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Chapter Thirty Five:

Murphy poured himself a steaming cup of coffee in the kitchen as the sun came through the bay window. Closing his eyes he remembered what Abby looked like sitting in the new morning sun, the rays in her dark hair and a smile twitching on her pretty soft lips.

Sighing he sipped at the coffee and twisted is neck as he heard the television in the other room flip on. He wondered after last night if he'd see that kind of smile on her face again. He shook his head and went into the other room dragging the tips of his fingers across the counter. He was prepared to tell Connor or Romeo to turn it down so that it didn't wake Abby up but stopped when he saw the head of dark hair, pulled into a messy bun on the back of her head. Her body leaned forward over her legs as she sat in one of his too large on her turtle necks, hem coming down to her mid thighs.

Abby tapped the remote to her lips slowly as she watched the news in front of her unfolding. She'd always watched the news but this particular broadcast hit her like a brick wall. The subtitle scrolled in the blue box at the bottom of the screen, all in capital letters to emphasis the message across the bottom. "THE SAINTS BACK?"

Murphy rubbed his lips together as he watched the outside of the warehouse come up with a blond news caster standing outside. "Abby…don't watch." He reached for the remote but she pulled it away eyes still locked on the tv.

"No." She said quietly, holding the remote to her other side. "I have to see."

Murphy licked his lips as the broadcast continued. Slipping onto the sofa next to her he watched her face as she focused on the television.

"Three dead bodies have been found, all ex-convicts. One of the body of the males was the father, Joshua Ashton, of the woman suspected of helping the infamous Saints escape. While there is no evidence of criminal activity from the three now deceased, the pennies in the eyes leave no doubt that this is the work of either the Saints or a copycat. However the involvement of Joshua Ashton, a man convicted of drug cooking and the accidental death of his wife and other daughter point to their involvement. Be aware that the images about to be shown are disturbing."

Abby put the remote back to her lips as she waited. Murphy frowned, reaching over and putting his hand on her knee. "Please angel…don't watch it?"

Still her eyes didn't move as the image of her father with pennies in his eyes. She took in a harsh shaking breath making Murphy bring his hand to his mouth and rub. He father looked different dead. More like an old man and less like a villain. She frowned to herself and shook her head, closing her eyes. She gripped tighter when she felt Murphy reach over with one hand still on her leg and carefully take the remote from her fingers.

"Abby." He whispered. "Abby I'm sorry." He tried but she shook her head again, still keeping her eyes closed.

"He was a bad man wasn't he?" She asked.

Murphy frowned. She knew this. "Aye."

"And you kill bad men." She repeated what she already knew.

He nodded slowly, resting a hand on her knee. "I do." She let out a shaky breath and nodded slowly. "Tell me what you're thinking?" He had to know. He had never known this kind of guilt from their work before. He'd felt it over Rocco and Greenley yes, but not over actually doing what was set forth to them.

Abby licked her lips before opening her eyes. Slowly he turned her chin to him with his knuckles. "I think…" She started as she looked at him. "I think he was still my dad. I know he was bad. I know that he did horrid things and showed no remorse. I shouldn't be upset about him dying."

Murphy furrowed his eyebrows and nodded, thumb stroking her still pale cheek. "But ya are."

Abby looked down, her thoughts and emotions jumbled. "I don't think it's fair that the man I love had to kill my father to save me. How does that make sense? How could any divine or good god let that happen?"

Murphy let out a long breath. He knew that he should have been focusing on the whole conversation but all her heard was "the man I love." It bounced around in his skill, clenched around his heart and made it speed up. "Ya love me Abigail?"

Abby looked away quickly. She hadn't meant to be that honest but it was out there. Hell she had tried to kill herself to keep him safe from forces that she had brought on.

"No…no don't you look away." Murphy brought her face back to his. "Am I the man you love?"

Abby looked up at him, forced by his hand to look straight into his eyes as he searched her face, looking for…what was he looking for? A retraction of the words? Something to assure him?

He frowned, watching her lips and waiting for them to move when she didn't say anything right away. "Just say yes or no. You're killing me lass."

Abby nodded watching as his eyes came up from her lips to meet her eyes. "Yeah….yeah of coarse Murphy. How couldn't I? But…" The fingers of his hand weaved with her right and gave a little squeeze at the 'but' in her sentence. "I'm just…" Scared. She wouldn't say the word out loud. "He was the only family I had left."

Murphy made a pained face. "No…no that's not true. You've got me and Connor. We love ya."

Abby sighed. "I know," She murmured releasing his fingers. "But you're family. All my family is dead now." It didn't really matter that her father was evil. He had been behind bars, locked away from the world. Oddly enough it had been an odd comfort in her adult life to know where he was at all times.

"Angel," Murphy shook his head bringing her attention back to him. "We'll make a new family…hell we already have."

"Come on Murph…" She sighed and shook her head at him. "You're meant to be a bad ass here. Tell me to suck it up or something."

Murphy cracked a little grin as he used her knee to turn him more towards him and pull her in closer. "No…I'm not going to do that. You lost your father a long time ago. I'm telling you know that you're our family. And that I…well I'm in love with ya."

Abby froze. She knew that…part of her had but to hear him say it was something she didn't think she would get lucky enough to experience. "I'm…I'm in love with you too Murphy." He let out a long breath as they looked at each other for a few minutes. "What now?" She asked him quietly.

Murphy gave a little half smile. "Now? Now I wanna take you upstairs but I know you can't handle that." She scoffed and he laughed. "Nah, now we do what normal people do."

"We're not normal." She reminded him.

Murphy gave a little laugh and nodded, pulling her slightly closer to him so that her knees came up and touched his thigh. He should tell her everything that he had promised. Everything that he said he would give if God didn't take his angel back, but he found that he couldn't right now; not with the sad look in her eyes. "No…no I don't suppose we are." He muttered, bringing her knuckles up to kiss at. He frowned when he still saw blood on them. "We should get you better cleaned up."

Abby leaned against the shower with her arms braced in front of her. The drops of water ran around, over and along the celipham wrap that held her pained and damaged arm. They moved into the creases of the plastic wrap, shimmying down the narrow cracks and looking for a way to get at her mangled skin. Eunis had done a good job and wrapping it up, Murphy and Connor's watchful eyes squinting when she winced or jerked. She still couldn't find the strength of move her index finger and thumb but after what she had done, she was sure it was the least that she deserved. Shaking her head she let the tears that were sliding down her face at the overwhelming past few days mix with the fresh water.

Pulling her head up, she heard the door open and close quietly before the sound of rustling cloths came. Murphy pulled back the curtain while she tried to banish the salt water from her cheeks. Murphy frowned. She couldn't hide the red, puffy eyes even if he couldn't see the actual tears. Her shoulders shook as she held in a shuttering breath.

Stepping forward his toes pressed against her heels, chest molding against her back while his arms went around her waist. His hand settled on her bare stomach, rubbing small circles on it with his thumb. His blue eyes closed as he held in his own uneasy breath at the feel of it moving under his fingers with each shaking breath. He pressed his lips into the crown on her head, her wet hair warm. "Hush now….its all over." He murmured almost to himself.

Abby nodded to herself, hanging onto his arms and his words as she leaned back into him, the smell of cigarette smoke drifting up through the water from him body. Her mind grasped greedily at his words, at his tone, at the accent that she heard in her sleep by now. It was all unbelievably warm and comforting.

"I love you Murphy." She whispered through the water.