never return. I never assumed you would return." She looked at me with an odd expression as though see was seeing me for the first time. "And yet I find myself stuck with you. It seems as though you never could leave home." She twitched her lips in something like a smile only it looked like she was pained to do it.

"But why would you let me stay with him?" I asked my shaking calming.

"I have had far worse courtships in the past, I saw no threat. Isn't the term 'what you don't know won't mortally wound you'?" I gave my own lip twitch at her wrong verbiage.

"How come Frank didn't say anything then?" She rolled her eyes.

"He was a drunk I was surprised if he managed not to wake up in a ditch most nights." She scowled and I stood up. I put the can down feeling empty. I felt myself go hollow and needed to get away from this place giving me such great dread.

"I – I need to go." I didn't say thank you because I don't know if I should have even said what I did. I walked away passing around the now cleaned spot of rug. I opened a portal and dropped into the one place that could wash away my worries. I saw he wasn't there and I was somewhat glad. I lie on the couch and stare unseeing at nothing in particular. I hadn't realized I had closed my eyes until I opened and saw chocolaty brown ones reflecting my own. I didn't flinch or jump back at how close he was, nor did I scream. I didn't feel like it. I was so exhausted of the world being against me I just wanted at least one thing to not be overbearing. He looked worried and something else. It was something I hardly ever saw on his face. I saw his lips moving, but nothing registered. I was suddenly mesmerized by the gentle shift of his lips I hadn't noticed that his voice finally reached my ears.

"–are okay?" I blinked slowly and gave him the look that I hadn't heard him. He didn't roll his eyes and get aggravated as he normally would have. "I was wondering if you had talked to Amelie? And if so I wanted to make sure you are okay? Are you?" His face softened and I blinked slowly again.

"Yes I had. I'm not sure. I feel hollow. As though nothing could go right." I sighed looking down at the ground feeling a slight tear fall off of my nose. He looked suddenly scared unsure what to do. His hands did a little dance trying to figure out how to comfort me and I gave a weak laugh. He looked at me confused now.

"What?" He put his hands down and I felt a pang of sadness.

"Nothing." I swung my legs over slowly not to make my eyesight go black or cause my head to hurt as I lifted myself up and looked at him as he sit still in the same position he was when I was on the couch. "Come on a good experiment will expel this funk I'm in." I gave a half smile and he quickly shot up and turned around in a fluid movement I had come to understand and almost welcome.

"Are you sure you're okay. In this day and age we give so much to someone who is thought to be our love." I turned on him suddenly angry.

"What are you implying Myrnin? That this generation is trusting?" He looked hurt, but I couldn't understand why. I was the one who found out the truth beneath my relationship.

"No I didn't mean it like…..Claire please I have a hard time comforting people at least myself. I –" He shot forwards grabbing his hands in mine. They were cool and surprisingly slightly shaking. Or I was shaking so bad it was shaking him I don't know. He looked as though he intended to kiss me, and the scary part…..I don't think I would have stopped him. He leaned forward and placed his cool forehead on my feverish utterly overwhelmed forehead. I closed my eyes enjoying the feeling of his cool skin on mine and he began to speak again. "Please I didn't expect you to respond angrily to that. I only meant to say that I was turning mad and I would have told you, but for reasons I alone can't handle; I didn't want to see you in so much pain." I opened my eyes and saw his were as well. As though every word had to be thought out before he even uttered them. I squeezed his hands and I felt some of my tension vanish. The coil in my abdomen less noticeable. He opened his eyes and in a brief flash I saw every emotion that he released in those words. Worry, hurt, anger, pain, and love. No, that couldn't be there. He couldn't love me he only appreciated me. For my brain, for my spirit, for my blood. As fast as it was it wasn't. He turned emotionless again only reflecting my pain through his caring eyes.

"I understand Myrnin, but can you do one thing for me?" I asked wanting to get rid of this tension and feel safe however short that may be.

"Anything." He said softly.

"Will you kiss me?" He looked so shocked.

"Are you sure?" He seemed scared that it was a joke.

"Yes." Before I finished uttering that syllable his cool lips were on mine. I, still holding his hands, leaned into his kiss. It was so tender and sweet I felt tears prick my eyes. I had to be wrong before. He did love me. It was a terrible emotion for vampires to have, but he could. It was one of the many things that were his strength and weakness. He released me and I took a slow breath. He looked at me as though he was curious to see my reaction. I pulled him in for a hug and buried my face in his chest. "Thank you." I mumbled into his clothes.

"Anything my little Claire." He sounded sad, but he reciprocated the hug. I pulled away, but grabbed his hand.

"So that experiment mentioned earlier." I gave a weak smile and he brightened.

"Ah yes…" He threw himself into explaining. I was listening, but my mind was reeling on the one concept I couldn't come to grasp. I was Alyssa. Shane was my brother.

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