"Ok so what the Hell is going on?" Dean asked, as they left the building, leaning on 'Ron's' shoulder for support since the blow to the head when they were captured had left him a little woozy

"Well, oh hold up" Ron stopped

"What the- Are you shrinking?" Dean said as the group paused

"Yeah, one sec" the younger boy let out a slow breath and suddenly, Ron was Harry. And Harry was Ron.

"That was an awesome plan Harry, really, you're a genius" Ron said

"I knew that left over polyjuice potion from second year would come in handy" Harry smiled at his boyfriend as Castiel Angel-teleported them back to Bobby's

"Are you two gonna explain what that was?" Adam asked as he sat Lucifer down on the couch

"It's kinda funny really, when you think about it. I will say it was one of my more ingenious plans" Harry smiled

Cue Flashback sequence

"Ron, Hermione, can I talk to you alone for a minute?" he said and walked out of the room

"Sure" Ron said and followed, Hermione right behind him

The three of them went down to Bobby's panic room where Harry knew they couldn't be overheard.

"Ok, I have a plan, but it all hinges on you being ok with it Ron" he said

"What is it?" the red head asked

Harry took a glass vial out of his pocket along with two empty ones

"I took this from the cauldron in Myrtle's bathroom back in second year, figured it might come in handy one day" Harry said, the vial was full of polyjuice potion

"I think I know where this is going" Ron said, nodding

"Eve won't be worrying about me trying to kill her if she already has me prisoner will she?" the younger wizard smiled

"I take a vial with your hair, you take one with mine. She capture me disguised as you, while you disguised as me sneak up on her and stab her in the back" Ron said

"Yes, but you two have to get yourselves captured, that's where this gets problematic" Harry bit his lip

"If it stops Eve and rescues our friends, I'll do it"

"But what about your voices?" Hermione said

"I'll get myself punched in the jaw when we get captured, I can pretend it's broken so I can't talk" Ron shrugged

"Harry, this is…" Hermione struggled to find words

"Stupid, idiotic, foolish?" he supplied for her

"Genius!" she corrected him

"I take it you don't want the others to know?" Ron said

"an old friend of mine one said 'the best way to keep a secret? Keep it to yourself. Second best? Tell one other person, if you must. There is no third best.' He'd kill me if I knew I was breaking rule 4" Harry laughed

"Ok, so when do we take the potion?" Ron asked

"After we split up from the others, we don't want them to know after all" Harry said, giving Ron a vial and one of his hairs, Ron dropped the hair in and passed on of his to Harry

"Let's go, good luck" Harry said and they went back upstairs

After relaying the 'false plan' to the others, they Angel-teleported to the building, got ready and split up.

"You sure about this?" Ron asked Harry

"Not a bit, but when has that ever stopped us?" the green eyed Angel smiled "You remember the plan?"

"Yeah, it's putting it into action that worries me"

"Don't sweat babe, this'll go off like fireworks at the fourth of July" Harry gave Ron a crooked smile

"But what if-" Ron started

"Don't worry, the timing will be perfect" Harry consoled him.

"Time to go?" Ron asked, Harry nodded and they pulled out their flasks

"Remember, we have an hour to do this so the sooner you guys get caught, the better" Harry said

"Gotcha'" Hermione said

"Well, down the hatch" Ron said and toasted Harry with his vial

"Cheers" Harry replied and they threw the potion back, a few seconds and they had morphed into each other

"Right, good luck" 'Ron' said and disappeared off

"Let's do this" 'Harry' said and they set off in search of one of Eve's patrolling guards.

Finding one within about five minutes, 'Harry' checked his watch,

"Right, hit me" he said to Hermione as the hid around the corner, she swung back her left fist and clocked him in the jaw, which resulted in him swearing and dropping the heavy flashlight he'd been carrying. If that didn't attract the attention of the guard then nothing would.

End Flashback

"And you know the rest, I waited until Eve had her back turned and snuck up on her, stabbed her in the back and we've come full circle" Harry laughed as he finished the story

"That, was just…" Sam stuttered

"Lunacy, foolish, suicidal?"

"Amazing" Sam laughed "I would never have thought of that, switching places with Ron using polyjuice potion? You're an evil genius"

"Aw shucks, don't flatter me so" Harry giggled and pretended to blush

"I'll admit now, even I was impressed" Hermione said from where she was perched in Adam's lap, the older Angel's wings wrapped around her comfortably

"I'm just that awesome" Harry shrugged

"Isn't pride a sin Harry?" Daniel said with a smile

"Well he is one quarter Demon blood on his Mother's side" Lucifer said from where he, Michael and Metatron were recuperating on camp beds laid out in the middle of the room

"Mwahahahaha!" Harry gave a perfect and well practiced evil laugh as his eyes turned black

"Someone get the salt" Hermione called out jokingly

"Hey!" Harry said indignantly as Castiel, who had been giving the Host of Heaven a report on what had happened, flew back in. Loose papers went flying everywhere from the updraft of his wings

"Confetti, it's a parade!" Castiel laughed

"Dude are you drunk?" Sam asked

"What? No" Castiel shook his head

"Oh shut up you two" Ellen said as she placed a gentle kiss on Bobby's cheek, the two had liked each other for a while but the Eve issue had convinced them to finally get together

"If you insist" Castiel said

"I just called your mum, she's relieved everything went ok" Daniel said as he came back into the room

"Love you daddy" Clarissa said with a smile on her pale lips

"Love you two sweetie" Harry smiled, "so Dean, what do you wanna do tomorrow night?"

"The same thing we do every night Harry" Dean said "try to save the world"

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