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Chapter 13

Charmed of the dead

Episode 3.03

Muddy and wet shoes made their impact into a small puddle while trees clouded the view of four women running through the forest. The night made it hard to see as they ran with torn and blood stained clothing. Clouds of vapor came out of their mouths as the air was cold and their body's warm.

"We need to get out of the dam forest!" one yelled while the others ran behind.

"There is too many!" the other said.

Behind them were other things chasing them, they were not fast but what they lacked in speed they made up in numbers. A helicopter above was hovering but could not land in the dense forest as a man strayed to look through the thick foliage.

"We need to get them out!" he yelled.

"There is nowhere to land," the pilot said while looking down and could see what was chasing them. The share numbers too many to count. 50 then 100 and more as he could see dark shadows behind the women.

The one in front stopped as she almost went over a cliff and put her arms out to stop the others.

"Oh god, we have nowhere to go," she said and turned to face the hundreds of things coming after them. She put her hand in the one next to her as the others did the same. They looked at each other and knew it was the end.

"Well girls it was fun," one said and they all nodded as they turned and jumped off, hoping for a fast death, as the one that was coming after them would have been slow and a painful one.

"NO!" the man yelled from the helicopter while the women fell into the darkness.

Phoebe awoke with a start and it caused her other sisters to wake as well. She was sweating and breathing fast as her dream seemed more like a premonition then a harmless dream.

"Phoebe you ok?" Piper asks.

"Um I don't know," she replied while holding her chest trying to get her hart to stop its overdrive mode.

"What was it?" Prue asks.

"A bad dream but it could have been a premonition, I just don't know," she replied and got out of bed.

"Where are you going?" Piper asks.

"Bathroom, you nosey people," she replied and went to clean off her face and get a cold drink.

"Should we be worried?" Piper asks Prue.

"What do you think?'

Later that day when they all finely woke up Phoebe decided to tell them what she saw.

"Wait who was the other woman that was with us?" Piper asks.

"I don't know," Phoebe replied as she took a drink of coffee.

"And why would Leo be in a helicopter, why didn't he just orb us out?" Prue asks.

"Again I don't know," Phoebe said a little frustrated.

"Sorry but it could have been just an odd dream," Piper said as Leo orbed in. "Hay want some coffee?" Piper asks.

"Um we need to go to New York," he said and everyone just looked at him.

"What?" Prue asks.

"There is a woman there that can help you guys fight the queen of wands," Leo replied.

"She just can't come here?" Phoebe asks.

"No she does not want to leave, sorry she is adamant about it," he replied.

"Well can it wait?" Piper asks.

"No Piper it can't if the queen of wands attacks, you guys are screwed," Leo replied.

"Ok but I need to tell you something before we go," Phoebe said as she put her coffee mug down.

"You do that and I will get some clothes ready," Prue said.

"Why Leo can just orb us back," Piper asks.

"I know but maybe after we get some info we could hit the town, Phoebe might know of some good places for us to go too," Prue replied and got up to leave the room.

"A vacation are you kidding me, because Prue I don't think we are up to that," Piper said as she went with her. Prue stopped at the bottom of the stairs.

"I think it is exactly what we need Piper, just a few days to get our self's back," Prue said.

"Or to try to forget," Piper said as she knew what her sister was doing.

"And what is wrong with that," Prue said and headed up stairs. Piper hesitated for a moment as she thought of Phoebe's dream or premonition and knew that Prue was not going to give up on the little holiday. She went upstairs and packed a small bag with some extra clothing while Phoebe told Leo what she saw.

"So what do you think?" Phoebe asks.

"It could just be a dream, I mean Phoebe I would have orbed you guys away not just let you jump," Leo replied.

"You're right, I really need to stop watching those movies before I go to bed," she said and hugged him. "Ok I am going to pack," she said and headed up stairs as Leo began to worry about what she saw.

Once they were done packing Leo orbed them to an apartment in New York and Phoebe could not help but smile as she remembered being there for a short time of her life. She missed the energy the place gives off and the night life that it offered.

"Hello and my name is Lady Laois," the 50 something woman said with an Irish accent.

"Hi so you're the one who can help us?" Prue asks but was untrusting of everyone these days.

"Yes I know what you're up against and what you will need to overcome to fight her," she replied and showed them to a room that was wall to wall books that looked older than New York itself.

"How can you help us?" Phoebe asks while running her hands over the old books.

"I am a historian so to speak and know the beginning of everything," she replied as she pulled out an old book that was bigger than their book of shadows.

"So I guess know it all would be appropriate," Piper said and felt Phoebe hit her on the arm. "Sorry."

"Its ok you would be right," Lady Laois said as she gave a small smile while turning the pages of the book.

"Piper I need to go," Leo whispered into her ear.

"What now, Leo," Piper said as she was already getting upset with him.

"I'm sorry but I am just a call away so don't worry," he said and gave her a kiss on the cheek before orbing out.

"So how do we kill her?" Prue asks getting to the point.

"That will take some time you need to toughen up and that is all I can tell you for now," she replied and wrote something down on a piece of paper. Prue found her comment more like an insult then a suggestion.

"I think we are tough enough," Prue said.

"Do you now," Lady Laois said as she walked over to a table.

"Listen we don't have time for games so just tell us how to kill her so we can get on with our lives," Prue said as her body almost shook with anger.

"Prue," Piper said noticing her sister's demeanor.

"I will have this ready by the time you wake up tomorrow, until then go site seeing and enjoy New York," the woman replied unfazed by Prue's harshness.

"Come on let's find a hotel," Piper said and took Prue's arm but she pulled away as she still did not like being touched by anyone. Piper pulled away as well and felt her heart sink as Prue headed out.

"She ok?" Phoebe whispered.

"No, so do you know any good places to stay?" Piper asks.

"Yeah but you're paying right?" Phoebe asks while putting her arm under Piper's as they walked.

"You bet," Piper replied and put her hand on Phoebe's arm as they left.

The woman begins the ritual as she read from the book in an old language.

The sisters made their way to a hotel after a taxi dropped them off and got their bags out of the trunk.

"Is this place going to cost me my life savings?" Prue asks as a door man helped with the luggage.

"Maybe half," Phoebe said jokingly.

"Come on guys its still early and I am starving, there is a great chef here that I always wanted to try," Piper said while Prue was getting their keys for the room.

"What do you think she is doing?" Phoebe asks Piper while they waited for Prue.

"Getting the keys," Piper replied as the elevator was opening.

"No the other one, you know the weird one," Phoebe said referring to Lady Laois.

"Conjuring our death probably," Piper said as Prue came up to them with a man who had their bags.

"Piper don't you hate elevators?" Phoebe asks.

"I was ok until you said something," Piper said while holding on to the reel tightly.

"Sorry," Phoebe said as Prue and she both bit their lips a little to keep from laughing.

After a few agonizing moments Piper was first to get off the elevator and felt better while Phoebe and Prue were next. They let the man take them to their room and Piper gave him a tip as Phoebe jumped on the bed and then bounced off because it was so hard. She landed on the floor while Piper and Prue just tilted their heads a bit.

"You ok frogger?" Prue asks as Phoebe got up and dusted herself off.

"Cute," Phoebe replied as Piper opened the curtains to see outside. Lights flickered everywhere as cars and people were on the move, getting ready for a night on the town.

"So where is this restaurant?" Phoebe asks.

"5th and 6th street I think, we can asks the taxi when we get down there," Piper replied.

"No I am not a tourist Piper and I know where 5th and 6th street is," Phoebe said.

"What's the name of the restaurant?" Prue asks.

"Back Forty West," Piper replied.

"That's not on 5th street its on 70 Prince st," Phoebe said and could not help but gloat a little.

"Ok smarty pants who does not know how to get on a bed," Piper said reminding her baby sister of her earlier mistake.

After a great dinner they all headed back to the hotel and got ready for bed. Meanwhile Lady Laois was finishing up as Leo orbed in but she disappeared in front of him as the room began to change. It looked like no one has lived there for years and now he was completely confused," Lady Laois?" he asks but got no reply. He then tried to orb but found he could not and Phoebe's vision rushed into his head. "Dammit," he said and tried to sense Piper but found he could not. He had no idea where they were staying and headed out of the room in hopes to find them.

The others were asleep as Piper awoke from a nightmare she had but kept herself quiet as she looked out the window. The once flickering lights were off and the street dark as she could see some people running down the street. "This is an odd place," she said to herself as she could see someone else who was not exactly walking but almost limping along in no particular hurry. Then she saw another moving the same way. She snorted as drunken people in the middle of the street seemed to be normal and she was too tired to think about it. She crawled back into bed and was thankful that the bright lights of New York took the night off. Leo tried the elevator but it seemed there was no electricity in the building at all and it looked run down just like Lady's Laois room. "What the hell is going on," he said as he heard some odd noises coming from the dark hallway. "Who's there?" he asks while trying to get a good look at was a few feet away. The moaning got louder and was mixed with a gurgling noise like someone was choking on water. Without his powers he would need to rely on what he removed from his army days but as a medic he did not see much of the hand to hand combat and looked for a weapon. "Listen I don't want to hurt anyone but you need to tell me what is going on," he said while holding a long pipe he found on the floor as he stood his ground while the noise seemed to grow and become more than one. Finally what light there was in the building, mostly coming from the full moon outside showed him what he wanted to see or not. Six people who did not look like people any more were coming at him. Their eyes were glazed over and a white film was over them. Some had blood coming out of open wounds and the moans were changing to deep growls as they got closer.

"Shit," he said and made a dash for the stair case but the darkness made it impossible to see as he had to use his hands to feel his way down. He would stop and use his ears to check for anyone that might be coming and could hear the door he just left being banged on or clawed at. He decided to keep going and get his bearings on the street as there might be someone out there who could help him.

Phoebe rolled her neck as she awoke from a deep sleep. She was thankful not to have nightmares for once as the last couple of weeks have been trying for all of them. She looked down at her sleeping sisters and smiled a bit as she was even more thankful to have them. She remembered how lonely she was in this big city and how much she missed them, even though she would never admit that to Prue.

She smacked her lips together and headed for the bathroom to freshen up as today they were going to find out how to kill the one who put them in this predicament in the first place. She was half awake when she tried to turn on the light and found it did not work. "Great," she said as the light bulb was out or at least she thought. She then went to turn on the water and at first nothing came on but the sound of pipes shaking made her turn it off. "Oh come on," she said as she could not see anything and felt around for the commode so she could relive herself of the too much alcohol she drank last night. The seat was cold and hoped her sisters would not need to go alleviate themselves as the electric might be out in the building, but she could not hold it any longer and went. She used her hand to feel around for some paper but after a few minutes she gave up and then felt for a towel. She finely felt something that was soft and used it. "I hope that wasn't a shirt or something," she said and opened the door to go back into the room. It was almost pitch black but some light was coming through the curtains. She decided to open them a little to let some sun light in but it did not take long for her to see that something was off. The streets were bear and there were some cars abandoned in the middle of the road. She looked across the street and the building looked abandoned and not for a day but for years," Oh am I dreaming again," she said as she heard some grumbling come from the bed.

"Phoebe close the curtain," Prue said while using the blanket to cover her face and then she immediately took it off, like it was alive. "Ok who farted so bad last night that it soiled up the sheets," she said while moving it off of her.

"Prue am I dreaming?" Phoebe asks as she turned around while opening the curtains.

"No and for god's sake," Prue replied but stopped when she saw the state of the room. The walls had dark smudges all over them and what looked like blood stains. She then looked down at the bed that was also covered in some kind of stains and the sheets were tattered and torn. Prue jumped out of bed as Piper started to wake.

"What the hell is wrong with you people?" Piper asks while starting to sit up and rubbing her eyes.

"Piper get out of bed," Prue said while Phoebe looked into the bathroom that was lit up now from the sun coming through the window.

"Oh god," Phoebe said and covered her mouth at what she just did her business in. It was worse than the room and it almost made her vomit.

"What – why?" Piper asks as she finely cleared her eyes out and looked down at the bed she was sleeping in. "Oh my god," she said and jumped out while rubbing her arms and legs like there were bugs all over her.

"Phoebe if you pulled me into one of your crazy dreams," Piper said as she started looking around at the room.

"Hay I did not do this," Phoebe said defensively.

"Ok lets calm down and try to figure this out," Prue said while running her hand through her hair.

"First we need a lot of disinfected," Piper said as she was afraid to touch anything.

"I looked outside and the buildings are abandoned from what I can tell, so is the street," Phoebe said while the others came over to look.

"This doesn't make any sense, its like no one has lived here in years," Prue said as she wiped off the crime from the window to get a better view with her shirt.

"That's not possible," Piper chimed in.

"That bitch," Prue said as she stepped away from the window. Both Piper and Phoebe were a little confused at who she was referencing, but it did not take long for them to figure it out.

"You think she did this?" Piper asks.

"Who else Piper, she tricked us," Prue replied as she began to pace the room.

"Why, Leo apparently trusted her," Phoebe said.

"Leo," Piper said softly.

"You might need to yell louder than that," Prue said.

"Leo!" Piper yelled but after a few moments when no white lights lit the room, she began to panic," Why – why is he not answering me?"

"I don't know sweetie but I'm sure he is fine. Us on the other hand seem to be in a pickle," Phoebe replied.

They all stood silent for a moment as they tried to think of what could have happened. The furniture that was in the room was either broken or too disgusting to sit on, so they just walked back and forth.

"My phone, I will just call the police," Phoebe said and pulled her cell phone out of her purse. She started walking around the room as she held it above her head," I'm not getting any signal not even one bar," she said while Prue and Piper did the same.

"Me too," Piper said while Prue nodded.

"Ok so we have no communication with anyone including them," Prue said while looking up," And the city is either abandoned or something really bad happened."

"I don't like either one of those options," Piper said.

"Then tell me another," Prue said and put her hands on her hips.

"We all ate bad shrimp," Piper added.

"I think we can leave food poisoning out of the scenario," Phoebe said.

"On the bright side were not in a forest so its not your premonition," Prue said as she walked back over to the window and looked out. The once quiet street now had people on it but as she got a good look at them she kept her excitement to a minimum. Something wasn't right about them, their movement slow and disorientated as they seem to be just walking with no purpose.

"Not yet," Phoebe said not convinced that what she saw was not going to happen.

"Um guys you may want to get a look at this," Prue said and they walked over.

"Oh thank god," Piper said as she was happy to see movement on the street.

"You may want to hold that praise for a moment, some things off about them, they looked drugged or something," Prue said as for the most part she could just see the tops of their heads.

"Last night when I got up, I saw some people running and then other people acting like that. I just blew if off to a drunken stupor or something," Piper said.

"Wait that means this happened last night," Prue said.

"Yeah it's kind of weird for some reason the song thriller popped into my head," Piper said with a snort.

"Zombies dance in the street?" Phoebe asks as she looked down the street and could see more coming. But instead of just seeing the tops of their heads, now she could see most of the body. Their movements were like the movies that scared her to death and blood was prevalent on their bodies. They were only about six stories high and that was too close for comfort for her. She backed away from the window as her heart began to pound and sweat beaded on her forehead. While her other sisters were afraid of elevators, snakes or saying I love you, she was only terrified of two things. One was losing a sister and the other was zombies. Prue and Piper were staring down at the group near an abandoned car trying to figure out what was wrong with them as Phoebe continued to back up. She felt like there was not enough oxygen in the room and could barely stand as she sat down on the bed not even concerned about its state. She began to rock back and forth as her body shook.

"Phoebe what do you think is going on?" Piper asks and when she did not get a reply, she turned around to see her baby sister pale as a ghost and staring into space. "Phoebe are you ok?" she asks and thought for a moment she was having a premonition.

"No zombies I hate zombies," Phoebe replied in a shaking voice.

"Oh sweetie they're not zombies, there is no such thing. Listen there probably just drunk or something," Piper said while rubbing her sister shoulder and looking at her older sister for support. Prue was quiet for a moment as the possibility of the dead walking could be true considering everything they have seen in their lives," Right Prue," Piper said.

"Ok the odds of that happening are very slim, but considering our surroundings and everything that we've been through, I can't write it off," Prue replied hesitantly and Phoebe began to rock harder.

"Oh god, oh god I can't do this – I can't do this," Phoebe whimpered and both Prue and Piper were complexed as Prue bent down in front of her.

"Phoebe you love those movies why are you so scared?" Prue asks.

"Because they're just movies and I thought it would help me get over it, but its not," Phoebe replied. Piper stood up and started getting dressed.

"What – what are you doing?" Phoebe asks.

"Phoebe we need to get out of the city and to help, there has to be someone out there who can help us or tell us what's going on. We can't stay here," Piper replied.

"Yes we can, there is food in my bag that I brought home from the restaurant," Phoebe said.

"Um sweetie that is probably not going to last very long," Prue said and began to get dressed herself.

"I can't go out there, you guys don't understand I don't think I could even move," Phoebe pleaded.

"Phoebe there is one thing we have that the people in those movies don't have, we have our powers. Piper can freeze them and I can send them flying," Prue said in hopes to get her baby sister to at least get dressed.

"Prue we don't know if that will work on them and if they are human we can't exactly kill them," Piper said and Prue's patients was finished.

"Piper I am trying to get our sister to not pass out and you're not helping," Prue said and when she used her hands to exaggerate that point a chair went flying out the window and landed on top of a car on the street which caused the alarm to go off.

"On the bright side we have our powers, but you just woke up the entire neighborhood," Piper said as she looked out the broken window and more were coming to the car and close to the building they were in.

"What do we do?" Phoebe asks.

"We find that wonderful persons apartment and then kill her and get back to our lives," Prue replied as she was referring to Lady Laois.

"Phoebe you stay behind me ok," Piper said but Phoebe immediately shook her head.

"Nope that person in the back always gets bitten or taken and if we get bit, we will turn into one of them and I don't want to be eaten alive," Phoebe said while shaking her head no.

"Piper you will be behind Phoebe and she will be behind me," Prue said and Piper was not exactly comfortable with that arrangement especially after what her baby sister just said.

"K," Piper said reluctantly.

"You can freeze them," Prue tried to comfort her.

"K," Piper said while taking in a deep breath.

"We stick together and we do not separate no matter what. The plan is to get to a car that runs hopefully and go back to Lady Laois apartment," Prue said and after Piper helped Phoebe get the courage to stand she took her place in the back. Immediately she felt uncomfortable and exposed as she kept looking over her shoulder while Prue opened the door slowly and check the hallway.

"Here," Phoebe said and handed Prue her phone to give off some light as the hallway was dark except for the little like the came through the windows at the end.

"Chances are the elevator is not working, so you're clear Piper," Prue said and Piper gave a crooked grin.

they headed out of the room stuck together like as Phoebe was holding onto Prue's arm so tight the circulation was being cut off while Prue held the phone out in front of her to see. Piper had her hands on Phoebe's shoulders but kept looking behind her.

"I've come to the conclusion that I do not like being in the back," Piper whispered as they approached the stairwell.

"Ok its going to get really dark and we will need to be vigilant, there are no windows in the stairwell," Prue said and she could hear Phoebe hold her breath and her hands shake on her arm. "Phoebe its going to be fine," she said and for the first time she was seeing real fear in her sisters face.

"Ok I'm ok," Phoebe said quietly almost to the point it was not audible.

They started down the staircase and Prue was right, it was completely black as the only light was given off by the cell phone and that was just enough to light up the bloodstained walls.

"Alternate reality," Piper said and Prue stopped her momentum.

"What?" Prue asks.

"I think we are in an alternate reality or some other kind of universe," Piper replied.

"Why did it have to be zombies, why couldn't it be bunnies," Phoebe said.

"Dead bunnies?" Piper asks.

"No, fuzzy very alive happy bunnies," Phoebe replied.

"Lets keep moving and we will discuss this later," Prue said as standing in one place for too long was not a good idea. After going down 12 flights of steps in complete darkness, they finally made it to the exit. "Piper I need you to go first, so you can freeze them if there is any out there," Prue said and moved to the back in front of Phoebe.

"And I don't like the front," Piper said while walking past her. She took in a deep breath and opened the door slowly as the stairwell filled with light and her other sisters got a good look at what made the blood stains. Body parts arms and legs ripped and torn off and chewed up like dog toys. They both cover their mouths to cover the screen that threaten to escape as Piper was gathering courage to step outside the door. Phoebe wanted out of the stairwell but did not want to push Piper out the door so she closed her eyes and waited for the okay as she could still feel Prue's hand on her back. Piper took one step out to the side walk and unfortunately stepped on some broken glass. She cringed as the sound echoed the empty streets and took the attention away from cars alarm as dead faces now were looking right at them.

"Dammit," Piper said through her teeth as they started coming their way and the sheer number made her doubt that she could freeze them all," Guys there is a lot of them," she said and put her hands out.

"Just do it Piper," Prue said as she pushed Phoebe forward who now had her eyes wide open. Piper did what she asks and they did freeze in place but the ones that were further off were still coming. Prue got in front of Piper and sent the ones that were frozen backward into the adjacent building across from them. They hit the wall with the wet thud as their bodies were mostly decomposing. The others did not even notice what occurred to the others and just kept coming.

"There must be hundreds of them," Piper said as she lost count.

"We need to find a car and now," Prue said as she began to look at the streets for anything that would move faster than their legs. "Come on over here," Prue said and found a car that looked like it would run.

"Don't let them bite you," Phoebe said while following closely behind Prue with Piper in tow. Prue used her power to send any that got in her way as she finally made it to the sedan. The door was locked but she used her power to gain access. Piper was freezing any that got to close but it was causing a pileup as the ones that were too far back were just climbing over the others. Prue opened the door and got in the driver seat while Phoebe made her way around.

"Prue the door," Phoebe said as she grabbed the handle and it would not budge. Prue reached across and unlock the door so she could get in.

"Piper come on!" Phoebe yelled and got in closing the door behind her. The ones that climbed over the others were almost on top of them and Piper's power was getting weaker as she has never used it so extensively before. She kept trying to freeze them but it would only last for a few seconds and then they would jerk back to life.

"Fuck," she said and grabbed the door but it was locked as Prue was looking for car keys to start it up. "Prue unlock the damn door!" Piper yelled but Prue was focusing her power on starting the car and when it turned over she felt a sense of relief until she hear Phoebe scream.

"Prue unlock the door now!" Phoebe said while trying to reach the lock in the back. Prue began to look around for the button but was interrupted by one of the zombies, undead or whatever you want to call them had its face plastered against the glass like it was trying to use its teeth to chew through.

"Piper!" Phoebe yelled as they surround the car and Piper.

"Prue!" Piper yelled as she felt hands on her body. She turned around to freeze them but her arms were pinned to her side as teeth bit hard on her neck and she could feel herself being pulled to the ground.

"Piper!" Phoebe yelled as her sister disappeared in the crowd of very hungry and numerous walkers. Prue tried frantically to open the door but could not get it to even crack as the pressure from the other side was too much while the others that were not feeding were trying to get to them. Phoebe tries to do the same on her side but had the same result. They could hear Piper's screams as they used all their might to get the door open.

"I need to get them away," Prue said and put the car in drive in hopes to lure them away from Piper.

"Oh god this is not happening," Phoebe said while the car pulled away. Prue did not care who or what she ran over as she pushed on the horn to get their attention. She finally got some distance and did a hard turn to get back to Piper. She stopped when she saw the pile that was on Piper and then saw them freeze as the others that were not frozen coming towards her car.

"Prue go now get to her," Phoebe said as she got herself ready to jump out. They saw Piper crawling out from the pile but she was covered with blood and left a trail behind her as she was trying to get to a door. She was only using one hand and her legs to move her as she would periodically turn to freeze the ones that were coming back. Piper did not know if her sisters were alive or dead or if they left her. Her only hope was to get to that door and call for Leo. Prue put her foot on the gas and plowed over as many as she could as Piper made it to the door and managed to even close it. Phoebe jumped out along with Prue as the noise made more come out of their hiding places to feed.

"Piper let us in sweetie," Phoebe said and pushed the door open as Prue came up behind her. Piper was leaning against the wall breathing heavily and had her hand to her chest that was missing two fingers.

"Your ok – you're ok," Phoebe said as she kneeled down next to her and looked for something to stop the bleeding.

Prue shut the door behind her and looked for something to barricade it while Phoebe attended Piper.

"Prue I need you," Phoebe said as she used her phone to give them some light. It was then that she saw the extensiveness of the injuries. Her legs had chunks taken out and her neck was bleeding badly. She had other bite marks all over her body as Phoebe did not even know where to start. Piper was shaking as she was going into shock.

"You need to go," Piper pushed out as it was almost impossible to speak.

"No we are not leaving you," Phoebe said as Prue got next to her.

"Go," Piper said again as she used her hand that still had all its fingers and put it to Phoebe's face.

"Piper you're not going to die, do you understand me not here, not know," Prue cried as she was trying to think of a way to save them.

"Go and I love you both," Piper whimpered as her body finally quit its function and her hand fell from Phoebe's face leaving a bloodstream down her cheek.

"Piper get up, don't you do this!" Prue yelled as the door that kept the others out was now giving way. Phoebe put her shaking hand on Piper's wrist and could not feel a pulse.

"No, Leo!" she yelled but he did not come. Prue stood up filled with rage and looked at her remaining sister and refused for her to die as well. Prue walked over to the door and removed the barricades and used her power to make the door opened forcefully causing the zombies to go flying backwards.

"Phoebe we need to go, we can fix this but we can't safe her if we die," Prue said as she stepped out into the street.

"We love you too," Phoebe whispered into Piper's ear while tears rolled down her cheek. She hesitantly stood and her fear changed to anger as she grabbed a shovel that was next to the door. Prue's power was at its peak as she took out all of her rage on the oncoming mob. Phoebe used the shovel to smash the head of any that got close to her. They were changed forever as the blood ran the dry streets wet once more as they made their way to the car. Prue got in and Phoebe was next. They both sat there for a moment and look back at the building there dead sister was in. Prue put her foot on the gas and ran over as many as she could on her way out of the city. Neither one of them said anything to each other as they drove down an empty street and over the bridge into the suburbs. Finally after the shock wore off and the realization hit them, Prue stopped the car but kept both hands on the steering and she stared out into oblivion.

"Prue we can fix this right, all we need to do is get back to our reality and she will be there or we undo the spell, right?" Phoebe hopefully asks but Prue did not move. "Prue please answer me." She said but Prue just open the door and slammed it shut as she walked across the street and stumbled into a ditch. She screamed and pounds the ground as she felt completely lost. Phoebe could no longer contain her sorrow and began to rock back and forth in the car as she too pounded the dashboard. After an hour or so they both got somewhat of their composure back and knew that the charmed ones don't stay dead for long.

"We undo the spell, that will bring Piper back," Prue said as she got in the car.

"So we go back and go to that woman's apartment, there has to be something there," Phoebe said.

"It's going to have to be on foot, we don't have any gas," Prue said as the sun was setting.

"I don't want to go at night," Phoebe said while she locked her door and closed the window.

"Neither do I, we will go in the morning," Prue said and did the same to hers. She finally found the button that unlocks the doors and almost felt sick and she hit it. If she just would have found it when she needed it, Piper would be with them, she thought as Phoebe snuggled up close to her. Prue put her arm around her baby sister and tried to keep her tears to a minimum. Sleep was not going to come at least not for one of them.

Meanwhile back in the city the streets were fairly quiet except for the occasional moans and groans could be heard in dark alleys and abandoned buildings. The full moonlight pierced through the window highlighting a face that was once very much alive. The missing fingers began to grow back and the other wounds begin to heal as Piper arched her back and took in a long deep breath. She opened her eyes and looked at her hand that was now complete again. Her clothing was still covered with blood but she was no longer injured as she looked around the small room she was in. The door that she struggled to get to was gone and she could see the street as she got up while using the wall to give her balance. "What the hell?" she said as she stepped out onto the sidewalk warily. She remembered being eaten alive and dying. She had a flash of flesh rush through her mind and she shook her head to get it out. She was too busy trying to get her bearings to notice one of the dead standing right next her. She looked to her side as it stopped for a moment and then walked right past her as she stood perfectly still afraid to move. Another one stepped out from behind the corner and did the same, like she was not there.

"Ok am I dead?" she asks herself as no one was around who could really answer. She put her hand to her chest to feel her heartbeat. "Not dead, my sisters they left," Piper said and put her hand to her mouth to keep her fear contained. "I told them to leave, where would they go?" she said and began to look for another car. "Out of the city and back to the manner," she said and after walking a few blocks she found a car in the middle of the road. She opened the door and checked the ignition," Thank god," she said as she found a key still in it. She started the car and noticed half a tank of gas still in it. She looked down the abandoned street and at the signs that were lit up by her headlights. "They were panicked so they just would have went straight," she said and put the car in drive and headed out of the city.

Prue felt her eyes get heavy and can no longer keep them open as Phoebe still had a death grip on her. She let them close but the moment they did a pound on the window made her jump and almost to the other side of the car. She immediately tried to turn on the vehicle but with no gas its just cranked.

"Fuck!" she said as Phoebe was also beginning to panic.

"Prue wait!" a voice yelled from the other side of the window and Prue recognized it immediately but recall what Phoebe said about being bitten.

"No please don't do this," Prue pleaded as Phoebe just stared at her once dead sister.

"Dammit Prue its me," Piper said from the other side of the door.

"Piper," Phoebe said and a huge smile came on her face. She struggled with the door to open it but Prue stopped her.

"Phoebe we don't know if she is really Piper," Prue said.

"Prue zombies can't talk," Phoebe said and ignored Prue as she opened the door and came around the other side but instead of a loving embrace she kept her distance.

"What oh for god's sake Phoebe I'm not one of them," Piper said as Prue climbed out the passenger side and stood next to Phoebe.

"Phoebe give me your phone," Prue said and took it over to Piper. She turned it on and put the light to Pipers face to check her eyes. They were normal the dark brown she loved so much.

"Piper how?" Prue asks.

"I – I don't know, maybe something with our blood, I don't know," Piper replied and never wanted a hug so bad in her life. Phoebe did not hesitate and wrapped around her. Prue could not hold back either and she did the same. Piper let tears roll down her face as the odds of finding them were slim to none.

"How did you get out?" Prue asks.

"It's like they don't see me, they walked right past me," Piper replied as she wiped her face.

"We were going to go back in the morning and try to undo what happened," Prue said.

"Um the city is crawling with those things; I think we should make our way back to the book. And who knows maybe not the whole world is affected, there could be civilization just down the street," Piper said.

"It's a long drive," Prue added.

"I know but we always wanted a road trip," Piper said and smiled a bit as they all giggled a little.

"We can siphon gas on the way, I'm sure there are some abandoned cars," Phoebe suggested.

"You know how to do that?" Prue asks suspiciously.

"Chalk it up to my bad streak," Phoebe replied.

"Ok we head out in the morning, until then one of us needs to stay awake and keep lookout," Prue said as she went to the car Piper had.

"Don't look at me, I died," Piper said as she climbed in the back.

"Sweetie all of us have died at some point," Phoebe said as she looked at her middle sister and felt whole again.

"Dam I thought I could really use that one," Piper said and smiled back.

"I got it, you guys get some sleep. Piper will drive first and then she can rest, then you," Prue said as Phoebe climbed in the back and snuggled up to Piper.

"Sounds good," Piper said as Phoebe rested her head on Piper's shoulder.

Meanwhile Leo was still in the city as he found a place to hide out. He barricaded himself in a room that was on the10th floor but make sure he had a clear exit. From what he could tell these things were relatively stupid and could not climb ladders. He held the pipe close to his body is dried blood mixed with fresh. His clothing was covered with dirt and filth and he was completely exhausted. All he could think of was Piper and hoped that she and her sisters were safe. He could no longer keep his eyes open and let himself drift to a very uncomfortable sleep.

To be continued…


All the sisters will go through the change so to speak. They will meet people along the way and will it end the way Phoebe envisioned or will they be saved? Why are they really there did the ritual go awry or was this part of the plan to begin with? Stay tuned as the sisters discover the best of human nature and the demons that lie within.