E/O Challenge WoW: Surge
Two drabbles for the price of one :D
Disclaimer: Eight series and they're still not mine.

Set in Season 7

Sam fought down the surge of anxiety as he stood in silence, determinedly holding his ground, staring down the Devil.
Arms folded, leaning against the wall, Lucifer looked right back; his expression assured, confident. Never-the-less, it was Lucifer who finally broke the silence.
"Sammy, Sammy, Sammy. You can glare at me all you want, I'm going nowhere. How about we both sit down instead? You know, chew the fat, reminisce a little about the good old days, back in the cage. What d'ya say?"

Sam simply turned away, satisfied. Lucifer had caved in first. Sam counted it as a win.

It wasn't the reaction the Demon expected...

"Sire...the inner sturgeons have been contained ready for...Sire?"
To the wrinkled, (so wrinkled he made Sharpe puppies look ironed), Demon's horror, as he made his proud announcement the King of Hell collapsed; the royal head hitting his desk top with a solid thunk.

The Demon hesitated, hopping from foot to foot indecisively. Should he back out quietly? Pretend he'd never been there? Or was it his demonly duty to go over, ready to perform the kiss of life? To his eternal (literally) relief, Crowley lifted his head. The Demon was mortified to see his king was crying!
"It's insurgents...you moron!"
Crowley's shoulders still shook with laughter.

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