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My eyelids slowly rose, and the world was all blurry for a second. But then it cleared, and I saw my green room filled with my all of my awesome treasure. But Cy, Rob, and Rae don't count my experiment of how long will it take for mold to grow on my pizza. I tried to sit up, but my arms and legs felt as heavy as crowbars.

After a few tires, and managed to sit up, and my head throbbed with pain—it was like I had been shot in the head. I let out a burp and closed my eyes against the sun light that fell through my window. I got up and lumbered over to the window and closed the curtains.

I yawned.

I tried to remember what had happened last night, but everything was blurry. We were throwing a huge party…. Music… laughing…..beer…..all of the rest of the Titans…more beer…..and—and—

Raven laughing?

What made her laugh? What made Raven, the dark, demon daughter, the always natural voice, green tea sipping and novel reading Raven laugh? It rang in my ears and it made me want to laugh too. I rolled my neck and stretched, and my back popped. A note slipped from my sleeve and down to the carpet. I picked up the stick note. it said:

Date: next Friday, 7:00. See you then


I had a date? With who? Who's R? I decided to think about that after a shower and breakfast. Cyborg had installed a Bathroom into each room last year because it had sucked sharing one bathroom between the five of us. Suddenly, I felt sick.

It rushed to the toilet and threw up, leaving my bathroom smelling awful. Once I was done I sat up and wiped away puke from my lips. Yuck. This day wasn't starting out too great. I must have a hangover—must have drunk a little too much last night.

I pushed myself up using the counter and looked at myself in the mirror. I had what everyone else looked like when they get a hangover in the movies; messy hair, bloodshot eyes, sleep rings under my eyes, and a grey lip stick stain on my cheek. Wait—a grey lipstick stain? No one on the Titans wore grey lipstick except, except—

"Raven!" I laughed. That meant—"Duuuuuuuude! I have a date with Raven!" I screamed! I got a date with Raven, I had been trying to get a date with her for years and—I rushed back to the toilet and threw up again. Apparently yelling while having a hangover isn't smart.

But it really didn't bother me too much—I would have ten hangovers again and again just so that date next Friday would be awesome. I couldn't wait!

Kickin Kori Anders strikes again!

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