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Zoe: We will not see the others just yet but like Lady Laois said, Planting the seed. The question is to what?

Chapter 22

Planting the seed

"So what do we do now?" Phoebe asks as they remained in the car as more of the dead were walking past them.

"I say we go in and do the spell to get home and just let it go," Paige replied.

"Then she finds my dead body upstairs, I know that this is not our world but Paige she is still a human being," Piper said.

"We still don't know if we can get the dead out of the ghostly plane when we get back," Paige added.

"One crisis at a time Paige," Prue said as she opened the door.

"Prue how are we going to explain this," Piper said as she got out as well.

"Just like we did with the group, we tell her the truth," Prue replied and continued to the door with her sisters behind her.

Leo was sitting on the couch as Andy was by the fireplace and Prue was drinking some water as she was clearly dehydrated. The front door opened and the sisters walked into the room but Prue remained behind the wall as not to shock the other one, just yet.

"Piper thank god and Phoebe," Prue said and ran to them both. "I thought I never see you again."

"Yeah same here, "Phoebe said but it came off a little cold.

"Prue we need to talk," Piper said as the other Prue stepped out from behind the wall.

"Who – who is that?" Prue asks as she backed up seeing herself.

"Ok listen here it is in a nut shell, we are not from this world, we are from a parallel world that is just like this one, except there is no dead walking around and we are witches. We were sent here to gather an army to fight the queen of wands so we can get back to our lives," Prue replied as the other one just stared at her.

"Well that was nicely put," Piper said as Leo came over to her.

"Actually it was very well put, I like people who get to the point," the other Prue said as her demeanor changed. She then began to morph into Lady Laois.

"What is wrong with you is this some kind of joke?" Prue asks as her temper was beginning to show its self in her darken eyes.

"You have completed your task, you got the army you will need and cleansed this world from its disease," Lady Laois replied.

"Did you send the dam demons after us too?" Phoebe asks.

"No but Balthazar used an interesting technique to see what ritual I performed so he could get here," she replied.

"Oh great he just keeps following us around," Prue said.

"So what now?" Leo asks.

"Now you go home and prepare for your battle," she replied as she walked into the center of the living room as the sisters held hands. Leo went over to Lady Laois and whispered into her ear.

"Why look like Prue?" he asks.

"Planting the seed," she replied as she began the ritual. "I would suggest you stand near them," she said and Andy who was a little confused himself walked over to Prue who was at the end and took her hand, while Leo took Piper's. They closed their eyes as they felt a surge of energy run through them while Lady Laois said the spell. The room began to swirl as the two worlds mixed for a moment and then when they opened their eyes they were back. It was day as the sun came through the windows and the house was clean. The sound of cars going by and the normal daily activities were being played out as they stood still holding hands.

"Are we back?" Piper asks.

Phoebe went to the door and opened it; she saw cars going by and people walking their dogs. "You bet," she replied as Andy looked out as well.

"It's the same as it was before the virus hit," he said as Prue put her hand on Andy's back.

"Are you still ok with this?" Prue asks.

"Yeah, at least I don't have to rebuild the other world because I don't have the energy," he replied.

"How long have we been gone?" Paige asks as she looked for the remote.

"Don't know," Phoebe replied as the TV came on." Oh electricity goody," she said and clapped her hands together.

"I don't understand why she looked like me, why didn't she just show up as herself?" Prue asks.

"She said something about planting the seed. If there is one thing I have learned about her, she is always ten steps ahead of the elders," Leo replied.

"I'm surprised they still let her hang around, I know how much they like competition," Piper said and went to the kitchen. She smiled at seeing it in order and turned on the fossett and let the cool water run over her hands.

"It looks like we have only been gone for a day," Paige said as she saw the date on the news channel.

"Yeah I don't want to even get into that," Prue said.

"Ok I am going to take a hot bath and then sleep for days," phoebe said and headed upstairs.

"Guys I need to check on my apartment," Paige said as she was technically not home.

"Paige do you want someone to go with you?" Leo asks.

"No its ok, I just want to make sure its still there, but I can orb right?" Paige asks.

"Sure but don't make a habit of it for personal use," Leo replied and she orbed away.

Andy went back into the living room as he began to adjust to being in this world. Prue sat next to him on the couch.

"Andy I will talk to Darrell and see if they can figure out a way to explain away your death. Its ok he knows what we are here," Prue said and he smiled a little.

"Thanks Prue but I am guessing my apartment is rented out and I don't have anything here," he said.

"Don't worry about that, we have ex-boyfriend stuff and you can borrow some of Leo's. As for a place to stay, once you get your job back I can help you find a place," Prue said as she was not ready to have him live with them. "But until then you can stay with us," she said as he would need someplace to stay.

"Thanks," he said.

Piper came back in from the kitchen after making herself some tea. She sat down and put her feet on the Ottoman," It feels good to be home," she said while sipping her hot drink.

"Yeah well don't get too comfortable we still have our other problem," Prue reminded her.

"Prue can we take a moment," Piper said as Leo came over to her.

"I need to go up, they are calling me," he said.

"So you have your powers back?" Piper asks.

"Yap, thank god too because I felt off not having them," he replied and kissed her before orbing away.

"Well no rest for the wary, I need to call Darrell," Prue said and got up.

"That should be interesting," Piper said as Phoebe came down with the book.

"Oh Phoebe not now," Prue said.

"No I just wanted to hold it, I felt naked without it," Phoebe replied as her hair dripped a little with water. Prue could smell the shampoo as she walked by.

"Ok strawberries," Prue said as the sent was a nice one compared to the others that filled their senses for the last week.

"Did you leave any for us?" Piper asks.

"Yes I made it quick but it felt so good," Phoebe replied as she closed her eyes while squeezing the soft towel she was using to dry herself off.

There was a knock at the door and they all tried to remain quiet.

"Who is that?" Piper whispered.

"I don't know," Phoebe whispered back and then went to answer it.

"Phoebe we are really not ready to have company," Piper said as she got up from her seat.

Phoebe opened the door and Cole was standing on the other side.

"Oh Cole hi," Phoebe said and blushed a little.

"Hi Phoebe um I have been trying to get in touch with you but -."

"Yeah our phone was out and we have been very busy," Phoebe replied.

"Can I come in?" he asks as Piper came to the door.

"Um Cole this is a bad time," Piper replied as Phoebe just kept smiling at him.

"No problem, Phoebe can I call you later?" he asks.

"Sure," she replied as Piper tried to shut the door as the two exchanged flirting looks.

"By Cole," Piper said and finally got the door shut as Prue came downstairs.

"Who was that?" Prue asks.

"The DA," Piper replied.

"What did he want?" Prue asks.

"Just to see Phoebe," Piper replied.

"He is very nosy," Prue said and went into the living room with her cell phone. "I just called Darrell and he is on his way."

"What did he say?" Andy asks.

"Not a lot but he is always a little suspicious when we call," she replied.

Piper went upstairs to take her turn in the bath as Phoebe got something to drink and relaxed on the couch. Prue waited for Darrell to arrive as Paige orbed back into the manner.

"Hay my apartment is still there," Paige said with a wet head.

"How was your shower?" Phoebe asks.

"Wonderful," she replied and flopped down on the chair.

"Where is Piper?"

"Taking a bath," Phoebe replied.

"So what do we do now," Paige asks.

"We rest and then we finished this," Prue replied.

In the queen of wands layer Pitivo walked in and sat down on the loveseat next to her. He put his hand on her leg as she was reading about horoscopes.

"I thought you did not believe in such hokum?" he asks.

"I don't but I get my best ideas from unconventional sources," she replied.

"They are back," he said.

"Good, do you know why they were gone?" she asks.

"No not yet," he replied.

"Time to put salt into old wounds," she said and closed the book while looking at a chart that had horoscope symbols on them.

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