Summary: What if the Hyperbolic Time Chamber was used much earlier in the show. What if Piccolo knew they weren't strong enough. What if he sucked up his pride and went to Kami, requesting to use it…

As much as I like to say the only change will be the Time-Chamber, Gohan will be more Saiyan like, he will still be a lot like Goku, kind-hearted with morals. He will be like Piccolo in that he is smart. He will analyze his opponents, taunt them to make them make mistakes and not hesitate to capitalize on those mistakes.

Just as a warning, this is more a prologue, just giving you an idea of what is to come… Before I go any further, think what would have happened if Piccolo had brought Gohan into the Time-Chamber, giving them 2 full years.(1 in, 1 out)

I don't want to go through the whole thing…So when Gohan transformed the first time, everything occurred the same, except that when Piccolo removed his tail, he instantly noticed a sharp drop in the boy's ki level. When it grew back, Piccolo had him keep it, deciding that the weakness of the tail was worth the extra strength.

I wanted to inform you that I may, or may not continue writing this story, it will be more of an, as inspiration hits, I'll write a few pages. So, if it goes a long time without updates, you know why.

Chapter 1: The Revelation

Piccolo looked down at the dieing Saiyan warrior. He felt no pity, no remorse. In fact, he felt proud that his new attack was so powerful. He couldn't wait to send Goku back to Otherworld.

However, the dieing warrior's weak laughing was grating on his nerves.

"Kakarot goes through all this… just to die in the end. What a fool."

The dieing Saiyan was coughing up blood by that point.

Piccolo looked at Raditz with contempt.

"Goku may be an idiot, but he isn't a fool. On this planet, we have something call Dragon Balls. Collect all seven, get a wish. Goku will be back within the week, while you will still be dead."

Piccolo expected cursing. He expected anger. What he didn't expect, was for the man's laughter to return.

"Something funny?"



Piccolo watched as the Saiyan's vision began to cloud.

"This device, the one over my eye. It doesn't just read power levels. It also acts as a communicator. My two allies heard everything and will be leaving immediately. You have a year until your destruction. Haha"

Piccolo's arms crossed over his chest.

"We killed you, we'll kill them."

"Haha. That's good. One of the last remaining Saiyans is our prince. The royal blood of Saiyans have always been more powerful. He is over 10x as strong as me. G-good luck…"

Any other questions Piccolo had would go unanswered as the Saiyan's breathing stopped.

Piccolo just barely managed to wake himself from his day dreams.

'Damn it! Three days…We're not nearly strong enough. We're barely stronger than the other Saiyan, Raditz. If he was right…10x…'

Piccolo shook his head again.

"What's wrong Mister Piccolo? You never move this much during meditation."

The large green man opened a single eye, only to see the 5 year old Gohan looking at him curiously. The boy proudly wore a gi of his own style, dark purple with a red sash. He did however forgo the cape and turban. If he was honest with himself, the kid impressed him. One year ago, he turned a sniveling snot nosed brat into a fighter, and much to his surprise, the kid didn't complain much. Fighting was apparently in his blood if Goku's or Raditz's strength was anything to go off. Granted, the kid was still rather childish, considering he was Goku's son, he wasn't all that bad.

"We need more time."

Gohan cocked his head to the side and waited for Piccolo to continue.

"We're not strong enough."

Gohan was confused now.

"What do you mean, Mr. Piccolo?"

By this point, Piccolo's frustration was turning into anger. It was unfortunately aimed at the only target around, Gohan.


Gohan looked scared, for the first time in 9 months. Never before had he seen any amount of fear in Piccolo's eyes, but at this point, it was the prominent emotion.

'H-he's so sure we can't win?'

"Hey Piccolo? What about my dad? Surely he is strong enough."

The glare Piccolo sent him had Gohan taking a step back.

"Listen and listen good. Never in your life, should you be in a position where your plan is to be saved. A backup, sure. But your actual plan… That is foolish."

Gohan nodded his head, it made a lot of sense to him.

"So, what do we do?"

Gohan heard a very animalistic growl come from Piccolo's throat.

"I have an idea, follow me."

Slowly at first, the two began to levitate off the ground, before being enveloped in a white flame and shooting across the sky.

The flight they were taking was a long one. Piccolo usually made sure to stay far away from this place.

Gohan couldn't stop his eyes from widening.


Piccolo didn't bother to reprimand him. The Lookout was rather impressive.

Gohan continued to look around frantically, even after they landed.

The Lookout was a 1 mile long, half sphere. The top was flat, snow white tiles with various trees along with a building that was identical to the Taj Mahal, what lay beneath is only known to the Guardian of the Earth, Kami himself and his assistant, a short, pudgy genie known as Mr. Popo.

It wasn't more then ten seconds after they landed that four humans appeared in front of them, each in their fighting stances.

"Now, now, that's no way to treat our guests. You must be young Gohan, you look much like your father."

Meanwhile, Gohan's head snapped between Piccolo and Kami.

"You look like an old Piccolo!"

Everyone sweat dropped. Krillen, ever the comedian spoke up.

"Heh… I thought the same thing when I first saw Kami. I didn't think it was appropriate seeing as how King Piccolo had just killed me…"

Piccolo's gruff voice got all their attention.

"Kami, you know why I'm here, you know what needs to be done. Will you do it?"

Kami seemed to be in thought, before he could even give an answer, Piccolo spoke again.

"I know how you work old man. You have one day. Gohan, show those four what you can do. Don't disappoint."

Gohan saw Piccolo sit down and begin meditating while Kami retreated to the castle.

Gohan nodded towards his mentor before turning to the humans.

"I guess that means we have to fight now."

Krillen just barely managed to dodge a kick to the face by Gohan, jumping back to get ready for the fight.

"Damn! The kid's fast."

Three of the four humans were quick to surround the boy, they could tell his power was greater than theirs.

Yamcha was the only one, clearly not taking him seriously.

"Man, you must be Goku's kid, you look so much like him. It's craz-AAHH!"

Yamcha barely dodged the ki blast that would have probably left him out of the fight.

"I see how it is kid, you've been spending to much time with Big Bad and Green over there, don't worry kid, there is no reason to fight."

A gleam could be seen in the child's eyes, one that made Krillen and Tien tighten their stances while Chiaotzu focused. It appeared that Yamcha didn't notice because he leisurely walked towards the boy.

Everything stood still, at least until Yamcha passed through Krillen and Tien. Then the boy proved his strength. Before The others could react, Gohan sent Yamcha out of the triangle, several bruised ribs and a broken nose.

"I know you three can do better than that!"

It seemed that Goku's son had picked up Piccolo's bad habit of taunting his opponents as well, especially since it was working.

"Grrr, damn it Gohan! Hey Tien, lets do that thing we were working on. Just tone it down, no need to hurt allies after all."

Tien gave the monk a grin.


Gohan was immediately put on the defensive as the two humans began ferociously throwing punches and kicks with everything they had. Gohan was just barely able to keep up, receiving several hits and unable to land any of his own. It became apparent that if Yamcha was awake, he would have been beaten.

Gohan was slowly finding his body not reacting correctly, as if there was a barrier between his mind and body. Every move he tried to make was delayed…It was infuriating.

Chiaotzu's high pitched voice rang through. His words caused Gohan to take a vicious right hook, having forgotten about the small mime.

"Phase one, complete. I've got him, but he has high mental awareness, he can still move!"

Gohan was even more surprised when Krillen jumped back slightly, raising his hands slightly above his head, while Tien punched at him blindly, having closed his eyes.

Just as Gohan was about to capitalize on Tien's eyes being closed, he heard a shout.

"Solar Flare!"


A light brighter than anything he had ever seen completely overwhelmed his retina. He saw nothing but white splotches, that was when he felt it.

A devastating blow to his stomach, followed by kick to the chin, he could tell he was sent into the air, but not how far. Just has he used his ki to slow himself, he felt a ki energy appear above him. He wasn't able to react in time, before he was sent back to the ground by a drop kick to the head. On his way down, he heard four voices, Yamcha obviously recovering.

"Neo-Dodon Ray!"(Tien)

"Dodon Ray!"(Chiaotzu)

" . . HA!"(Krillen)

"Spirit Ball!"(Yamcha)

The four blasts converged on the falling boy, creating a huge explosion. Even Piccolo opened a single eye to see the results of the impressive tactic.

From the smoke, a limp figure fell, breaking several tiles on impact.

"Ugh… Memo to self. Don't let that happen again."

All four were shocked, he was getting up.

Gohan had defiantly had better days, not to many of them since training with Piccolo, but they were there. Most of his skin was bruised, bleeding and burned, his right arm was rather painful to move, and he seemed to be favoring his left foot. His gi, was almost non-existent.

"Well, that was a good one. My turn."

Slowly, Gohan's power rose. The four humans taking a step back.

When his power stopped rising, he dropped into the first stance of Demon Style, his tail happily waving behind him.

Just as he was about rush towards his current enemies, he heard the sound of a wooden cane hitting the tile.

"I have considered it, and decided. I will allow you to take Gohan, into the Hyperbolic-Time Chamber."

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Power Levels









Mr. Popo(Max)-1090


Saiyan Prince(Name Unknown)-12,000+ (According to Raditz)

Saiyan #2(Name Unknown)-?