Rachel sat in her room, sketching out designs based upon current trends. She sighed, she'd never get to wear any of her designs. They always went to her step-sisters, who would steal all of the credit and once again be hailed as the most fashionable girls on campus. Rachel herself generally found current trends to be strange and never understood why people would wear them.

Rachel was in her senior year of high school. This year, unlike the past three years, Rachel was planning on wearing her own designs for a change. However, one thing stood in her way. Gina, stepmother extraordinaire.

Gina would never let Rachel wear what she wanted. Instead, Gina would give Rachel tattered hand-me-downs to wear that could never be properly fixed. There was no chance that that would change any this year. In addition to making all of her family's clothing, Rachel was pretty much the maid as well.

Speaking of which, "Rachel, help us get ready for school!" screeched Gwendolyn. Rachel rushed to the room where her step-sisters kept all of their clothing and beauty products. Gwendolyn and Alicia always has Rachel do their hair and makeup for school. Gwendolyn had curly platinum blonde hair that she insisted on dying every few weeks to "enhance" the color and Alicia had straight golden blonde hair.

Rachel brushed her coppery bangs to the side of her face before applying light layers of makeup to each face. Gina OK'd each of the twins' makeup before allowing all three of the girls to leave for school.

About one mile from school, the twins dropped Rachel off to walk the rest of the way. Rachel complied, she would probably arrive before the others anyways. So she did, by a good five minutes.

Most years, the first day of school was quiet. Yet this year, people crowded around the front gate, hoping to catch a glimpse of the celebrity rumored to be coming to school. Adam Franks was well known for his roles in the movies and on television. Rumors flew all of the time about him and the most common rumor about him lately was that he was coming to high school in preparation for his next role.

The students and faculty (both male and female) were disappointed. No luxury vehicle arrived to produce the star. Rachel couldn't help but feel a little disappointed herself, she had been planning on asking the star on how to get involved in costume design. She walked to her first class, hoping to get a seat with a good vantage point.

Unfortunately, someone had already beat her to it. He wore a pair of geeky glasses and was furiously writing away in a notebook. Rachel seated herself next to him and folded her arms across her chest. He looked up and threw her a big smile, "Hey, I'm Charles," he said introducing himself.

"Rachel," she replied, putting out a hand for him to shake. He did so and smiled again.

"Alright class, settle down," said Mrs. Anderson, quieting down the class that Rachel and Charles hadn't noticed come in. "Charles, could you please stand up here and introduce yourself?" He followed her instructions and came to stand beside her in front of the class.

"Hi, I'm Charles Worth. I'm from Los Angeles, where I was home schooled and I moved to Philadelphia last month," he said, unenthusiastically in comparison to introducing himself to Rachel. A few scattered people snickered at him.

"Now then, I want each of you to introduce yourself," said Mrs. Anderson, "We'll start in the back and snake our way around."

"Rachel Zara," said Rachel, standing up and sitting back down.

"Harry Blake."

"Ally Turner."

"Eleanor Silver."

"Ariana Rooney."

"Derek Bridges."

"James Fletcher."

"Rose Marie Moore."

"Alex O'Hare," said the last person in the class. Charles nodded and returned to his seat.

Mrs. Anderson spent the rest of class explaining procedures and what would be covered in the class.