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Chapter 12- The Announcement

Everyone else went to bed shortly after Ash, Misty, and Pikachu went to bed. While everyone was getting ready to go to bed, Delia quickly peaked into her son's room and surprised and a little angry to see Misty in his bed with him.

"Oh, I think I'll let him slide this time. This is his first girlfriend anyway." Delia whispered to herself.

"Hey Mrs. Ketchum, what's up? Is something wrong?" Brock whispered.

"Well sort of, Misty is in there with Ash cuddling. Although it is sweet, it is inappropriate. But I'm gonna let it slide just for tonight. So tell Cilan that Misty's in there and be quiet. It looks like there all in a deep sleep." Delia whispered back.

"Okay, I got it." Brock whispered.

As Delia walked to her room, Brock turned to Cilan to warn him about Misty.

"Hey Cilan, Misty's in the room with Ash, so let's keep it down." Brock whispered.

"Alright, I understand Brock." Cilan whispered back.

As the guys opened the door, they quietly snuck in and got into their sleeping bags and quickly fell asleep. Meanwhile, the girls overheard what Delia said to Brock and what Brock told Cilan. They were quite shocked.

"Wow, can you believe it? Mrs. Ketchum is letting Misty sleep with Ash in his room." May whispered.

"That's absolutely crazy, but they're perfect for each other." Dawn whispered.

"Yes they are, yes they are." Iris said. "Let's get some sleep girls. Tomorrows gonna be a big day." Iris said.

"Alright, let's go to sleep then." May and Dawn said in unison.


When morning hit, Delia, as always, is the first one up at the ridiculous time of six am. She was doing her normal morning routine, which was make a quick breakfast, start the laundry, water the flowers, and then makes breakfast for everyone else. She accomplished these tasks in a fast hour. Today after she made breakfast, which was one of her son's favorites, chocolate chip pancakes with syrup, she left them all a note that she was getting stuff for the barbeque today.

The first people to get up were Brock and Cilan, which was at seven am. They thought they woke up early enough to help Mrs. Ketchum with breakfast. By the time they got downstairs, they caught her before she left.

"Hey, where are you going this early in the morning?" Cilan asked.

"I gotta go get food and ingredients for the barbeque today." Delia replied in her usual happy attitude.

"Do you need help with anything while you're gone?" Brock asked.

"Nope, I got everything done before you woke up." Delia replied.

"Wow, you really are a morning person." Cilan said.

"Yes I am, Cilan. Actually there is one thing I ask of you. Can you switch out the laundry? All of the guy's laundry is in the dryer and the girls stuff is in the washer. When that's done, can you switch it for me?" She asked.

"Of course, we'd love to help you anyway possible." Brock answered.

"Thank you guys," Delia said, "you'll both find great girls and they'll be so lucky to have you as a boyfriend." She said out of nowhere.

After that last remark, she bolted out the door. She left both Brock and Cilan in complete shock.

"What did she mean by that?" Cilan asked.

"I don't know, I guess she's in a really great mood ever since Ash and Misty are together now." Brock answered.

"I guess so." Cilan replied.

They both walked into the kitchen and saw breakfast was already made. They saw about 60 pancakes on the table and quickly glanced at the note. They were both in complete shock to see that she made 60 pancakes and done various other chores around the house in a single hour.

"Wow, well, I guess we should dig in." Brock said.

"I agree, let's eat." Cilan said.

They each had three pancakes. After their third ones, they heard a buzzing sound, indicating that the dryer and washer were finished.

"Well, let's go do the laundry." Cilan said.

With that, they left the kitchen and headed to the basement to do the laundry.


The next group of people to wake up was the girls. They woke up at about nine am. After they got ready, they silently crept into Ash's room to see if he and Misty were still there.

"Yup, they're still sleeping together. And it's so cute!" Dawn quietly shouted.

"Shhh, you don't wanna wake them up. I don't wanna see Misty or Ash mad at us again." May whispered.

"Okay, that's enough. Let's not wake them up." Iris whispered.

"Fine, let's let them sleep I guess." Dawn whispered.

After that, they went downstairs to see the sun up, Pidgeys chirping, and no sign of Delia anywhere.

"Is it me or is it too quiet in here?" May asked.

"Yeah, it definitely is quiet." Iris replied.

So with that, they walked into the kitchen and saw the piles of pancakes. They were so shocked to see the pancakes and yet so happy. They also saw and read the note.

"Wow, I guess she doesn't need our help until later." Iris said.

"I guess not, so let's dig in and eat!" May said.

So with that, they each grabbed a few pancakes and began devouring them. And then they grabbed some more and devoured those as well. Next thing they knew, they were full, each of them eating only six pancakes.

"We only ate six pancakes?" Dawn asked.

"Yeah it looks like it. She really knows how to make good chocolate chip pancakes though." May replied while rubbing her full stomach.

"I wonder where the guys are." Iris said curiously.

"Yeah, we didn't see them while we peaked in Ash's room." Dawn said.

"We're down here doing laundry girls." Brock shouted.

"Well, that answers our question." Dawn said.

Brock and Cilan came walking up to see the girls and how they were doing.

"So you girls finally woke up now didn't you?" Cilan said.

"We've been up since nine It's 10:30 now." Iris replied.

"We've been up since seven." Brock said.

"Where are Ash, Misty, and Pikachu?"

"They're still sleeping somehow." May said.

"Wow, they must be really tired then." Cilan said.

"Maybe they're sleeping off some extra tension." Iris suggested.

"True, it has been stressful these last couple of days," Brock began, "but, it's about time we woke them up."

"Don't wake them up; let them sleep in a little bit longer." Delia said as she walked through the door. "They deserve to sleep in."

"Well, if you really think so," Cilan said, "oh yeah, do you want help with your groceries?"

"Yes, that would be wonderful." Delia said.

With that, everyone helped bring in the groceries and after that, they decided to watch TV before waking up the sleeping beauties and get ready for the barbeque.


Meanwhile upstairs in Ash's room, he, Misty and Pikachu were sleeping nice and soundly. Ash and Misty were still cuddling, never letting each other go the entire night. And Pikachu was curled up in a ball in his usual spot in the top left corner of Ash's bed. Both Ash and Misty were starting to wake up.

"Hey Ash." Misty said softly as she was still trying to wake up.

"Hey Misty." Ash said softly as he was trying to wake up as well.

"Do you know what time it is?" Ash asked her.

"No, but let me see." She responded.

Misty was the first of the two to physically get up out of bed and see what time it was. She read his clock and it said 11 am.

"Holy crap, Ash its 11 in the morning! We overslept!" Misty shouted.

"Wow, I guess we did. We must have been really tired." Ash said.

"Yeah, so how was your sleep?" She asked.

"It was the best sleep I had in a really long time." Ash asked. "How about you, how was your sleep?"

"Same and you're really comfortable too." Misty said with a wink.

"Thanks, I guess." Ash said before kissing her on the cheek.

"Aw thanks, here's your kiss." Misty said before returning the kiss.

"Thanks Misty." He said before giggling.

"What's so funny Ash?" She asked with curiosity.

"Well, I guess I'm still getting used to us being in a real relationship." He responded. "You know, with the name calling and kissing and all of that."

"Oh, I guess it is funny." She said with a giggle of her own.

While this was going on, they heard Pikachu beginning to wake up.

"Hey buddy, did you sleep well?" Ash asked.

(Yup and somehow it's more comfortable with Misty in here.) Pikachu responded.

"Well, thank you Pikachu. I'm honored." Misty said to Pikachu.

With that, they hear his door knocking.

"Hey Ash, Misty, Pikachu, are you all up?" Delia asked.

"Yup were just about to go down stairs." Ash told her.

"Okay excellent, after you eat breakfast, I want you to help everyone else out with getting ready for the barbeque today." Delia told her.

"Okay, no problem." Ash responded. "By the way, who's all going anyway?" He asked as he opened the door.

"Well, I guess Professor Oak, Gary, and Tracey. And anyone else you want to invite." Delia replied.

"Okay, this will be fun then." Ash said.

"Let's go downstairs and eat some breakfast." Misty said.

"I love that idea!" Ash shouted.

"Of course you do, Ash." Misty responded jokingly.

As the three of them were heading downstairs, they see everyone else already up and watching TV.

"Hey everyone, how's it going?" Misty asked.

"Hey Ash, hey Misty, hey Pikachu, it's going good. How about you guys?" May said.

"It's going great!" Ash shouted.

"Did you two love birds get comfortable with each other last night?" Brock asked jokingly.

"Brock, I'm gonna kill you!" Both Ash and Misty shouted. After they shouted, they heard their stomachs growling.

"After we eat breakfast of course." Ash said.

So after their little argument with Brock, they decided to go eat breakfast and what do they see? They see the big stacks of chocolate chip pancakes.

"Wow, this is awesome! My mom made me my favorite breakfast!" Ash shouted before rushing to the table and grabbing about 10 pancakes and devouring them within seconds.

"Ash, stop eating like a pig, will you?! I need some pancakes too!" Misty shouted at her boyfriend.

"Why, they're so delicious! You gotta have some!" Ash told her girlfriend.

"Oh Ash, what will I do with you?" Misty said to herself.

As Misty sat at the table, Ash ate about half of the pancakes that were left. Sure Misty loved chocolate chip pancakes as much as Ash did, but she would never eat like he did; like a pig. After they ate breakfast, they and the rest of the crew went to help Delia get ready for the barbeque in any way possible.


"It's party time!" Delia exclaimed. "Go on and enjoy yourselves everyone!"

After getting ready for the party, everyone had the right to relax. Professor Oak, Gary, and Tracey were at the party wondering why for the barbeque.

"So Delia, why are we having this barbeque?" Oak asked.

"Well, it's a very special reason." Delia responded.

"What's the occasion?" He asked.

"Ash's got a girlfriend now!" Delia exclaimed so everyone could hear.

"That's good news indeed. Who's the lucky girl?" Oak asked.

"Who else, none other than Misty!" She responded.

"I knew those two were made for each other." Oak said.

"So, Ashy-Boy's got a girlfriend?" Gary said.

"Yeah, and she's the best girlfriend ever!" Ash shouted at his old rival.

"It's about time you sealed the deal, otherwise I was gonna steal her from you." Gary said with an evil grin on his face.

"Gary, why you little…" Ash shouted at him and coming at him. Luckily, Brock was there to break it up before anything got started.

"Jeez Ash, I was just kidding you know." Gary said to him.

"Sure you were, it doesn't matter though because I would never date you." Misty replied to him.

"Well aren't you feisty? I guess you two were made for each other." Gary said.

"Guys, come inside, you gotta see the news!" Tracey shouted.

"What news?" Ash said.

"I don't know, but it's gotta be big." Misty said.


With everyone in the house watching TV, they were reading the big news.

"Breaking news from the Indigo Plateau, the Pokemon league is announcing an all new tournament open to any trainer from any region! More details coming soon." The TV newscaster announced.

"Sweet, a new tournament! I gotta enter it and win it!" Ash said.

"Not so fast Ashy-Boy, I'm gonna get payback on you for beating me and then win the whole thing!" Gary said to Ash.

"Yeah, I haven't been in a tournament in quite some time." Misty said.

"It would be great practice for me and a chance to take a break from work." Brock said.

"This sounds like a lot of fun!" Cilan said.

"Count us in as well!" May, Dawn, and Iris shouted.

"Well, it looks like my son has found a new journey to go on." Delia said sadly.


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