After class, Charles quietly approached Rachel, "Rachel, what class do you have next?"

She looked down at her schedule, "I have AP Art. Why do you want to know?"

"I was simply wondering if we shared more than one class together and it appears that we do." Rachel smiled and started to walk with him to the art room. "So, what is your concentration?" Charles asked.

"You'll see. Be patient. How about you?"

"Fashion photography," he said, grinning at her.

"Really? You don't strike me as the fashion photographer type." They entered the classroom together to be met with the smell of paint. Mr. Walker explained the specifications of being in AP Art before letting the class have some free sketch time. "Why did you move to Philly?" Rachel asked Charles as she continued to work on the design she had been working on earlier.

"Huh?"Charles asked as his daydreams were interrupted. "Oh, my dad got a new job here in Philly." He took off his glasses and rubbed at the sides of his nose.

"Has anyone ever told you that you look like Adam Franks without your glasses on?"

"No," he said, a tone of disbelief in his voice. Charles then pulled out the notebook that he been writing in earlier and started sketching a bird on a tree limb outside the window directly in his view. As Charles drew, Rachel caught a glimpse of a few lines of what he had been writing earlier.

They mentioned teachers, observations of people around him, and phone numbers, like one labeled manager that didn't have a Philadelphia area code. Rachel then continued to work on her design. Feathers laced tightly together into a belt, it had a low-cut off-shoulder neckline, and it also had a flared skirt with a slit starting two inches or so above the knee and went to the floor. Charles and Rachel complimented each other on their work as the bell rang and each headed off to their next class.

Charles headed off to study hall and Rachel made her way towards Math. Boredom won her over and her cerulean eyes slowly drooped closed to blink open at Miss Beaumont asking Rachel a difficult problem.

"I'm sorry, could you please repeat the question?" Rachel asked. Miss Beaumont frustratedly obliged and repeated the question. After working out the problem in her head, Rachel correctly answered.

"That is correct Miss Zara. Now then, please pay attention," Miss Beaumont chastised. For the rest of class, Rachel tried her best to not zone out.

At lunch, she joined up with a few of her old friends. "So, Rachel, who's the new boyfriend?" asked Sarah, who had known Rachel since preschool. She had crazy brown curls and skin the color of milk chocolate.

"Stop smirking at me like that!" Rachel said at the look on her best friend's face. "He's not my boyfriend. He's just my friend!"

Sarah pouted, "Oh, really? Then why is he coming this way?" Rachel spun her head around to see Charles coming towards her.

"He doesn't really know anyone else and people make fun of him," she quickly explained. "Please don't push him away," she whined.

"Hi, Rachel," came Charles voice from behind her.

"Hey Charles. Do you want to sit with us?" Rachel offered. Charles sat down next to Rachel and across from Sarah, who had googly eyes. Rachel then introduced Charles and her friends to each other. He politely smiled at each in turn but smiled longest at Rachel herself.

"Does anyone know why there were so many people at the gate this morning?" Charles asked after having a bite of his sandwich.

Sarah took a large gulp of water and said, "Adam Franks. We've been hearing rumors that he is coming here this year."

"Really?" Charles asked, his voice cracking. "I gotta go," he said, rushing out of the cafeteria and towards the auditorium.

"That was weird," said Natalie.

"I wonder why Charles freaked out at Adam's name," said Rachel, half to herself. Then she came out of it and continued to talk to her friends.