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Slowly, I'm Falling

By WonderlandIsAnIllusion

There is a new guy in Echo village. He arrived the day after Henry built the Salon. His name is Allen, red hair, and he wears glasses. Henry is toying with his goldish hair and he is totally sulking. I think I know the reason why...More than likely Allen made a comment about his hair.

"Henry stop sulking." I stated to him and I really do not like it when Henry sulks...

"Does my hair look bad?" Henry asked in a low voice.

"No and you shouldn't let Allen get to you. He said the same thing about my hair." I answered calmly and he tilted his head to the side.

"Oh." He said quietly. I crossed my arms and looked into his blue eyes.

"So knock it off with that sulky face." I told him and he blinked his eyes at me. "It's not like I care or anything."

Henry smiled at me, handed me a milk, and I walked as he walked out the door. He no longer looks sulky and I sat down on my chair. Henry shouldn't care about what Allen thinks of him or anything. I can almost bet my animals that Henry is still going to try and befriend Allen. Hours later, it is night time, and Henry is inside my house smiling brightly.

"What is it, Henry."

"Allen likes flowers."

"So? I don't care." I said to him and he blinked his eyes at me.

"Don't you want to try and befriend him, Neil? I thought you wanted more people to come to this village and stuff. You said the village is too quiet and lonely. I have been doing my best to get more people to come here." Henry said to me and his confused blue eyes looking into mine. I frowned at him, Henry still staring at me, and waiting for an answer from me.

"I know that Henry...However I'm not like you for I do not try to befriend everyone." I informed him. Henry looks down and I notice his shoulders are slumped. "It's not a bad thing..I'm better with animals than people, okay. I'm not a social butterfly."

"It is a good thing everyone is different." Henry said cheerfully and he always bounces no what is said to him. "It makes life so interesting, Neil."

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