One single day had never been harder or more draining for the succubus. Unlikely as it was in Bo's life that worse was behind her-she could breathe. Defeating the garuda created a sense of worth in the succubus. She beat the bad guy and was the champion they all thought she would be. She "was what they need" as the doctor had put it.

Bo laughed to herself. Until these past few days Bo wouldn't have considered herself a champion at anything, Except perhaps,… And certainly didn't see her as something anyone could ever really need. The succubus's own needs however were a different story. Bo shook her head and tried to focus. The garuda had been defeated and everyone she loved was safe. That was all that mattered. But the battle had left her so drained and the need to feed was almost overwhelming.

Her head spun with thoughts. She had lost and gained so much over the course of this past year. Bo looked at her friends and smiled. She was simultaneously relieved that they were safe and guilt ridden by the thoughts all of they had endured this year. Kenzi, her very own, Kenzi had given up love to follow her on what appeared to be a one way journey. More than anything Bo was ecstatic that Kenzi survived unscathed (minus a notable Siren stitching). The realization that Kenzi was nowhere to be found crossed her mind. But she could barely concentrate on anything aside from her hunger.

She forced herself think of her grandfather. Wow was it strange for her to even think those words to herself. Trick was her grandfather. T he bravery that he had inspired in her; he was in so many ways much more than could ever hope for. She thought of the battle between good and evil, Light and Dark. Bo's place in the world of the Fae had remained undecided. To pick a team was never something Bo had an interest in, though she constantly found herself drawn to those who were aligned with the light.

The wolf who had given himself to her in many ways, And when she needed it most he had given up everything she meant to him in order to keep her safe. The hunger intensified inside her. The succubus was struggling with determining wrong from right at the moment and could not separate need from desire. Dyson had given his heart to save her, a sacrifice that Bo could hardly imagine making for anyone.

Bo pushed the hunger aside and her thoughts cleared momentarily. She wasn't certain about much but she was positive that no matter how hungry she wouldn't take from someone something they weren't willing to give. Out of the corner of her eye she caught a glimpse of the doctor and had a flash of memory of how Lauren had offered herself to Bo for healing. The not so subtle way in which she had rapidly began to undress.

Suddenly, Bo was very aware that the doctor had noticed her staring. It wasn't the first time that Bo had been caught checking out Lauren and if she was being honest with herself it certainly wouldn't be the last. Yet, this time was different from their usual coy game of cat and mouse. Lauren did not look away, instead she smiled. A sly confident grin spread across the doctor's face as she began to walk towards the succubus. Bo was instantly overwhelmed. Simultaneously absorbed by the fear of hurting the woman she cared for and by a deep desire to consume the woman completely.

Before Bo realized, Lauren was standing but a breath away. "Bo, I..,"

Lauren was interrupted by Bo's lips on hers. Bo could feel something inside her. It pulsed in her veins. A hunger grew like she had never felt before. A brilliant blue spark flickered behind her eyes. Her thoughts brought her to a place where that flame caught fire.

"Do you wanna get out of here?" The succubus's implication was as subtle as a jack hammer.

Lauren's smile faded a bit, "Are you certain there isn't someone else that could better suite your current needs?" Lauren's eyes flickered to Dyson who was all but literally standing in between them.

"You are exactly what I need."

Bo interlaced her fingers with Lauren's; any hesitations and resolve Lauren had instantly melted. The doctor and the succubus left the Dal oblivious to anyone but each other. Neither of them sure what they were doing; both of them certain of what they wanted.


This is some primo freaky shit

Kenzi's skin was crawling, literally. Whatever this is she needed Bo stat, but the Succubus seemed to be entangled in some things of her own. Lauren and Bo had driven off into the sunset together. Or to be more accurate the sunrise as they left, for no one knows where, before dawn. It had been only 6 days and the unintended side effects of getting Dyson's mojo back had started to become very painful.

Bo, being the best bestie one can be while amidst turning into a love sick puppy, of course had told her to call if there was an emergency. But she didn't want to rain on their romantic getaway at least not quite yet. Kenzi wasn't mad at Bo, but she certainly wasn't happy being left alone to deal with the clean up that followed. Not to mention the fact that she was going through some… changes lately.

She flipped open her cell and searched through her very limited resources of fae centered contacts. Hale was the first name she thought of, Dude had already done so much for her that night when they were fighting the garuda she hesitated to ask anything else of him. Kenzi didn't want to be a burden to the Pseudo Ash. Hale had stepped into the role temporarily while the light fae elders converged to find another fae.

Kenzi couldn't say the change was entirely unexpected and she didn't really mind the thought of Hale being the leader of the light fae. At least he didn't have go through some totally lame hunger games-esque ritual to be chosen. Though being Ash meant he had very little time for Humans or anyone really.

Kenzi running out of other options dialed Dyson and although his foul mood rang through when he answered, "Kenzi." She was relieved to hear his voice.

"Look, D-man. I know you're inner wolf is all in a twist about Bo Bo and the Doc, but I'm in serious need of help here."

"What is it?"

"How am I supposed to know? Ever since I got all texas chainsaw and attempted to massacre the norn's tree…. My skin feels like it's being trampled by a thousand invisible elephants." Kenzi stumbled around the club house. Her head started to feel dizzy.

"Kenzi, stay where you are. I will be right there." Kenzi didn't respond. There was a ringing in her ear which prevented her from being able to hear Dyson on the other end. Kenzi collapsed on the eroding wooden floor and began to scream in agony.


Morning came much faster than the doctor had wanted. A few more hours rest would do the body good after the vigorous workout she or more specifically Bo had put her through last night. Her lover stirred in the bed next to her and nestled closer to the small of her back. Lauren felt Bo's hands begin to gently caress her side.

Lauren turned over with a smile on her face, "Not that I'm one to question the libido of a succubus, but I'm pleasantly surprised by my stamina."

Bo let out a slight laugh and ran her finger through Lauren's hair, "You don't seem to be having trouble keeping up". Bo rolled on top of her and she let out a slight gasp. Lauren's hand's found their way to the Succubus's hip bones as Bo slide her right leg in between the doctor's thighs. Lauren's hips bucked into the Bo's leg as she began to apply a rhythmic pressure.

Lauren threw her head back let out a guttural moan, "Bo…"

Bo kissed Lauren gentle, "Have I mentioned that I love hearing that?"

"I think we should stop."

The succubus took a deep defeated breath and rolled off of the doctor, "That I don't love hearing." Lauren sat up on her elbows and stared at Bo, "As your doctor I advice that we get out of bed before we get bedsores. We haven't moved much this week." Bo pulled the blankets over her head in protest. Lauren yanked them down and kissed her on the forehead, "Correct me if I'm wrong but wasn't the point of seeing the sights, actually seeing them?"

"We've seen lots of things. The balcony, the floor, the bathroom, the floor again, and don't forget the bed." Bo pulled Lauren in for a deep kiss.

Lauren could feel her reservations slip, "Bo, please…"

Bo sat up and let out a sigh. "Alright where to first?"


Dyson paced the light fae lab. Kenzi had remained unconscious still. Feeling useless wasn't something Dyson enjoyed or had much experience with for that matter. His emotions were in a constant cycle between anger and frustration. Dyson clinched his fist and punched. Why hadn't she told anyone how bad it had gotten before?

Jeremy the interim doctor had been working hard to find a diagnosis but was unfamiliar with Human physiology. The strange little man seemed slightly irritated that his first real job as doctor for the light fae was tending to a human. Dyson hated wishing Lauren was here. He hated feeling she was ever needed in the fae world. But having a human doctor to examine the problem would be helpful even if the disease hadn't been brought on by human means.

Dyson's body tensed slightly as his ex partner entered the room. Hale's demeanor had changed greatly since he became the ash. There was a since of formality in almost everything that he did but that formality was non-existent when it came to Kenzi. Dyson watched as he brushed the hair away from her face, "No worries, little mama. We'll get whatever this is figured out in no time." Hale turned to Jeremy, "What's the prognosis?"

"We're still not sure," Jeremy said, "We've run almost every test we have."

"Spare no expense. This is important."

Jeremy closed his clipboard, "Is one human worth-" Before he could finish his sentence he found Dyson's hands around his neck.

"You received an order from your Ash," Dyson growled, "I suggest you follow it."

"Let him go Dyson," Hale's tone was authoritative. "Jeremy, might I recommended you use a little bit of your fae given leprechaun luck to get to the bottom of this state."

Dyson dropped Jeremy who landed on his feet. The small man dusted himself off and walked over to the lab table were Kenzi was lying unconscious.

"We need Lauren." Dyson stated the obvious as fact. He hadn't expected any hesitation from Hale.

"Lauren has been released of her duties until she decides," Hale paused "unless she decides to come back. I no longer have the authority to call her back."

"She would come if you called and you know it. She's the only hope Kenzi has."

"I'm not going to interfere with her free will. We will find another way."

Dyson shoved Hale in the chest, "You're not going to let Kenzi die. I won't let you. "

"You have no idea what she means-" Hale pushed back. "I will not marshal in the new era in light fae relations by demanding the human doctor come back."

A terrible shriek came out of Jeremy. Whose eyes were wide with fear. Kenzi's body began to convulse. The Wolf and the Siren found themselves at the human's side in an instant. Without a second thought Hale called Lauren's phone.