Young twins Stroodle and Sprinkles had gotten a hamster recently. You see, they had wanted one for a very long time, and upon finally getting one, they couldn't stop touching the poor thing. Their parents decided they needed a schedule, it was so bad. So, around 6:00, they woke up their hamster by refreshing its food bowl and calling its name out repeatedly until it came completely out of his burrow.

"Squeakyyyy~! Squeaky? SQUEAKY!" They both cried, staring at the gray snout that poked out of the soft, pink

bedding. Squeaky finally climbed out, the Siberian, also known as the Winter White, crawled over to the food bowl, and sat right in it, a small ball as she stuffed herself. The two twins watched with excitement for awhile, but it seemed to be taking forever for the hamster to finish.

"Come on... let's go play with Angel and Scorch!" Stroodle said, lifting up an odd, dragon sort of stuffed animal, it was a mix of shades of browns, with spikes lining its head down to its curled tail. It had shiny, bright red wings on its neck, and a red, forked tongue hanging out of its mouth. This was Scorch, and he was the brother of Angel, who was a white, except for a light brown stain. She had shiny white spikes from head to curled tail, and shiny white wings on her neck. Sprinkles, who also held her stuffed animal, agreed and they went off to play for a bit.

After playing for what seemed like forever, the two remembered the hamster. They both excitedly ran to the hamster's cage. "He's in the tube!" Sprinkles said, before hugging her sister, attempting to climb on her. You see, Sprinkles had a habit of doing this when happy. Stroodle, on the other hand, threw things. As Stroodle threw Scorch, she realized she was being climbed on, which she absolutely despised. This called for a British accent! "Sprinkles, why would you mess my hair up! No, stop it!" She said, and Sprinkles finally got off, and they opened up the tube, causing the hamster to fall right into Stroodle's hand.

She took her hand out of the cage and kissed the hamster's back, then they both let it crawl on their hands, burrow into Stroodle's hair, and roam freely on their bed. As Sprinkles held the hamster, it jumped right off her hand and started to go to the edge of the bed. In an attempt to grab the hamster, she closed her hand over it, but she must of squeezed the hamster to hard, because it bit her. "Owwww!" She cried, her hand quickly retreating back, and she stared at the small injury.

Stroodle tried to grab the hamster as well, but it didn't end well. Squeaky bit her too, and boy did she sink her teeth into Stroodle's finger. Stroodle didn't quickly take back her hand, no. She flung her hand, and the hamster hung on, but finally flew off.

So, Squeaky had got to fly. Stroodle didn't realize she was bleeding heavily, but noticed some on her arm, "Sprinkles, you got blood on m- OH MY." She said, noticing her finger, which bled tons more than Sprinkles was. Stroodle suddenly noticed Sprinkles wasn't holding the hamster. "Wait, where's the squirrel?" She asked, but Sprinkles was still staring at her small wound.

The poor hamster had been flung under their TV and smashed right into the wall. Stroodle retrieved the hamster, or 'squirrel,' as they called it, and set it back in the cage. Both cleaned the wounds and wrapped it with toilet paper and some clear tape. They recovered quickly, and learned to accept the 'squirrel' after about thirty minutes or apologies.

Soon, Sprinkles and Stroodle knew, everyone would being talking about their 'squirrel.'

Squeaky, the flying squirrel.