"Oh now your thinking about me." I said angrily.

"What no I'm always thinking about you, Rylee. That's not what I meant when I said that." Henry told me.

"What else could you have meant?" I asked.

"I just meant you weren't the 1st thing on my mind when that happened-" Henry started but I cut him off.

"Look we'll talk about this later. Right now we have to go find our friend." I told him before I ran up the stairs, leaving him down in the attic.

I walked outside to see Skylar putting her fingers in her ears and saying 'la,la,la' to keep from hearing what we say. Sadie ran up to her and tackled her to the ground, trying to keep her from leaving.

"Let me go. Get off me." Skylar said as she got up and started walking again.

"Where are you going? There's a monster hunting you." Sadie told her as she followed her. Cobb and I exchange looks as followed after them, me trying my best not to look to see if Henry was following.

"This isn't real. It's all a dream. I'm going to Ryan's party and at some point I will wake up." Skylar replied.

"Skylar, you need to listen to me." Cobb demanded, making Skylar put her fingers in her ears and say 'la,la,la' again. Sadie pulled them out.

"Cut it out." Sadie told her.

"Sadie, something is very wrong with me. My hearts racing and my palms are sweaty and my stomach feels funny." Skylar said while looking desperately at all of us for the answer.

"It's called fear." Sadie said while looking at all of us. "I get that like every day. Sometimes twice."

"Like in the locker room after gym." Henry told them while trying to help. The others gave him weird looks but I knew that he was picked on a lot because he's smaller than the rest of the guys at our school.

"I get it more with tests, homework, talking to guys and girls and teachers and store clerks and my parents-" Sadie rambled before Skylar cut her off.

"I don't get it. Ever. Why am I feeling this?" Skylar asked us helplessly.

"It's cause Deimata's loose. The monsters are astroprojections of fear. Most of the time we only see them in dreams." Cobb started to explain.

"Every night." Henry told us.

"Sometimes twice." Sdie said while agreeing with Henry, making me slightly jealous that he looked comforted by the fact that someone else had nightmares too. I glared at the ground as Cobb continued.

"But when there's enough fear in the area like on Halloween they get strong enough to take physical form. And it's up to the monster hunters to make sure they don't take over." Cobb finished his explanation.

"What do you mean take over?" Henry asked.

"Each monster attaches itself to one person, usually its whole life. And if that person's fear gets too out of control, the monster takes them over completely." Cobb told us.

"So who's this Deimata?" Skylar asked confusedly.

"She's your monster." Cobb said making Skylar freak out again with her ears plugged and her mouth repeating 'la,la,la'. But Cobb continued talking this time. "And Deimata's one if the ancient ones. They're immortal. They can't be destroyed. And they always latch on to the strongest hot that they can find. Like your grandfather."

"My grandfather? He passed on right before I was born." Skylar explained.

"Your grandfather was a monster hunter himself. So for most his life he kept Deimata from growing too powerful. But in the end she was too much for him. Then Deimata went looking for a new host. You. Monster hunting was in your mom's blood. And to help protect her, your dad became one too." Cobb told Skylar.

"So he converted?" Skylar asked.

"It was no problem. They were reformed. And being scientists already, they modified your grandfathers old weapons an achieved something no one has ever thought possible. They found a way to capture one of the ancient ones. With your monster sealed away, you grew up without any sense of fear at all. Now it's all coming back at once." Cobb finished. We were all shocked to say the least.

"Wow, interesting." Skylar said slightly daze from the story she just heard. "And totally impossible, bye."

"How come her parents kept this all a secret?" Henry asked Cobb making Skylar, who had been walking away again, turn around.

"All what? It's not true." Skylar yelled slightly.

"Monster hunting is passed down through families, traditionally parents wait until their kids are 16 to tell them. Give them a normal childhood." Cobb told Skylar.

"Speaking of normal, which this is not, I'm going to Ryan's party." Skylar said before starting to walk down the street again.

"Skylar, there's a monster after you." Sadie stated as Cobb grabbed onto Skylar's shoulder and turned her around.

"Going to the party is a good idea. If Deimata comes back here you will be better off over there. But you need some firepower." Cobb exclaimed.

"Firepower?" Skylar asked skeptically.

"Yes..." Cobb told her.

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