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Just to get readers caught up with what happened to them before they ended up in this alternative reality. The story started in underworld rising, here is what occurred.

Prue was raped by the man who tried to do it when she was 17 but when they went back she could not get away from him.

Piper is feeling enormous guilt for the girl who committed suicide because of her actions.

Phoebe is feeling worthless as she overheard her grandmother when she was a teenager talking to her mother about her lack of responsibility and that she would not amount to anything.

Chapter 18

Speak your mind

Piper was making the bed in the backroom when Phoebe came in and closed the door. No one really talked to her after what happened in the store mostly because they understood. They got what they needed and were back on the desolate road occasionally having to use their RVs as battling rams to get through.

"Hay need some help?" Phoebe asks.

"Sure but you usually don't make your bed," Piper replied while tossing her one end of the sheet.

"Why I just mess it up again when I go to bed," Phoebe said and got a snide look from Piper.

"Yeah your logic is undeniable," Piper said with a smile.

"Piper I think we need to talk."

"About what?"

"Don't you think its odd, you know Andy being here and Dan and now Andy is all 'I will go with you' he does not even know was that will," Phoebe replied as she tucked the sheet under the mattress.

"Phoebe what are you saying?"

"That may be he is a demon, I mean we were already attacked by one and I think it was Balthazar from our world and not this one," Phoebe replied as she kept an eye on the door.

"The last thing I want to do is tell Prue that Andy is a demon, she is barely hanging on as it is," Piper said while putting the pillow in its casing.

"So we just let her do this?"

"Phoebe I can't say I have not thought about it, that the odds of running into everyone like this, is not a weird coincidence, but I just can't do that right now," Piper replied.

"We could test him," Phoebe suggested.

"Sure will stab him in the heart see if he blows up," Piper said in her normal sarcastic tone.

"What about the warlock test?"

"If he's a warlock but if you're right and we are going to open up all kinds of heart ache for her," Piper replied.

"Its better than being dead," Phoebe said.

"Phoebe I know you're on some kind of kick right now about going all Rambo on evil's ass but that doesn't mean we start using the group," Piper said.

"Oh is that what you think this is, a kick?" Phoebe asks as her eyes narrowed and Piper went to reply but she just shook her head side to side and left the room.

"Hay we are not done," Piper said while holding the comforter and when she realized her helper was not coming back, her body slumped slightly.

Phoebe came out of the bedroom clearly disheveled as she walked past Prue and Paige.

"What were you and Piper argument about?" Paige asks.

"Probably that Phoebe sucks when it comes to making the bed, Piper is kind of a neat freak," Prue replied.

"What is that supposed to mean?" Phoebe asks.

"It was a joke Phoebe," Prue replied.

"No because I usually suck everything right."

"Um I heard you kicked some zombie ass today," Paige jumped in and hopes to calm the situation.

"What is up with you?" Prue asks as she was now to her feet.

"Really Prue, I mean you're just making decisions without even considering anyone else and you're asking what's wrong with me!" Phoebe replied as she straightened her body as though ready for a fight.

"Because these decisions have nothing to do with you," Prue said as Piper came out of the back bedroom because of the commotion and immediately stood next to Phoebe as she was afraid what she would say.

"Of course these decisions have everything to do with us, did you ever think that it was really convenient that Indy was here," Phoebe said as Piper grabbed her younger sister's hand and squeezed. Phoebe pulled away as she hated being told what to say.

"What the hell is that supposed to mean?" Prue asks.

"Nothing Prue," Piper said through her teeth while looking at Phoebe.

"No I'm not to be told to shut up, I'm not a baby anymore, and I am an adult. I think Andy is a demon and Dan considering what he did to Piper," Phoebe replied in her voice did not waiver. Prue bit her lower lip slightly and her jaw tightened.

"Prue we don't know anything yet and I'm sure he is not," Piper said as she could tell her oldest was about to unleash.

"Don't take up for her Piper like she said she is an adult and she should own what she said," Prue said as Piper began to play with her hands in front of her. Paige could feel the tension in the small accommodations worked like a vacuum and begin to suck out any of the oxygen in the room.

"Guys we don't we just talk about this calmly," Paige suggested and then wished she did not as both Phoebe's and Prue's eyes were now set on her, as though she was a uninvited guest at an exclusive party.

"Paige stay out of it," Prue said and set her eyes back on Phoebe.

"Oh that's nice Prue because now you have to younger sisters to control," Phoebe said as Piper took in a deep breath and Paige whom was not one to just take any kind of tongue lashing, stood up from her seat.

"Phoebe is right in your decisions do affect all of us, it was because of you that Piper was taken in the first place because 'you decided to kidnap one of them' for god's sake he does not even know you in this world," Paige said as she put her hands on her hip.

"You don't know me Paige and you don't know anything about us or what we have gone through," Prue said as her body shook slightly.

"Your right I don't know you, and I don't know what you have gone through, because one you won't tell me and two I was given up at birth!" Paige yelled as she left the RV, slamming the door behind her.

Prue looked at Piper who was giving her that look she knew too well over the years, a mixture of disbelief and disappointment.

"Don't give me that look," Prue said and left the RV as well.

"Well that went well," Piper said and sat down.

"She doesn't get it," Phoebe said and sat down a crossed from her. Piper looked up through her hands that were cradling her face as her elbows rested on the table.


"Piper you know that I am right, so why didn't you defend me more?"

"Phoebe I did the best I could without turning her against me as well and for the record I'm not completely convinced you're right," Piper said as her hands uncovered her face.

"Right you usually do take her side," Phoebe said and before Piper could reply to that statement, Phoebe was gone too and she was now left alone in the RV.

Prue was talking to Andy when Phoebe stepped out of the RV. Their eyes only met for a moment but there was a lot said through that contact. Phoebe headed off into one direction across from the interstate as Paige was already looking for a quiet place to think.

"Is everything ok?" Andy asks.

"Yeah its fine I just need to alone time," Prue said and headed off in the opposite direction of any of her sisters as the sun was beginning to set.

"Prue be careful," Andy said as Leo came out from the tree line and bumped into Prue.

"Hay," he said awaiting some kind of apology but when he did not get one he just shrugged his shoulders and headed to the RV.

Piper was cleaning as it helped her focus and relax after the argument when Leo came in.

"What are you doing?" he asks.

"Oh just destroying our wonderful sister connection," Piper replied and Leo just looked at her confused.

Prue made her way to a clearing and just started to pace as the words that Phoebe said ran through her mind like small razor blades.

"He is not a demon, he can't be," she said as the sun was lowering faster now after crusting the horizon.

Paige also found a secluded place and sat down on a tree stump.

"Great I find out that I have sisters and they turn out to be crazy," she said while her small shadow was dimming because of the lack of sunlight.

Phoebe stood in a field with tall grass and picked up a sad looking stick that at one point was attached to them majestic tree.

"Phoebe," a familiar voice said piercing the darkness and overshadowing the crickets and other nightly noises.

"Grams?" Phoebe said as she saw her grandmother standing only a few feet away.

"Yes and why did you do that how could you hurt Prue that way?" Penny said.

"What?" Phoebe asks while tears threatened to escape her already weary eyes.

"She has protected you or her life and now you turn against, see I knew you have not changed, you are still the selfish and responsible girl I knew," Penny said and Phoebe began to stumble backwards as the words from her grandmother or like fire on her skin.

Piper was working on dinner as Leo was watching her.

"I understand why Phoebe thinks that way, I mean she's right its kind of a weird coincidence," Piper said as Leo gave a small smile as his eyes darkened. He looked over and saw a kitchen knife on the table that Piper was using to cut some greens they found along the way. He quietly picked it up and put it behind his back.

"I think that Phoebe is just paranoid," he said as he approached her.

"Leo be serious," Piper said as she looked up from the small sink and saw his reflection. She could always tell when something was off with him, mostly because of eyes that were always loving but these were different, they were hate filled.

Paige heard rustling coming from the trees around her. She stood up as he looked in all directions thinking at first it was the Wally's but when two men came out of the woods that she did not recognize, nor were they the walking dead, she tried to orb. She closed her eyes tight and thought of the RV but because of her lack of practice she ended up right back where she was as the two men formed energy balls.

"Oh god," she said as she was not used to fighting demons on a regular basis.

"Wrong." one said as he tossed it at her.

Prue stopped her pacing when four demons came out of the woods and surrounded her.

"Not a good time guys," she said as she was already furious and was ready to let a lot of that out.

"Kill her," one said and tossed a fireball at her. She put her hand out palm facing out and sent the fireball back to its sender. It hit him in the chest and sent him flying backwards as one grabbed her from behind.

Phoebe was about to collapse as her grandmother continued her hateful words when she heard footsteps behind her. She looked into her grandmother's eyes and could see a reflection of two human silhouettes behind her.

"You're not her," Phoebe said and pulled out the two long knifes she has been caring since the small gift shop. She then turned and tossed them underhand at the two demons that were coming at her. They hit their mark in both demons exploded as the other changed to Balthazar. She turned around and could see red demon smiling wickedly at her.

"Nice shot, but I will not be so easy," he said as Phoebe did a barrel roll and grabbed her knifes that were lying on the ground.

"Neither am I," Phoebe said and was ready to fight him.

Piper closed her eyes tight for a moment as she gathered the courage to turn face whatever this was. She turned quickly and stuck her hands out to freeze him, but he managed to grab her arms and pin them to her side while his face was only a few inches away from her.

"Now Piper is that anyway to treat your fiancé," he said and his foul breath made her turn her face.

"Get off me," she said and used her knee to hit him in the groin but he just laughed.

"We are not exactly equipped," he said and then she used the only thing she could, her head. After she had butted him, it caused him to stumble backwards dropping the knife. She picked it up but before she could send this demon to hell, he backhanded her and she hit the ground hard slightly dazed.

Prue flipped the demon that held her over her back and then found a sharp stick to plunge it into his chest. He went up in flames as the others approached. She looked up at them and could feel a surge of energy run through her body as she stood up.

"Like I said not a good time," she said and used her telekinesis in what she thought was going to send them all flying, but instead the topsoil of the earth in front of her was stripped as hot Amber made the dirt berm and like a sonic blast from an explosion the demons were not only sent backwards but engulfed in flames. She looked at her hand like it was foreign to her as she could hear muffled screams in the distance. She took off towards them as she figured if she was attacked and potentially her other sisters were as well.

Phoebe and Balthazar were fighting hand-to-hand as they knifes clashed, causing sparks to light up the ground beneath them. He was able to disarm her and with one quick movement is large form was now on top of her small one. She could feel heat generating from his body and his crushing weight was causing her lungs to struggle. Phoebe looked into his black eyes but something was off as his face contorted while his hand went around her neck. She clawed at his large forearms and dark blood was coming out of the fresh wounds she inflicted but he kept squeezing while his face was struggling with some other inner demons. She tried kicking and even tried to scream but nothing could come out of the closed passageway her voice would normally escape from. Everything started to go dark as her vision began to blur.

Paige orbed as an energy ball passed right through her and when she was back to a solid mass, she checked herself for injury. Another energy ball was coming out and she stuck her hand out instinctively to block it. But instead of hitting her get on she was now holding it in her hand and after looking at it little stunned for a moment she remembered how her power works. She pushed her hand outward and the energy ball went flying back to the demon that sent it. He did not have time to move and it hit him dead on. He exploded into flames as the other began to turn and run.

"Stick!" Paige yelled and a large sharp branch turned into white orbs and then reformed into the demons back. He also exploded into flames and after a moment of being impressed with herself, she headed back to the RV.

Piper was trying to get away from her Leo looking demon as she was on her stomach while he cackled evilly. She was bleeding from her lip as she tried to make it to broom that fell doing the fight. She was not sure what to do with it but it was a weapon. The demon picked up the knife from the floor and walked over to her as she got hold of the broom.

"Prue!" she yelled in hopes her sister was outside. She turned around on her back and used the bathroom door as leverage to break the broom in half, creating a sharp point. The demon was already in the process of coming down with a nice when she pushed the point end into his chest. He grabbed the part that did not make its way through and stumbled backwards as Andy came in with his gun at the ready. The demon screamed in pain and then exploded as Piper let her body relax for a moment as she was out of breath.

Prue ran to the muffled screams and could see Leo tied to a tree with duct tape over his mouth. He was using his legs to push off the Wally's that wanted to take a chunk out of him.

"Leo?" Prue asks as she used her powers to get them off, but all she got back in a response was more muffled noises. She untied him and he ripped the duct tape off his mouth and any facial hair around area went with it.

"Piper," he said knowing that a demon was going to try to kill her. Prue did not need an explanation as she began to reign for they are free with Leo in tow.

Phoebe was about to lose consciousness when Balthazar let go and moved away from her like a child not sure of why he was scorned. She took in deep breath and got to her feet while rubbing her neck. She immediately began to look for her knifes and once the glimmer caught her eye as the moonlight hit it, she grabbed it, but when she looked up he was gone.

"Ok that was odd," she said and ran back to the RV. All the sisters met at the campground as Leo ran past them and into the RV.

"Piper," he said when he saw her sitting at the table with a towel on her lip.

"Leo, what happened to your face?" she asks noticing the lack of hair in us where around his mouth.

"Duct tape, you ok?" he asks while pulling away the towel and seeing the cut lip.

"Yeah but you try to kill me," she replied.

"Piper its wasn't me," he said while getting some water to clean her lip.

"Maybe she's right," Piper said as the other sisters came in to check on her. Piper could see the red marks around Phoebe's neck and that all of them looked like they fit in some kind of fight.

"We really need to get home," Prue said as she sat down.

To be continued…