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"Harry! Get up or we'll be late!" the shrill voice of Harry's female best friend pierced the peace of the younger boy's dream

"Alright I'm up" he sat up and rubbed his under shadowed emerald eyes tiredly. He had been having a nice dream, he had been sitting on a fluffy cloud looking down on the world, his 'Auntie' Anna had been by his side. Anna wasn't really his Aunt; she was the sister of his Mother's Mother, his grandma Azrael. All angels are brothers and sisters and despite Azrael having to give up her daughter because of the impending war in heaven, her brothers and sisters still cared for Harry.

Anna was one of the higher ranking angels, leading her own garrison. Despite all of the duties she had, she always had time for her nephew, she was one of the angels who saw it as their personal mission to protect him and keep him safe, alongside Michael, Gabriel, Balthazar, Hester, Inias, Castiel and, for some reason, even Lucifer saw it as his job to keep the boy safe.

That was one that always confused people, Lucifer going out of his way to protect the boy. No Demon in their right mind would harm the boy; in fact, they often fought to defend him. It was said that he was special, his grandmother had been the first Angel to conceive a child in history, and as her daughter's son he gave the others hope that it was possible for angels to have families.

"Where are we going again?" he mumbled as he pulled his shirt over his head

"Well so far, Ron and I have both been to your house-"

"It's my Aunt and Uncle's house not mine" Harry interrupted

"And you and I have both been to Ron's multiple times so I thought you and Ron could come to mine for a few days" Hermione continued as if he hadn't spoken

"Wonderful, but do we have to be up so early?"

"Harry, its half past nine, that's hardly early" the older witch rolled her eyes at her best friend

"It is a Saturday Hermione. I wake up before ten on a Saturday for neither man nor beast" and he stubbornly threw himself back on to his bed, only to be dragged off again by the ankles

"Stroppy little madam today aren't we" Hermione said condescendingly as she looked down at the slightly dishevelled teen, Ron snickered in the background as Harry got to his feet and brushed himself off in an attempt to salvage what was left of his dignity.

"Whatever, and if you ever call me a girl again I'll-"

"You'll what? Glare me to death?" Hermione giggled and ruffled the shorter boy's ebony hair playfully.

Harry's scruffy raven hair was starting to grow out a little now, curling slightly at the ends. His ivory pale skin and large emerald eyes added to the overall 'Dark Angel' look that many girls claimed he pulled off well. If only they knew.

"Ok fine, let's go already" he smiled and picked up the bag which contained the things he would need for the coming week

"Fantastic, let's go" and she grabbed the two by the arm and dragged them out the door


"Mum, we're here!" Hermione called out as they entered through the back door into the small cottage

"Hermione! Sweetheart, I thought you'd never get here" Mrs. Granger hugged her daughter tightly

"It took a while to get Harry out of bed this morning" Hermione laughed as she let go

"Hey!" Harry narrowed his eyes at her

"Hello dear, you must be Harry" Mrs. Granger smiled down at him.

"Yes Ma'am" Harry tipped a non-existent hat to her with a kind smile

"And you must be Ron" Hermione's Mother shook Ron's hand

"That's me, nice to meet you properly Mrs. Granger, we didn't get much of a chance in Diagon Alley that time" Ron looked rather abashed, probably because of his Father's embarrassing behaviour that day

"Not to worry my dear, and please, call me Jean" she smiled and went over to the oven as the egg timer went off.

Jean Granger was a pretty woman, with dark brown hair and green eyes and a kind smile. Forty years old (according to Hermione), she looked more like thirty five with her unwrinkled white skin and long dark hair pulled back into a bun.

Just then a small girl ran into the room, a stuffed toy fish clutched in her hand. Not more than eight, the girl was a miniature Hermione.

"Hesper, look your sister's home" Jean smiled down at her younger daughter

"Mini!" Hesper threw herself at Hermione who hugged the little girl back

"Hello Hessy" Hermione kissed the smaller girl on the head

"Kiss Tuna too" Hesper held out the toy fish

"Hello Tuna" Hermione smiled and kissed the fish too

"Mini?" Ron asked, looking at Hermione

"She's only eight, she can't say Hermione properly so she calls me Mini" Hermione explained

"Hello Hesper" Harry smiled as he knelt down to the smaller girl's level. Hesper's eyes went wide and she gasped before running out of the room

"Was it something I said?" Harry stood up, looking concerned

"That's odd, Hesper's not usually shy" Hermione said, just then they heard Hesper's voice outside

"Daddy, daddy come quick! There's an Angel in the kitchen!"

"If you say so Hesper" came a voice that clearly belonged to Mr. Granger, the man entering the cottage a few seconds later

"Look! See!" Hesper said, pointing at Harry. The others laughed at Hesper's quaintly childish behaviour

"Hesper honey that's not an Angel. That's my friend Harry, the one I told you all the stories about, remember?" Hermione smiled down at the eight year old

"Don't ruin the girl's faith Hermione" Harry admonished her, "what makes you think I'm an Angel then sweetie?" he asked, kneeling again to speak to the little girl

"The wings" she pointed over his shoulder

"Oops! I didn't realise they were showing, good thing you noticed or I might have got into trouble" he smiled pulling his wings in. It was clear this little girl was a potential prophetess of the Lord, if she could see his wings when they were hidden from mortal sight

"Trouble? Why?" Hesper tilted her head adorably

Harry smiled, "Well you see Hesper, I'm here on earth on a very important mission from the Good Lord, and if any horrible old Demons find out what I am I might get into a lot of trouble" he said seriously, "so shhhhhhh, ok?" he put a finger to his lips and winked

"Ok" Hesper nodded, a very serious look on her young face, she then walked off and went into the other room

"Sorry about that, Hesper's been obsessed with angels and the like recently, ever since they did the archangels at Sunday school" Jean smiled

"I don't blame her, it's a perfectly healthy thing to have an obsession with after all; Michael, Gabriel, Azrael, Raphael, Uriel, Chamuel and Ariel" Harry smiled

"You know the seven off by heart?" Mr. Granger asked

"Naturally, it was part of my training as an Angel to know all the major players in angelic society" Harry winked, he was going to enjoy this week; he could say whatever he liked about his life as an Angel and they would all think he was humouring little Hesper

"You're going to have to humour her all week now; she'll be constantly asking questions about angels" Hermione smiled

"That's ok, it's cute how interested she is" he laughed

"Well, you asked for it" Hermione rolled her eyes

"Leave him be Hermione" Ron laughed


Later that night, they were having dinner.

"Harry?" Hesper asked from next to him, she had insisted she be allowed to sit next to him

"Yes Hesper?" he replied politely

"Harry isn't really an Angel's name" she tilted her head cutely

"Ah well, it's not my real name" he said with a wink, he actually had a different name that the angels called him

"What's your real name?"

"It's Moriel, M-O-R-I-E-L" he spelled it out for her

"Moriel? That's a cool name, sounds more like a proper Angel name too" Hesper smiled up at him, her doey-eyes wide

"It means 'God is my teacher' in Hebrew, all the old Angel names are Hebrew" he patted her on the head

"Why Hebrew?" Hesper asked

"Because it's the closest mortal language to Enochian" he smiled


"The language of the angels, in Enochian, my name reads as Xtall-Med-Don-Gon-Graupha-Ourh, which is a bit of a mouthful, don't you think?" Harry laughed

"That's funny, does my name translate into Enochian?" Hesper asked, pronouncing 'translate' very carefully

"I can spell it in Enochian letters for you, the letter names are phonetic, which means they can be spelled in English the way they sound. The actual letters are more complicated though" he said, "This is what my name looks like in Enochian characters" he wrote it on a piece of paper from his pocket

"What's my name?" Hesper asked

"This is it in Enochian characters" Harry wrote it underneath his own name

"That's cool, how do you say it?"

"It reads as Nach-Graupha-Fam-Malchs-Graupha-Don" he pronounced it carefully for her

"That's confusing" Hesper laughed

"Yeah I guess. Sounds cooler in an Angel's voice anyway" Harry chuckled

"What does it sound like in an Angel's voice?"

"Oh, don't think that's such a good idea, human ears aren't built to cope with the sound of an Angel's true voice. I could go as close to it as its safe to though I suppose" he tilted his head in thought

"Please?" Hesper looked up at him, pleading with those big brown eyes

"Oh, okay then, you've convinced me" he cleared his throat and did a quick pitch test to see how close to his true voice he could get before speaking the translation of Hesper's name

"Wow! That's amazing" Hesper whispered

"Thanks, it's been a while since I've spoken in proper Angel tones, so that was kinda fun" he smiled down at the little girl

"Well I hope your mission from the Lord goes well dear" Jean smiled, clearly humouring her daughter

"I hope so too, goodness knows the world might end if it doesn't" Harry threw in a fake shudder for dramatic effect

"What is the mission?" Hesper asked

"Well, there's this evil wizard who's trying to take over the entire world, my mission is to stop him" Harry nodded seriously at the little girl, she reminded him so much of Clarissa

"Wow" Hesper whispered, her brown eyes wide

"Well I think it's time someone was in bed" Daniel Granger smiled and lifted Hesper from her chair to carry her upstairs

"Mini? Will you tell me a bedtime story?" the little girl yawned

"Sure thing hon, what one do you wanna hear this time?"

"The one about the troll" Hesper said eagerly

"Of course you do, it is your favourite after all" Hermione rolled her eyes

"That's 'cause it's got the Angel in it"

Hermione laughed at that and took her sister upstairs

"We ought to be getting to bed too" Harry said, getting up

"Yeah, you need to be well rested for this mission from God of yours don't you?" Ron laughed teasingly

"I sure do" Harry smiled and gave his boyfriend a kiss on the cheek. Harry and Ron had been dating for a few years now, a sort of agreement until one of them got a girlfriend.


Harry drifted off to sleep quickly that night, finding himself on the fluffy cloud again, his silver wings stretched out behind him and his halo glowing above his head

"Moriel" a voice spoke from behind him. Turning, Harry saw the familiar brown hair and blue eyes of his Uncle

"Uncle Castiel!" he threw himself at the fallen Angel and hugged him, even in dreams, Castiel's grubby trench coat still held the familiar scent of soil and rain

"Nephew, how are things in England?" Castiel asked as they sat on the edge of the cloud to dangle their legs over the side

"Same as usual, I'm staying at Hermione's for a week. Her little sister has Angel sight" Harry said

"Angel sight? She could see your wings even when they were furled?"

"Yes, but she's only eight so anything I say about angels just comes across as me humouring her obsession with them. How are my brothers?"

"Velvel, Misael and Feivel or Dean and Sam?"

"Dean and Sam, are they ok?" Harry clarified; having so many adoptive and foster families was confusing sometimes

"They are fine, having Clarissa and Xanthia around has helped immensely, especially since Dean became a seraph" Castiel answered

"I still can't believe that Dean became a seraph because you left a bit of your Grace in him when you raised him from perdition" Harry rolled his eyes

"If I could have prevented it I would have, you know that more than anyone, being the Angel of times past"

"True, but it had to happen, just as Sam will eventually join the ranks alongside his brother" Harry spoke with a certainty in his voice that left none in doubt that he spoke the truth

"He still plays the fool though" Castiel laughed

"That will never change, I remember that time I recorded him lip-synching to 'eye of the tiger' when we in Rock Ridge in Colorado, that was ridiculous" Harry laughed as he remembered that video which he watched back when he was depressed

"I remember you showing me that recording, it was… entertaining" Castiel reasoned

"Yeah, I guess so, is Clarissa behaving?" Harry asked with a smirk, his accent slipping into American

"She has been very well behaved, although she misses you and asked me to pass this on to you" Castiel reached into his pocket and pulled out a piece of paper, on it was a picture of what Harry could tell was Clarissa, Dean, Sam, Bobby (instantly recognisable by the wheelchair), John, Ellen, Jo, Gabriel, Castiel and himself, all standing beneath the words 'Team Free Will' with Xanthia; Clarissa's pet hellcat, clutched in Clarissa's arms.

"She's turning into quite the artistic little dolly isn't she?" Harry smiled but noticed that Castiel seemed concerned

"Uncle? What is it?" he asked

"Nothing of import" Castiel said doggedly

"Castiel" Harry said in his commanding voice, as an Angel, Harry was one of the Powers, a full three ranks above Castiel.

"There is a small issue" Castiel said evasively

"What sort of issue?" Harry asked worriedly

"Metatron, Michael and Lucifer, they're all missing" Castiel said