Characters: Prussia, Germany, Russia, the Axis Powers, and the Allied Forces.
Pairings: None
Genre: Angst.
Warnings: Angst. Angst everywhere.


He was alone.

The only company he had was the cold.

He sat there, unable to move. White surrounded him.

Perhaps the numbing cold was something merciful; a gift from the gods above, ebbing the pain away.

All he could see was darkness beyond the white patch he was sitting in.

Black nothingness.

"I will be taking this one."

A faraway voice brushed against his frozen ear, as if to be soothing. But it was only an illusion of comfort.

They had lost the war. Again.

(He was furious at his former boss. He thought that the Führer had been the one who would lead them to victory. How so very wrong he had been.)

He heard inaudible murmurs. But somehow, he knew they were arguing with the voice.

"You wish to dissolve him. I wish to take him under my custody. It will be the same, да?"

Hesitant mutters.


A new voice, usually so apathetic and strict, rang clearly. It emanated fear and worry.


No, Ludwig.

He struggled to move, trying desperately to get up and yell that he was here, everything would be okay.
That he could hear his precious brother.

But his voice was gone.

"Bruder, aufwachen, bitte—"

His brother was silenced.

He knew what was going on now. Since they had been defeated (yet again), their fate was being decided.

(After all, the victors are the ones who wrote history.)

He could just imagine what was happening around his unconscious body; Feliciano sobbing, Lovino cursing like no tomorrow – perhaps there wouldn't even be a tomorrow – Kiku silently glaring with narrowed, darkened eyes, and his brother.

His younger brother – reserved, stoic and lovable. So very lovable.

He would be flustered and blushing, spluttering at him. He would laugh and ruffle the blonde hair, messing up Ludwig's gelled hair (he had always found it annoying anyways), teasingly.

"I will be taking him. That is final."

He could hear his brother protesting. It faded away.

"Прощайте, товарищи."

No more laughing. No more teasing. No more screwing up gelled hair.

No more Ludwig.

"Come, подсолнечник. We are leaving." The voice whispered, almost lovingly. "I will take care of you."

He shivered. He wanted to scream, thrash and roar in defiance. He knew he was being carried away. He knew he was being torn away. He knew he was being forced away. All from his brother.

And there was nothing he could do.


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Sorry… I seem to write a lot of angsty stuff. Yeah.

Well, I hope it was at least enjoyable…? I first wrote this on May 8th. So, um. My apologies if it wasn't too your liking.

I don't think I need to really say it, but this is taking place just after World War II. The Axis Powers have been defeated again. And regarding the part about Hitler… My headcanon is that the nations will follow their bosses. They believe what their leaders say. It sort of irritates me when I read FanFiction and Germany's like "I WAS AGAINST HITLER THE WHOLE TIME" because NO. Germany was NOT. It was most likely Germany believed everything Hitler said. Germany was in a lot of trouble between WWI and WWII, and Hitler seemed like a god to the Germans. And I think Germany (and in this case, Prussia) felt betrayed when Hitler committed suicide. But this is just my interpretation.

Also for the Russian and German, I apologize. I used Google translate, so don't expect too much… Ask me if you don't understand what was being said.