Tuesday 27th April

Dear Diary,

Today I managed to sneak out into the herb garden without Fat Pig noticing. I met a strange woman there. She looked really old but it turned out she was 46 and had a daughter named Alessa. She told me her name was Dahlia Gillespie and that I had nothing to fear from her. She also asked me if I would like to see her daughter's funeral. I said that Alessa was alive, and she explained that it was a ritual thing, so I said yes. She said she would come for me. I liked her. Alessa was my age, and Dahlia let me play with her. I had nobody to play with in the orphanage except Hans, and he didn't speak much. Alessa told me about her mother's power, Gyromancy. It meant she could see in the future. I asked her if she knew anything about my parents, and she gave me a piece of paper. It said:

Your mother was a kind woman. If I remember her clearly from the dark nights, she had curly ginger hair. Your father was an alcoholic, a violent bully. If he didn't get his beer, he would beat your mother stupid. There was a picture of him, somewhere in Silent Hill, with your mother. You will see it once you complete the 21 Sacraments. Then you will unlock the key to your family.

I just hope I get to see them. I believe my parents are still alive, somewhere here in Silent Hill. That's if Fat Pig lets me see them...

A/N: This chapter is all the more confusing for you guys, isn't it! I decided that Walter should have a connection with Alessa and the burning. So this is part-game, part-movie. And I'm not telling you any more...*Wink Wink*