AN: Just a random drabble based off of recent spoilers. Kind crackish.

The current and former Glee Club members couldn't believe their eyes as they watched Quinn Fabray waltz into the choir room. None of them had heard from her since graduation, although they heard quite a lot about her. About how she had dropped out of Yale, was dating her professor, and was pregnant again. And so far it seemed as though at one of those rumors were true. Quinn Fabray, single no more.

They had all seen it; the hug in the parking lot, the kiss, the way she squeaked after the blatant ass grab. It was sickening. They were all very sorry for being nosy and hurriedly scurried off for fear to getting caught snooping. One couldn't truly blame them though. The blonde had seemingly cut off all contact and with her first appearance in months of course they'd be curious as to what she'd been up to.

And now here she was, holding the hand of her latest love interest. She greeted them with a chipper, "Hey guys!" as though she hadn't just dropped off the face of the planet and fallen into Wonderland. She received no response, only curious and confused stares. The silence was unsettling, yet none of them could find the ability to break. "Something wrong?"

"You!" the others answered simultaneously. Quinn quirked an eyebrow.

"What are you talking about?"

"You! The two of you!" they answered, gesturing between Quinn and her new lover. Her pupils dilated momentarily but she quickly regained her composure, not that it mattered much. Her actions were already noted by her friends.

"What about us?" she asked, her tone normal.

"Don't mess with us Fabray! We all saw you macking in the parking lot!" A few sighed as Quinn paled. Count on Santana to get right to the point. "So would you like to explain yourself?" she asked, tapping her foot impatiently. "And why the hell is Berry dressed like that?! Hell, I preferred the animal sweaters!"


"Just telling the truth."

Quinn looked over to Rachel, down to their hands and then back up to her face. After a nod from the brunette, she intertwined their fingers and turned back to the Gleeks, a bright smile plastered on her face. "Rachel and I are dating!" And that was one rumor down, albeit having a different conclusion than any of them had anticipated.

"But the spoilers- I mean rumors said were dating your professor," someone chirped in, earned bewildered looks from both Rachel and Quinn.

"What?" they said in unison. "Of course not; that's… sick." Quinn's face scrunched up in disgust just at the thought of it.

"You still didn't answer my other question Q."

"Oh, right. Rachel's doing this performance for school. She thought that dressing in her costume would help her get into character. She plays a… Oh," she trailed off, piecing things together. "I see where you guys got mixed up. Rachel's playing a college professor." They nodded slowing in agreement. It made sense… in a way.

"Okay… and you're not preggos again, are you?"

"What? Where are you guys hearing this stuff?"


AN: I think I mostly wrote this because I find Lea to be highly attractive whatever that outfit is supposed to be for. Very very attractive.