This is my first fan fiction of Ash and Misty.

Here are the main characters-

Ash- 18





There are other characters that will be in the story but most of them are not of huge importance, but I will let you know there age with a parenthesis around the number after there name. Here's the first chapter! Hope you enjoy! (Btw, rates, reviews, and tips would be appreciated. I'm a little nervous doing this.)

Chapter 1- An Unexpected Arrival

Ash, Cilan, and Iris were on their way back from the Pokemon League in Unova, where Ash made it in the final four and lost to an extremely tough trainer. You would think he would be very upset after losing that big match, but surprisingly he was in a somewhat good mood. This was very strange to Cilan and Iris, so they had to ask what was going on with him.

"Hey Ash, why are you in such a good mood when you lost in the Pokemon league?"Iris decided to ask him.

"Honestly, I'm like this because I get to go home and see all my old friends. And besides, I know I did my best." Ash told her. "Pika Pi! (Yes we did)!" Pikachu said on Ash's shoulder.

"Well you haven't seen them in a really long time so I would probably feel the same way." Cilan said.

"Hey I was wondering if you guys wanted to come with me to Pallet town to meet everyone. It would be a lot of fun!" Ash said out of nowhere.

"I don't know Ash; I gotta go see my brothers back at the gym." Cilan said with a somewhat sad tone.

"Same Ash, I don't even know if I'm allowed to go to Pallet. It's not that I don't want to, it's just I wanna ask my dad first." Iris said.

"How about this, we go to Professor Junipers and talk about it there." Ash suggested.

"Ok, we can do that while I make lunch there." Cilan said.

"Now that's a great idea!" Ash said excitingly.

"You would say that Ash." Iris said jokingly as they laughed at the joke while walking.


They finally make it to Professor Juniper's lab. As they enter in, Ash is welcomed and congratulated by everyone in there.

"Congratulations on your final four finish Ash." Professor Juniper said.

"Thank you." Ash replied.

"You too, Pikachu." Juniper said to the yellow mouse.

"Pika Chu (Thank you)." Pikachu replied.

"Professor, I was wondering if you were going to Kanto soon. I really want to go home and see all my family and friends." Ash asked her.

"Actually, I'm planning on leaving later today. I have to meet with Professors Oak, Elm, Birch, and Rowan for a conference in Kanto. You're welcome to join me."

"Yes! That would be fantastic!" Ash said excitingly.

"Just one question, are Cilan and Iris coming too?" she asked.

"I don't know. They said they would think about it." Ash replied.

Meanwhile in the kitchen, Cilan is preparing lunch with Iris watching him cook like an Arcanine watching its prey "Is it done yet?!" Iris said in a whiney and demanding tone.

"Haha, almost Iris." Cilan said nervously.

"Haha sorry Cilan. I can get mean when I'm hungry." Iris told Cilan.

"It's ok. Were all a little hungry I guess." Cilan replied.

"Lunch is ready everyone!" Cilan shouted out.

He heard everyone rushing towards the kitchen like a bunch of wild Tauros and sit at the table waiting for him to serve everyone.

"Wow that was certainly fast." Cilan said jokingly.

"Let's eat!" everyone said the same time.

While everyone was eating, Juniper told Cilan and Iris what she told Ash and needed to know if they were coming as well.

"So, are you guys coming or no?" she asked.

"You know what, Cilan and I talked about it and we agreed that we would go." Iris told her.

"That's great! Now I really can't wait to get home! I promise you will love everyone!" Ash said very excitingly.

About an hour later after everyone ate lunch, they were packing up to go to Kanto.

"Ash, is it ok if we go to Cerulean City before we go to Pallet? I realized I need to pick something up." Juniper asked him.

"That's even better! I can finally see Misty!" Ash said.

"Misty? Who is she?" Iris asked.

"She was my traveling partner in Kanto, The Orange Islands, and Johto. I haven't seen her since before I went on to face the Battle Frontier." Ash told her.

"I can't wait to meet her Ash. She sounds like a great girl." Cilan replied.

There was silence in the truck after that conversation. Juniper was driving while Cilan and Iris were sleeping. Ash and Pikachu, on the other hand, were still up. Ash was looking up in the dark sky while the stars shine bright.

"Pika Pi Chu? (You ok Ash?)" Pikachu asked his longtime friend with concern.

"I finally realized something buddy." He told the yellow mouse.

"Chu? (What's that?)" The mouse replied. "I love Misty. I loved her ever since she fished us out of that lake. And I just realized this right now. It took way too long." He told the mouse.

"Pi ka Pi ka pi (finally you admit it)" the mouse replied.

"Hey, what's that supposed to mean?" Ash jokingly said to the mouse.

"Ever since she left to take care of the gym, I've felt empty on the inside, even though Brock was still there. Don't get me wrong, I like May, Dawn, and Iris, but only as friends. I know they liked me more than that. I only want Misty. I think about her every day. She's got me going crazy I don't know what I would do if she was gone."

"Pika Chu Pi Ka Pi (Don't think like that. You're gonna see her soon)." The mouse told him.

"Your right buddy. And I gotta make this return count because if I don't tell her, I don't think I ever will and I have to let her know." He said to the mouse.

"Chu chu Pika Pi (Don't worry, I'll make sure you tell her.)"

"Thanks buddy. I knew I could count on you." He told him.

After that they drifted off to sleep.

While they were talking, Iris heard what he said and started to tear up, but not loud enough for anyone to hear. "Sniff sniff I can't believe he doesn't like me. I wish he felt the way for me the way he feels for this Misty. Fine. I don't care about him anyway." She finally said to herself before crying herself to sleep. Juniper was just outside of Kanto at this point and would be there by morning.


Meanwhile in Cerulean City, it was about 10 am while the Gym leader Misty was sleeping. Ever since she left to return to the gym, she was having the same dream over and over again. It was about the journey she was on with Ash and Brock, except she told Ash about how she felt about him. And before he could answer, something would wake her up. But recently, she's had this feeling that he was coming to see her. Ever since she started having this feeling, she's been having a different dream. This time the dream is that he would rescue him from her loneliness and admit his feelings to her. Sort of like prince charming saving the princess and having a happy ending. But while having this glorious dream, she kept hearing this annoying bang. Her sister Daisy barged in and had to force her up.

"Misty! It's like, 10 o' clock and like, you have gym battles today. So you need to like, get up now!" Daisy said in a bitchy mood.

"Ugh, fine Daisy I'm up." Misty said right back to her.

"God, she can be such a bitch." Misty said to herself.

No matter how bad her sisters can be, the only thing that keeps her from killing them is the thought of Ash. So she has the biggest smile on her face today. So after showering and getting dressed, she goes down stairs and makes her breakfast. Her other sisters are there as well.

"Misty, why are you like, so happy today?" Violet asked curiously.

"I don't know. I feel like something good is going to happen to me today." Misty answered. "Like, what do you mean by something good?" Lily asked.

"Maybe I get to see someone special today." Misty told her.

Her sisters are still confused about it, which gave Misty an even bigger smile. She hears the door open.

"That might be a challenger. I'll be back girls. See ya!" Misty said excitingly.

It indeed was a challenger trying to win her badge. He was a young kid. He looked like he was a brand new trainer.

"So, are you a new trainer?" She asked the young trainer.

"Yes mam. I'm going for my 2nd badge." He replied.

"Ok. How many Pokemon do you have?" She asked.

"I have 3." He told her.

"So we will have a 3 on 3 battle. Is that ok?" Sh asked.

"That's fine by me." He said.

"Bulbasaur, I choose you!" the young trainer called out. His trusty grass/poison pokemon came out ready for battle.

"Interesting choice. Go Staryu!" Misty called.


Juniper was driving while everyone was sleeping. She stopped in front of the Pokemon Center in Cerulean. Ash quickly brought his head up as soon as he felt the truck stopped moving.

"Wake up every one! We finally made it to Cerulean!" Ash said so loud everyone in the car might of got a headache.

"Shut up Ash! Were all awake!" Iris said angrily.

As soon as she said that, he was already out of the truck and into the Pokemon center. He wanted nurse joy to take his Pokemon as soon as possible.

"What's the rush there Ash?" Nurse Joy asked him.

"I think you of all people should know why I'm in a rush Nurse Joy!" The black haired boy told her.

"Oh, I know now. But" she was trying to tell him that she was in the middle of a battle but he rushed out with Pikachu.

"Wow that was fast." Joy said to herself.

"If you need me, I'm going to the gym!" Ash told Juniper.

"Wait for us Ash!" Cilan shouted while he and Iris ran after him.

As he was getting closer and closer to the gym, his nerves started to build up within him. When he made it to the front door, he made a complete stop. He was excited and nervous at the same time. He couldn't wait to see her, but didn't want to rush it right away. He wanted to run in and hug her, but he doesn't know if she would return it. A lot of things were running through his mind. But he went in the gym feeling confident. As soon as he walked in, he saw her and went into an aw type of state. Even though she was in a battle, she still looked so beautiful with her long, orange hair. To Ash she was a goddess above all women (except his mom of course.) He continued this until Cilan snapped him out of it.

"You ok Ash?" Cilan asked. "I thought you wanted to see her."

"We should hide! I don't want her to see us." Ash said before he answered Cilans question.

"I do, but I feel like I'm missing something." Ash told him.

"Pika Pikachu! (Get her a gift!)" Pikachu told Ash.

"Hey! That's a great idea! Thanks buddy!" He thanked his buddy by giving him a treat.

"But what should I get her?" He pondered.

"You know Ash, girls love roses and chocolate." Iris suggested even though she was still mad at him from last night.

"Thanks! That's a great idea! I'll be right back!" Ash told them and sprinted out of the gym.

"Wow, he's certainly crazy about her, isn't he?" Cilan said to Iris while she stood there and said nothing.


Meanwhile, the battle was tight. The young trainer proved to be tougher than appeared. Both of them are down to their last Pokemon. The young trainer used his new Raticate that recently evolved from Ratatta during the battle. Misty was using her trusty Starmie, even though she wanted to use Gyrados. But she knew it was wrong to use such a powerful creature on a newer trainer.

"Raticate use Hyper Fang!" The young trainer shouted.

"Dive under the water Starmie!" Misty shouted.

Starmie just avoided direct contact from the attack but still took some damage. Starmie came out of the water and appeared behind Raticate who is stuck in the water.

"Finish it with a water gun!" Misty commanded. The water gun was right on target and soon the Raticate fainted.

"Raticate is unable to battle, Starmie wins! The winner is Misty, the gym leader." The judge said.

The young trainer put Raticate back inside its pokeball, thanked Misty for a great battle, and promised to return for a rematch. During the battle, Misty heard the front door open. So she decided to go see who was there. Then she saw the green haired man and a long purple haired girl just standing near the door anxiously.

"Hello there, I'm Misty, the Cerulean Gym Leader. I haven't seen you two around here. Are you new trainers?" she kindly introduced herself to the strangers.

"Hello Misty, it's a pleasure to meet you. And no we are from the Unova region. I'm sorry, I'm Cilan." He introduced herself.

"And I'm Iris." She said stubbornly.

"Would you two want to battle for a gym badge?" Misty asked Cilan stood there nervously and wondering where Ash was and really wish he returned right now.

"You see umm, I just remembered that I put my Pokemon back at the Pokemon Center and it must of slipped my mind that I left them there." Cilan said nervously.

"Yea um same here. We need to go get them." Iris said as they both nervously sprinted out of the gym.

"That was really weird." Misty said to herself.

Meanwhile, Ash got the chocolate and roses plus a very special gift for later. He was taking his time to get back to the gym not even thinking about how Iris and Cilan were going to distract her. Soon he saw people sprinting towards him.

"Ash! What took you so long?!" Iris shouted at him.

"Calm down Iris, what happened that made you sprint towards us?" Ash asked.

"She wanted to challenge us to a battle and we had to lie and say we left them at the Pokemon Center." Cilan said while trying to catch his breath.

"Oh I'm sorry guys. I didn't realize I was gone that long. I also picked up something else for her." Ash said happily.

"What is it?" Iris said curiously.

"You'll have to wait. Now we need to get to the gym. Iris, how do I look?" Ash said towards Iris, as she was caught off guard by the question.

"You look good Ash. I'm sure she'll be happy just to see you." Iris said.

"True. Now let's go!" Ash said with confidence.

They make it to the gym and try it again, but Ash developed an idea on how to come in.

"How about you guys go in first since she's seen you before." Ash told his two friends.

"Ok, then we will reintroduce you to her. It will be romantic." Cilan said to him while Iris said nothing.

Cilan and Iris walked back into the gym and walked towards Misty.

"Sorry about before." Cilan apologized.

"So are you guys ready for a battle?" Misty said.

"Uh, were sorry Misty. We didn't come for a gym battle." Cilan apologized again.

"Then why are you guys here?" Misty asked with a confused look on her face.

"Let's just say that were here to reintroduce you to an old friend of yours." Cilan said. They both moved out of the way while Ash walked into the gym after Cilan said that.

"Um, hey Misty! It's been a while. You uh look beautiful." Ash said nervously because it's been such a long time since he last saw her. To him, she really looked like a goddess. She just stood there. She was so happy yet confused. She knew that he would return to him. He looked completely different than what she expected, but it was a good different. He got taller, built some muscle, and still had that long black hair. Tears of joy were starting to form in her eyes.

"Ash! You're, you're here! I can't believe it!" She said before she ran at him with a huge hug with him happily returning it. She was starting to cry tears of joy into his shirt. They stood like that for quite some time before they broke apart.

"Are those for me?" Misty asked him obviously seeing the flowers and chocolate.

"Yes they are. It's great to see you." Ash told her with a smile on his face.

"Thank you so much. You're so sweet." She said.

"I've actually grown up a bit while I was out." He said jokingly.

"I hope not too much." She replied jokingly.

"Pika Pi! (What about me?)" Pikachu said.

"Hi there Pikachu! It's great to see you too!" Misty told him.

"Pika Pi Chu! (It's great to see you too.)" Pikachu replied.

"This is so sweet!" Cilan said to the both of them.

"So why are you here Ash?" Misty asked him.

"I came home to see you and Brock and everyone else." He replied.

"Does your mom know you're coming?" Misty asked.

"Nope. That's the best part. I can't wait to surprise her!" He said to her.

"Let's go to the Pokemon Center. I need to pick up some Pokemon."

"Good thing I don't have any other battles today. Let's get going!" Misty excitedly shouted.


So that's chapter 1. Ash discovers that he loves Misty after all these years, but Iris hears and gets mad and jealous. Will she try to break up this sweet reunion? Will she forgive Ash? Read the next chapter to find out. I don't know when I will be able to post the next chapter.

P.S.- Any advice/tips would be great since this is my first story.