"Yeah, yeah, yeah." My brother sang on stage. I was at his rehearsal with my best friends Skylar and Sadie. I was also with my boyfriend of 4 months, Henry. I was looking at the poster sign with Henry when Skylar walked over.

"Still not straight, is it?" Skylar asked us.

"Nope." Henry said while I just shook my head," Want me to get the ladder out again?"

"Nope, just give me a leg up." She told him before grabbing his hand and pulling him towards the poster. I rolled my eyes, knowing she was going to do something crazy.

"What? You're not seriously going to-" Henry started before Skylar put her hand up, motioning him to be quiet. She then started stretching, causing Sadie to look up from her Biology book.

"Skylar, you'll break your neck." Henry yelled when Skylar started running at him.

"No, don't do it." Me and Sadie screamed, but it was no use. Henry put his hand up and threw Skylar at the poster. She jumped up, hitting the poster. She landed on her toes and did a somersault before standing up.

"How's that?" Skylar asked, turning around while everyone looke at her in awe, including my brother. Everyone started clapping for her, slowly coming out of shock.

"Wow, how many years of gymnastics went into that?" Ryan asked.

"Hm, 6 and a half." Skylar told my brother while Henry, Sadie, and I walked towards her.

"That was a real 'please do not try this at home moment." Henry said, wrapping his arm around my shoulders.

"Do you try that at home? Because if you do then I totally get why your parents are so protective." Sadie told her.

"Speaking of my parents, I have to be home by 6, you ready?" Skylar asked Sadie.

"Yeah." Sadie said, walking towards the door.

"Hey Rylee, what was your brothers reaction to my stunt?" Skylar asked me.

"I think he might have been drooling." I told her, laughing slightly.

"Good." Skylar said, also laughing before turning to Sadie. "Let me just get my bag."

"Hey Sky. Before you leave, you wanna sing a little?" Ryan asked.

"Sure." Skylar told him, grabbing the mic.

"I just wanna scream out loud. Nothing's gonna stop me now.

I'm never coming off this cloud. So move over, move over.

You don't wanna mess with me. I know who I'm meant to be.

Never gonna slow me down. Nothing's gonna stop me, nothing's gonna stop me now

. Nothing's gonna stop me now. Nothing's gonna stop me now." Skylar sang while I watched with Henry and Sadie.

"Nice." Ryan said while Myra, my brother's ex-girlfriend came out.

"You guys are gonna rock tomorrow." Skylar told him, picking up her bag. Myra waved to me while I rolled my eyes. She always tries to get on my good side because of my brother.

"You think?" Ryan asked Skylar, who nodded.

"Excuse me. Rehearsing here. Why don't we take it from the top. With a professional singer." Myra said.

"Snap." Skylar said, walking off the stage.

"Hey Sky." Ryan called to her. "Thanks for helping set up."

"No problem." Skylar said flirtatiously before walking away with Sadie, Ryan staring after her the whole time. I then turned to Henry.

"20 bucks says they're together by Halloween." I told him.

"You're on." He said smiling. I smiled back, thinking nothing could go wrong. Little did I know, I was completely off.

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