Chapter 11: The Captain vs. The Half-Saiyan

"Captain! Captain! Do you read me!?"

All Jeice got was static.

"Damn thing must have gotten broken. I-I can't believe Burter is gone…"

Jeice shook himself out of his depression and shot foreword even faster, his breath coming out in labored pants.

"The Captain will make them pay!"

Jeice's red aura streaked through the sky.

Gohan looked back at the short Saiyan Prince.

"You good to fly Vegeta?"

The glare Vegeta sent the boy would have killed most men.

"If you ever insinuate that I am weak again, I will grind your bones to dust, boy! And it's Prince Vegeta!"

Vegeta wasted no time, his white aura blazing around him as he took to the sky.

Gohan turned to Krillen and Yamcha with a slight smirk.

"Heh, well I think we should follow him…"

Krillen and Yamcha both just nodded, happy to have this Gohan back.

The three flared their auras and took to the sky, quickly catching the injured Vegeta.

While the four were traveling rather quickly, they made sure not to travel so fast that they burned through their energy. They could sense that Jeice was quickly widening the gap…

Please remain seated and buckle your seatbelt. Landing sequence will begin in 3, 2, 1. Now entering orbital zone of Planet Namek, we will be touching down in target zone in approximately 8 minutes.

Goku barely managed to drag his bloody, tired body to the seat and latch himself in before he fell unconscious as sleep claimed him, Goku spoke…

"Just hold on Gohan, I'm coming."

Ginyu had a deep scowl on his face, those who knew him, knew not to mess with him when he was like this.

"They got Burter too, I'll kill them all. Lucky me…They're coming to their slaughter."

Ginyu didn't even move when a red streak passed right in front of him, the streak slowly faded, revealing a slightly bruised and battered Jeice, on a knee.

"Jeice! Report!"

Jeice had to take a few deep breaths before he could begin.

"Captain… I don't know how, but the young Saiyan… He's strong, really strong."

Ginyu looked interested.

"How strong?"

Jeice's head slowly rose.

"My scouter began to malfunction half way through the fight. However, he was so fast, that even with the Purple Comet, I couldn't see him. The only time I've seen anyone that fast was when Lord Frieza got mad and purged Planet Paragon."

Ginyu seemed to be in deep thought.

"Well, were gonna get to see soon, they'll be here in a few seconds…"

Not two seconds later, four white streaks dropped from the sky and landed in front of the two.

At the sight of Gohan, Jeice retreated slightly, hiding behind his Captain.

"Jeice…Do you remember what I told you all when Guldo proved to be to weak to win his fight?"

Jeice's eyes widened and before he could even respond a small purple beam of energy blasted right through where his heart was.

"Fool. I will not tolerated weakness… Even from my most trusted subordinate."

Gohan, Yamcha and Krillen could only watch, shocked.

Krillen pointed at the large purple alien, a look of disgust on his face.

"How could you!? He was your friend!"

Ginyu just scoffed.

"Friend? He was my subordinate. He was a soldier, but now he's dead… And it's your fault. I'm going to enj-"


Ginyu followed his scouter until he was looking in the air.

Only seconds later, an incredibly loud burning sound became known.

The five in the clearing looked up, and saw what looked live a very large Saiyan space pod.

"Who the hell is that? Lord Frieza didn't send for anyone… Did he? No. That isn't even one of his ships."

Without truly looking away from the incoming space ship, Ginyu looked towards his opponents. He was surprised to see happiness on them, at least on three of them.

"What has you three so happy?"

A cocky smirk formed on Gohan's face.

"My dad's here, and your going to regret ever coming to this planet."

Ginyu merely rose an eyebrow and clicked a few buttons on the side of his scouter.


"Umm…I hate to disappoint you, but if that's your dad then he is pathetically weak."

Gohan and the others quickly focused their senses on the ship, what the sensed shocked them.

Krillen shouted what everyone felt.

"I think he's dying!"

Gohan glared towards Ginyu who wore an amused smirk.

"Guys…Go get my dad… I'll take care of this guy."

Krillen and Yamcha nodded and they shot to the sky.

However, they didn't make it very far before Ginyu was in front of them.

"I don't think s-"


Krillen and Yamcha could barely comprehend the red blur that sent Ginyu flying, a bruise on his cheek.

The red dispersed and left Gohan, breathing heavily.


Krillen nodded.

"Right! Let's go!"

In a burst of their white aura, they were gone.

Captain Ginyu recovered quickly from the punch and watched as the two humans flew away.

"Interesting, so you can raise your power level too. That is a rare skill to have. I wonder what else you can do."

Gohan's face maintained that cocky smirk, but inside he was nervous.

'Damn it! I'm freaking tired and every time I use the Kaio-ken, I get weaker!'

"Trust me, there is a lot I can do, that I won't even need to think about in order to beat you. Fool."

Ginyu gave a smirk.

"You don't say? Lets see if I can change your mind."

Ginyu charged at speed that even in his current condition, Gohan had no trouble matching and countering.

Gohan's forearm met Ginyu's fist.

"Good, good speed, good reaction time. Lets see what happens when I turn it up a bit."

Gohan barely even noticed that Ginyu had moved and was forced to guess on the alien's target.

He guessed right, when Ginyu's right fist slammed into Gohan's left forearm.


Even Ginyu winced at the sound of the broken bone.

"Damn, that must have hurt."

Gohan's glare would melt an iceberg.


Gohan shot foreword as fast as he could, his broken left arm dangling behind him while his right fist was charged with so much ki it was glowing slightly.

Gohan closed the distance in the blink of an eye, he wasted no time in shooting his fist towards Ginyu's head.

"Damn it! I sense his power around here, but I don't see the ship anywhere. With all the ridiculous power levels on this planet, his power is to low to get a real read on! Do you think something happened?"

The nearby lake suddenly erupted in hundreds of thousands of bubbles before a giant dome ship, the words 'Capsule Corp.' on the side came from the water and landed on a nearby island.

"Man, the ship landed in the water?"

Krillen just shrugged and the two headed towards the ship.

When they landed outside the ship, they got confused.

There was a number key-pad, waiting for the proper code.

Krillen turned to Yamcha.

"Did she tell you the code?"

Yamcha gave Krillen a stupid look.

"I didn't even know their was a code."

Krillen chuckled and scratched the back of his neck in a way that seemed very similar to Goku.

"Umm…we could just blast the door…"

Yamcha looked at Krillen like he was stupid.

"Didn't those one aliens destroy our other ship?"

Krillen deflated slightly.

"Oh yeah… So what do w-"

Both Krillen's and Yamcha's head snapped back towards Gohan's fight when they sensed his power decrease greatly.

Without a second thought, they both sent a small ki blast into the door of the ship, obliterating it.

"Very interesting, I heard you monkeys could train your tail so that it doesn't weaken you. Looks like you need more training. Ha!"

Gohan could barely move, he could barely even keep consciousness. He had spent weeks training his tail, but apparently, it wasn't enough. He had never felt so weak before in his life.

He hung limply by his tail, in Ginyu's white-knuckled grip.

Vegeta's growling got him noticed.

"Fool! I am the Prince of all Saiyans. Even third-class, Half-Trash like him!"

Vegeta charged as fast as he could, his only good arm, ready to send a punch.

When Vegeta was just out of range, Ginyu shocked him, by swinging Gohan at him, like the boy was a mace.

The Half-Saiyan's head made solid contact with the Saiyan prince's stomach, doubling him over.

"Haha! This is great!"

Before Vegeta could react, Ginyu brought Gohan around and the boy's foot connected with his chin, sending him flying back.

Gohan was still nearly rendered useless, able to feel every bit of pain but unable to move.

"Grrrr. You dare disrespect the Saiyan Prince!?"

Vegeta's hands when over his left shoulder, purple energy gathering.

Ginyu merely smirked.

"You wouldn't kill one of the last Saiyans would you?"

"Gallick Gun: Fire!"

Ginyu's eyes widened, he knew the blast was to weak to really hurt him, but he was still surprised. Unfortunately for him, his surprise made him loosen his grip on Gohan's tail, just enough for him to be able to move again.


Ginyu looked down, shocked at the yellow beam of energy that impacted his armor, cracking it and sending him into Vegeta's blast, further damaging his armor but leaving no more than a scratch on him.

Gohan could do little more than stay on a knee, his energy was completely spent and he was in serious pain.

That was when he sensed it, Gohan's and Vegeta's heads both snapped towards Krillen and Yamcha.

"Hehehe…You're in trouble now. My dad's alright, and boy is he strong."

Ginyu didn't seem to be paying any attention to the half-Saiyan, he too was looking in the direction of the new power.

The corner of Ginyu's mouth twitched into a smirk.

"He does feel strong. Maybe to strong. I should get rid of you now so that I don't have to worry about getting teamed up on."

In a blur the Ginyu Force Captain was gone, his knee buried into Gohan's gut.

"Don't blink."

The purple alien grabbed Gohan by the head, bringing the half-Saiyan's face into his knee.

A sickening crunch sounded and blood splattered from the boy's face and Gohan's now-limp body fell to the ground, unmoving.

The young Saiyan could do nothing to stop the alien from picking him up, holding him by the throat.

Gohan attempted to thrash but was unable to. He merely hung there.

"I must say boy, you are quite the fighter. I would have considered you for the Ginyu Force had our rolls been different."

Gohan's vision was beginning to darken, he was barely able to see Ginyu put his palm to his chest before his vision blackened fully.

Vegeta was glaring at Ginyu with fury in his eyes.

'H-he beat me by using the half-breed as a weapon…How!? I'll make him pay for such humiliation.'

With anger etched on his face, Vegeta limped towards the two, going completely unnoticed.

Krillen and Yamcha were standing expectedly as Goku glared in the direction Gohan was in. When they had entered the ship, they found Goku strapped to the cockpit chair and unconscious. A pool of blood coming from the chair. However, a single Sensu bean later and he was back to 100%. Probably even more. Now, they could sense Gohan's agony through his ki.

"Go Goku! Gohan needs you! We'll catch up!"

Goku's face was set in stone. Determined not to allow his son to get hurt.

He gave two of his best friends a nod and shot foreword, a red streak behind him.

Vegeta was now within striking range, rage burning in his eyes.

'You dare hit me with that brat! I'll return the favor!'

Vegeta gave a deep grunt as he swung his fist with as much force as he could.

The Saiyan prince's fist connected, right with the back of Gohan's head. The force of the blow caused Gohan's forehead to slam into Ginyu's nose, giving off an audible crunch.

"Gah! What the hell!?"

A small dribble of blood fell from the Captain's nose, leaving Vegeta smirking.

"You drew my blood, I'll kill you!"

Without a second thought, Ginyu tossed Gohan to the side and was about to attack Vegeta. He never got the chance to because he was surprised when a new voice spoke.

"Was it you who did this to my son?"

Both Ginyu and Vegeta looked over to find Goku, gently laying Gohan on the ground, the man seemed to be inspecting the boy's injuries and Vegeta was easily able to see Goku's shoulders shake with rage.

"Kakkorat, have you been told what is going on here?"

Goku looked to Vegeta for a second. According to Krillen and Yamcha, the three had formed an alliance with the Saiyan Prince. However, what he saw when he arrived wasn't to promising.

"Yeah, King Kai told me. Is this Frieza?"

Ginyu himself gave off a barking laugh.

"Ha! You're an idiot if you think I'm Frieza. No, I am Captain Ginyu, Leader of the Ginyu Force!"

The purple alien accented his words with a strange set of poses, ending by standing on only his left foot, his right knee raised waist high, both his arms were pointing to his left.

Goku's eyes lit up slightly…

"Like this?"

Ginyu looked beside him and checkout out the Saiyan's pose.

A sweat-drop fell from Vegeta's head and you could practically hear his internal rant about what was left of the Saiyan race.

"Almost, shift your leg a li-Hey! Grrr."

Ginyu took a swing at Goku's head but the Saiyan easily dodged.

Goku's face was no longer one of naivety and happiness. In it's place was the look of a Saiyan that was ready to kill.

Goku took one glance to the side and in an instant he appeared, kneeling by Gohan's side.

Goku fed one of his last Sensu beans to Gohan.

"Here you go son…Eat this."

As though, even through his unconscious state, he could in fact hear his father's words, Gohan nearly instantly began to chew the crunchy bean. The boy sat up nearly instantly.

"Woah… I feel great! I'm at 100% No! I'm at 200%!"

Captain Ginyu's eyes widened when the boy was instantly healed.

Vegeta could only watch in secret envy as Gohan was restored to full strength in a matter of seconds while he knew that he would have to spend hours in a rejuvenation chamber.

'Tch. Stupid Earthlings with their stupid beans.'

Instincts honed by thousands of battles kicked in and Vegeta raised his arm quickly, his palm latching around his attacker.

The Saiyan Prince was surprised to see that in his hand, was a similar bean to the one Gohan had eaten.

"Gohan told me, that while it may have been done for selfish reasons, you still helped him through something troubling. So here. The last one."

The Saiyan prince wasted no time and quickly ate the bean. Immediately noticing it's crunch texture.

It couldn't have been more than ten seconds and all his wounds were healed and his energy restore.

"Incredible. Just like the Hero-Water from Planet Taki."

The sudden build-up of energy drew all three of their attention to Ginyu who was floating above them, a large purple ball of energy in both his left and right hand.

"Enough talk! Ginyu Crusher!"

Gohan prepared to act, but a hand on the shoulder and a reassuring smile from his father told him all he needed to know.

Vegeta was interested in knowing Kakkorat's new power, but he wasn't willing to die for it, he rose his own power level in preparation of countering the attack.

With a smirk on his face, Ginyu shot both giant ki blasts.

Vegeta was about to react when both blasts were no more then 10 feet away, just as he began to move…He felt a power that was as close to Frieza's as he had ever experienced, he nearly dropped to his knees in fear, but he swore he would never bow to anyone. Ever again. He merely stared in shock as a flare of red surrounded Kakkorat, the two blasts exploding on his mere aura, never making it passed his presence.

Ginyu watched, interested. He had just sent one of his most powerful attacks at the three Saiyans. That attack would destroy the planet if he aimed it wrong. It's a good thing he doesn't miss.

He saw that the young boy had been fully healed and he knew all about Saiyans. He knew the boy may even be a slight challenge to him now.

'Hmmm, their not moving… They only have a few sec-'


Suddenly numbers had been flashing across his scouter before it blew up.

The last number he saw, put fear deep within his heart. He had only seen such a high power level from Frieza.


His attack never even made it to his target, it blew up several feet away, that didn't help his situation at all.

Ginyu's head began snapping around, searching for a way out.

'If I can get him alone…'

It was at that time, that two more fighters arrived.

"Alright Gohan! You're ok! We felt your energy get really low, we were nervous."

The young Saiyan turned to the bald monk with a smile.

"It would take more than that to take me out!"

Yamcha gave a smirk.

"Your sounding awfully arrogant for such a pipsqueak."

Gohan's reply began with shaking his head.

"Sorry man, that doesn't work on me, I'm 7, I'm supposed to be short. Krillen on the other hand…"

Goku snickered a few times before his face became serious.

"Guys, I'll take care of this idiot. I want you, to go and find the Dragonballs, make the wish."

Before feeling his father's incredible power, Gohan would have wondered if the man was insane. However, at this point, the young Saiyan simply gave a quick nod before turning to Krillen and Yamcha.


A shared nod and the three shot off, their auras blazing around them.

Meanwhile, Vegeta turned to Goku.

"Tch. Kakkorat. Watch yourself. Ginyu didn't become Frieza's favorite merc by being weak or stupid."

Without another word, Vegeta shot after the others, there was no way he was giving up his chance at immortality.

Vegeta quickly closed the gap between him and the Earthlings.

"Where are you fools going? Frieza's ship is that way."

Yamcha turned to the Saiyan prince with a look of annoyance on his face.

"We need to get to Bulma. She still has the Dragon Radar. Without it, we would be searching forever."

That peaked Vegeta's interest.

"Dragon Radar?"

Gohan answered in a no nonsense voice, he was clearly concentrating on something.

"It tracks the energy signal of the Dragon Balls. Now be quiet, I'm trying to follow my dad's fight…"

'Ok, Ginyu. If this works, you will be a whole lot stronger. If it doesn't, you're dead.'

After reemphasizing everything to himself, Ginyu spoke to the orange-clad Saiyan.

"So, I guess Frieza missed more Saiyans than he thought… Wait a minute… I recognize you… Your… Bardock!"

Goku's face remained serious.

"I'm not Bardock. My name is Goku!"

Ginyu just shrugged, he didn't care that much.

"Ok, Goku. I need to make quick work of you. If Frieza finds out I left the Dragon Balls unattended for this long, he'll have my head. SO LET'S GET STARTED!"

At about ¾ his top speed, Ginyu charged, his fist shooting towards the man's face.

Ginyu wasn't overly shocked when he sensed a slight increase in power and the man caught his fist.

"I hope you are better than that."

Ginyu barely ducked to dodge Goku's elbow, that likely would have caved in his skull.

Goku had yet to release Ginyu's fist, and the purple alien used that to his advantage, landing a brutal, full power kick right to the man's ribs.

Goku actually let go of Ginyu's fist after that one, his face contorted in pain before a smile over came his face.

"You're good! We could use your help! You could help us fight Frieza!"

A well hid smirk crossed Ginyu's face.


"Y-you m-mean you wouldn't make me h-hurt people?"

Ginyu's face dropped as if ashamed of what he had done, and Goku was at his side in an instant, his hand on the Captain's shoulder in a sign of comfort.

"Don't worry. We would never! We protect people, not hurt them."

Ginyu looked up with the most pitiful look his normally scowling face could produce. Goku fell for it instantly and drew the purple alien into a hug.

The second the Saiyan's arms wrapped around him, his face turned into a disgusted grimace.

'Grrr. This is so disgraceful! However, the power I'll get will make this all worth it.'

Gohan and the others wasted no time in landing in front of the cave that Bulma had nestled her temporary home into.

Without waiting for anything, Gohan barged in without knocking, giving the four males quite the sight. Sitting in the middle of the room at the kitchen table, was a completely naked Bulma, her feet on the table, next to a small pot of wax and several white strips of cloth.

The three adult males could only stare as Bulma had been preparing to apply the first strip of paper, leaving her… 'Intimate areas' visible for all to see.

Vegeta couldn't stop himself.

"Humans are a truly strange race. I never guessed that, that was her natural hair color."

Bulma's face went horribly red, from anger or embarrassment, no-one could be sure.

All four were really aware of the microwave that slammed into Vegeta's chest though. However, the cooking machine just broke and Vegeta didn't move.

"We'll just be grabbing this and going."

Gohan didn't even really react to seeing his first fully nude woman.

He simply ran in, grabbed the Dragon Radar and prepared for take off.

The young Saiyan was forced to give the others a quick yell before they prepared to follow.

The four took off, their auras blazing around them.

Gohan had a small smile on his face as he followed the directions of the Dragon Radar.

'Don't worry Piccolo, you'll be back soon.'

Goku and Ginyu were flying towards Frieza's ship, Goku excited to tell everyone that he had made a new friend.

When they were about half way there, he turned back to Ginyu, he had sensed a weird king of energy there.

"Hey, Ginyu. You ok? You seem to be powering up…"

'Shit! His senses are really good!'

After a few second of trying to come up with an excuse, he glanced at his arm, noticing the blood dripping from it.

"Oh, it's nothing, you see. My race has the ability to heal themselves."

Goku's smiled a bright smile.

"Yeah, don't wanna fight this Frieza guy with an injury."

The two continued their flight slowly, Goku went slower to allow for Ginyu to focus on his energy.

'Ok, I'm ready.'

"Hey Goku…"

Goku stopped, turning around with a curious expression on his face. His face turned to shocked with Ginyu grabbed his Gi. Holding him in place.

"What are you d-"

"Body Change!"

BAM! That's it! Tell me what you think.

I had to throw that moment with Bulma in there, just the other day, me and some friends went over to another friends house to watch the game and his girlfriend was doing exactly that! It was hilarious! I had to put it somewhere in here.

Anyways, you know the drill… Like it, Love it, Hate it, or Tolerate it. Let me know!

Power Levels


Gohan(Tired Kaio-ken)-57,400

Gohan(Weakened from using Kaio-ken)-31,400

Gohan(Held by tail)-1,712

Gohan(Tail Released, Exhausted)-3,980

Gohan(Sensu heal)-79,300

Captain Ginyu(Suppressed 50%)-60,000

Captain Ginyu(75%)-90,000

Captain Ginyu(Max)-120,000


Goku(Kaio-ken x5 flare)-498,750





Vegeta(Sensu heal)-68,000