Monday 26th April

Dear Diary,

I hate Fat Pig. He never lets me or the others play. The Cult Orphanage is the sort of place where Fat Pig shouldn't be. Today us children learned about something called the 21 Sacraments. I am going to complete them. I have to kill 10 people while I'm alive, for the eleventh Sacrament, I have to kill myself, and for the last 10, I must murder them as a ghost. I will get the chance when I'm an adult, the Cult told me. Fat Pig is going to be number one, I hope. I've heard rumours about a guy with a pyramid for a head, and a huge knife that could spear Fat Pig.I've also heard about another guy, with a giant cleaver that could really hurt Fat Pig. I have made friends with a little boy named Hans. He doesn't speak, so we write each other notes instead. He says he's going to complete the 21 Sacraments too. I hate stupid interfering people like Fat Pig, who will stop at nothing to stop me completing the 21 Sacraments. Hans doesn't speak so he can't be punsihed by Fat Pig. Come to think of it, I don't think Fat Pig has ever punished Hans. I may stay mute so Fat Pig can't punish me. He punished me today because I wanted to play. He gave me a bruise on the back of my neck.

I want to kill Fat Pig. I really do.