When Bo arrived in Australia she had quite a different welcoming than Dyson and Lauren. She was politely escorted to the Medicine Man by Colbie and his pack. As she approached the tent, the smoke cleared.

"Come in," said the Medicine Man. He gestured to a stool in the center of the tent. Bo sat down and watched him. Bo wasn't sure what she had expected, but his pale skin, black hair and green eyes weren't what comes to mind when someone says aboriginal medicine man. He knelt down next to a trunk said some words in a language Bo didn't understand and let out a small puff of smoke. The Trunk popped open and the Medicine Man tossed a vial at Bo.

Bo caught it, tucked the vial in her pocket and said, "Thanks." She handed him the pendant, "The house where we found it was empty. I'm sorry"

"That's of no concern to me now," He said. "I'm sorry your human got caught in the crossfire of my war with the Norn. The witch's weed curse was meant for her. She must have known what it was and somehow stored it." He sat down across from Bo. "Your human is strong. It would have eradicated her in days had she been a plant type fae."

"Strong is Kenzi," Bo said."What's your beef with the Norn?"

"She took something valuable from Colbie." The medicine man said shortly. His body language expressed that he wasn't interested in talking about it.

"I should get this back to my people." As she stood to leave, a thick wall of black smoke covered the exit.

"You should sit back down," The Medicine Man said.

Bo sat.

"It's funny how strong some humans are," The medicine man laughed. "Us foundlings know that from firsthand experience."

"You were raised by humans, too?"

"There are thousands of us all over the world, Bo. Abandoned by our own, forced to live amongst them as if we're their equals. Do you know your Fae parents? "

Bo sighed, "Yes. Well my mother. I met her. It didn't go well. You?"

"This pendant was my father's. Colbie believes that I was taken away from my parents because of my mother's love affair with a human. He's said that he remembers hearing rumblings and rumors about me. But my parents are long gone we've searched for them for quite some time."

Bo didn't know what to say. She sat in silence. It was obvious from the expression on his face and his tone when he said those words that he was disgusted with Humans. Bo started to wonder if a what he said about the Norn was true.

"Your lover and the wolf and the other human; all of your sorted love affairs are wasteful. Seeing their truths was the most appalling thing I've ever seen. They did their job though and brought you to me." The Medicine Man's tone startled Bo slightly.

Bo stood and tried to leave but she couldn't push her way through the dense smoke. Suddenly, he was inches away from him. She attempted to drain his Chi but she couldn't. Her mouth filled with smoke instead and she started choking.

"I hate humans, but I hate the rules and traditions of light and dark more," The medicine man said. "The Elders Light and Dark fear these animals. That fear is why we have rules; its why so many of us are abandoned and left to live amongst the humans. But we who are unmarked don't follow traditions and that's why we're the biggest threat. We will take them down by unleashing that which they fear the most."

"How do you plan to do that?" Bo was barely able to breathe.

The smoke cleared out of her lungs and Bo took in a deep breath. As she did, a cloud of orange smoke surrounded her and she inhaled.

The succubus found herself standing in a crowded college commons. Hunger filled every inch of her being. She tried to control herself but she couldn't. She drained several young students of their chi until they were dead. The entire event was a blur to the Succubus. It was if she had lost control, but not to the usual darkness. There was someone else in the driver's seat.

As shrieks and pleas came out of their mouths Bo began to fight back. When she took back control completely, she exhaled a stream of orange smoke and found herself transported to the Dal. She was sitting at the Morrigan's feet.


Hale found himself overwhelmed with fear and self doubt. He had heard Lauren attempt to explain why she had aligned herself to the dark. Looking in her eyes as he stood awake and well, he could see she felt reckless in the decision she had made. It all amounted to the fact that those closest to him didn't think he was strong enough to lead without following under the pressure Mitch put on him. Maybe they were right.

He had vaguely explained what happened when he was under, and Lauren had concluded that the beast was a combination of his and Trick's nightmares. She shuffled through the old accounts and it became clear that the Confero Memoria had not only collected memories but had manifested demons found in the unconscious. The Morrigan's crystal most have been what opened the portal he was pushed through.

He told them he was certain that somehow Kenzi was in there as well, that before he had even started she had begun shaping Trick's memories. He hung his head as he explained he couldn't stop her from sacrificing herself for him. When he lifted his head and saw the look on Dyson's face, he knew. Dyson was also in love with her.

"Dyson, when you find Trick or Kenzi, you will want to bring them to a place of happiness. A memory to share- anything that can help them defeat the nightmare," Lauren said. "I'm not sure what this means for Tricks memories. We will need to re-evaluate him after he's awake."

"Got it," Dyson said as he climbed into the machine. Hale didn't like the idea of Dyson swooping in to save the day. He was jealous that he couldn't be the one to do that for Kenzi. As he noticed the look on his ex-partner's face, it was clear this rescue was more than a friendly gesture for Dyson.

Hale watched as Lauren attached wires to Dyson's head and Hale placed the crystal on his chest. As Dyson drifted off, the machine made a loud humming noise. Hale turned to Lauren, "Do you think this will work?"

"In theory, yes" Lauren said. "Dyson just has to bring their subconscious thoughts to a place where the good thoughts outweigh the bad."

Hale heard a loud thud from behind him. He and Lauren both turned around sharply. Bo lay on the ground at the feet of the Morrigan.

"What happened? Did you find the catalyst?" Hale asked as he walked over to her.

Bo sat in silence for several seconds. All of the color had gone from her face. He then pulled the vial out of her pocket and dropped it on the ground. Jeremy rushed over, picked it up and then scurried away.

Evony bent down and picked Bo off the ground. "You reek of Death," The Morrigan said. "What have you done Succubus?"

"I was surrounded and couldn't stop feeding. I killed some while others watched. I couldn't… I wasn't in control," Bo said.

"We witnessed you lose that control earlier today, when you tried to kill me and then killed my doctor momentarily," Evony stated with disdain.

"This was different," Bo shouted. She was frantic and rambling, "The Medicine Man, he tricked us all. He said there were thousands of us, foundlings. I think he plans to do to them what he did to me."

Hale walked by her side, "What are you saying Bo?"

"I think he plans to out all of Fae-kind to Humans," Bo said to Hale.

Hale looked to Evony and then to Lauren. Evony walked over to Lauren and placed her hand on her cheek softly, "Sweetie, I think you have work to do." Hale hadn't ever put much thought into the creative process of engineering, but Evony's musing had just as much affect on Lauren as it did any of her other artists.

Like a drone Lauren walked over to her work space began fiddling with bits of scrap metal. Predictably, Bo grabbed Evony by the throat. Hale rushed to her and struggled to pull her away.

"I told you I wouldn't let you hurt her!"

Evony glared at Bo, "You've started a chain of events that might lead to the death of every single creature on this planet. That device that your lady-friend is building is our only hope." All of her usual playful flirtations had left her. Her tone was strong and straight forward. "The only reason you're not dead already is because, as strong as my hold on her is becoming, your hold is stronger. I don't have time to deal with a broken hearted doctor."

Bo's anger continued to flare. Hale couldn't help himself; he had to do something. He let go of Bo for half a second and took a hard swing at Evony knocking her back several paces. Hale then turned Bo to face him, "Bo listen to me, if what you said is true. If you killed in front of Human witnesses, then you are about to have a world of heat come down on you, girl. I can keep you safe but you have to pledge your fealty to the light."


She'd been running for miles. Somewhere along the way she lost Trick. When Kenzi stopped to catch her breath she realized that ugly thing was no longer behind her. Just then the sky went dark and she was standing in emptiness.

She was in the clubhouse watching television. Dyson appeared next to her sitting on the couch, "Kenzi?"

"D-man." She hugged him and he wrapped his arms around her back. They stood locked in an embrace for several seconds.

"What are you doing here? How can you see me? Hale couldn't."

"He wasn't looking for you. I was. Where's Trick?"

"I lost him, Dyson. He's lost.

Kenzi heard a growl from the kitchen and quickly turned toward the sound. As she saw the beast she started to run in the opposite direction. Dyson grabbed her by the waist and pulled her in close to him, "We can beat this thing, Kenzi."


"Just think happy thoughts" he whispered to her.

Kenzi closed her eyes and the beast was gone. Suddenly she found herself standing in front of Hale who had just recently been vomited on by the Glave's daughter. She was slowly unbuttoning his shirt and spent several seconds longer than necessary starting at his chest.

"Do you have any thoughts that make you happy that don't involve Hale?" Dyson asked with a large amount of what must have been jealousy. "How am I seeing this anyway? This isn't a memory of mine."

"Welcome to the inside of Kenzi's Brain." She responded. Then they were on a beach and the sun was setting.

"What is this?" Dyson said as he found himself topless and barefoot.

"Oh no no no, this can't. Dyson I… this is a dream," Kenzi said as she found her face turning red as she stood very close to him in nothing but a swimsuit.

"And what exactly happens next?" Dyson pulled her aggressively but playfully in his arms. She leaned into him while standing on her tiptoes and he bent down and kissed her deeply.

"This isn't real," Kenzi said as she pulled away.

"It could be," He said as he ran his hand through her hair. "If you want."

She leaned into him with a large smile and kissed him. Dyson pulled her down to the sand and ran his fingers softly over her back. They rolled around in the sand together playfully for several seconds and laughed a bit. When they stopped, Kenzi was on top of him. Their legs intertwined as she ran her hand over his bare chest and softy kissed him on his lips. He kissed her neck gently. As his lips moved their way up to his ears. She closed her eyes and let herself get lost in the moment for one second. Then she pulled away again. "We can't," Kenzi said standing and turning her back to him

"Because of Hale?"

"Because of Trick." She said. " Because this is a dream. Because of Bo. Because the timing is off. Because I don't want to be a consolation prize."

Before Dyson could respond the beast leapt toward them. He grabbed her and then they were instantly standing in The Ash's compound. Lauren was holding Lachlan with a needle to his neck and Kenzi stood across from them.

"Why don't I remember this?" Kenzi said.

"We had switched bodies. This is when I found out there were few limitations to your strength and spirit. You changed every thought I'd ever had about humans."

"And I found out your heart was empty without Bo's love"

The Beast growled at them again and lunged at Dyson. It managed to knock him on the floor. He wrestled around with it for a few seconds and then tossed it to the side. He grabbed Kenzi by the hand they were suddenly in his apartment. Kenzi had just got his love back from the Norn.

"Logical jump, subconscious," Kenzi laughed. "Only in my dreams are my memories of you not involving Bo."

Dyson walked to her and kissed her deeply, "Something changed this day, Kenzi. Yes when my love came back Bo was there. She will always be there somewhere in the back of my mind. But Kenzi, I'm in love with you. And you can blame Bo for keeping us apart, but you and I both know she's not the one who's really standing in our way. "

The portal opened and he kissed her once again. "I have to find Trick," he said as he pushed her through the opening.

Kenzi gasped and sat up sharply as she found herself sitting in Trick's bed once again. The bandages were off her body. She found herself wondering if what had just happened was real. She hoped it was and wasn't all at the same time. Dyson loving her would complicate things greatly.

Jeremy was by her bedside smiling. Kenzi glanced over her body noticing the affects of the witch's weed had all but disappeared. Jeremy smiled and held up his hand for a high five, "Go Team Kenzi."