It was dinner time and I knew everyone was there, I entered the cafeteria accompanied by Yuu. I wore my favorite dress, and had ribbons in my hair. Jerry looked over me curiously as I ordered but I told him he'd know soon enough. I grabbed a empty chair and brought it to the front of the room where I stepped on top of it. Yuu stood next to me, looking around the room, unsure.

"Hey!" I yelled to get everyone's attention in the large room. Everyone stopped their conversations.

"I have an announcement to make! I haven't been keeping a secret from all of you.. My names not Allen, it's Allie." Everyone looked at each other curiously

"You heard correctly. I'm a girl, always have been. And I'm so sorry I kept it from all of you!" I looked over at Yuu who gave a slow, unsure nod. I sighed.

I looked at the ground before yelling "I've also been kinda dating Kanda!"

"Prove it!" Someone yelled, I'm pretty sure it was Lavi. I hopped down from my stand and pulled Yuu down to my height. I gave him a quick kiss and released him.


Yuu blushed and I dragged him from the room.

*20 years later*

"Moomm! Daaaddd!" Said the voice on the other side of the door. I shot awake at the pounding. I looked over at Yuu, who was still asleep; I shook him awake. I climbed out of bed and pulled open the door.

"What is it Aiko?" I asked, looking at my son. It still shocks me how much he looks like Yuu. He wears his long blue-black hair tied up in a ponytail, but unlike Yuu, he showed emotions more. Must have got it from me.

"Komui want's you and dad down stairs, new exorcist!" Aiko stated " Hurry up!"

"Tell him we'll be down soon, alright?" I replied

"He said come down in your pajama's if you must, he wants to all exorcists down now."

" Let me just wake your father alright?"

" Let me." Aiko stated pushing past me and entering the room. He flipped on the lights and pulled the blankets off his father.

" Hey daaaddd! Wake Up!" He yelled into Yuu's ear. Yuu groaned and Aiko ran from the room to escape his wrath.

Down in the lower levels of the order everyone was welcoming the new accommodator. Aiko stood next to Lenalee's daughter and Lavi's new apprentice. The girl who stood before the crowd was blushing, she had long black hair that ended at her ankles. She wore a golden locket that was shaped like a heart. I recognized it as the Innocence we had retrieved 20 years before.

"This is Alexandra. She's 16 years old and has an equipment type Innocence. I want you all to make her feel welcome." Komui stated loud enough for everyone to hear. Everyone gathered around her, asking questions. I saw Aiko push his way through the crowd and return with Alexandra. He seemed to be introducing himself and his friends, a slight pink tint to his cheeks.

It is done ;-;. I hope everyone enjoyed it. Now I have a question for you. What do you think Aiko's name means? 3