He builds the box with care. Wood is in precious supply on this, the most barren of desert worlds. And so what he can get of it, he conserves carefully. He carves into it slowly, with the intricacy of design he remembers from the Jedi Temple. In it, he will place the knowledge Luke will need to become a Jedi.

He had contacted Bail Organa only once afterward. Or rather, Bail had contacted him via a vision of Yoda. The old master had told Obi-Wan what he needed to know. Where the master was, was unimportant. Just that he had survived to give the message was enough.

Leia would be raised an Organa. She would be the daughter of wealth and privilege, and never dream of her humble beginnings in the caves of Alderaan, the hidden chambers.

Or that her beginnings were even more humble. The daughter of the daughter of simple farmers and a former slave, freed by a semi-rogue Jedi.

Yes, that was a fit enough beginning for a princess. Ironic that while she was raised in the lap of luxury, Luke was raised by simple farmers like his mother's people. He was the one who would carry the Skywalker name, and all its bloody legacy.

Perhaps it was better this way, that Leia remained the royalty and Luke the peasant. Both of them would take the training they received from their foster parents and use it when the time came to defeat the worst of all evils.

Obi-Wan was stunned to learn that Anakin had survived his injuries, and even more so to watch Darth Vader's career with sadness and anger. But he had to let those emotions go. Emotions would only reveal himself to his former student. He could not do that.

Not if he was to train the last of the Jedi.

Could he take on that burden, he wondered. He had fallen so far and so hard with Anakin's training. He had failed miserably. Could he be trusted to train another generation of Skywalkers?

Whenever he asked himself that question, he thought of Padmé, of Luke, and Leia. He thought of his last words to his padawan. He thought of his master.

It wasn't so much a question of could he be trusted. It wasn't a question of could he get it right. Nor was it a question of wanting that responsibility.

It was only this: He had to. For every failure and triumph the Jedi Order had ever passed through its halls. For every failure and triumph in his own career as a padawan and then a knight. And most certainly for all his failures and triumphs with Anakin.

That was what it was all about, really. Without a Skywalker in the galaxy, the galaxy would fall into darkness. With darkness, came a Skywalker birth.

And for that birth, came a Kenobi teacher.

So as he placed Anakin's lightsaber in that box, he thought only of the future. It was still cloudy, uncertain. But fate had a funny way of working things out. A slave became the chosen one of destiny. A queen became the mother of a new generation of chosen ones.

And a Jedi who had strived so hard to do the right thing all his life and had made the greatest mistake of them all, was given the chance to correct it.


Well, this seems to be it for Anakin and Padmé. However, it is not. I had an idea for an AU ending…or I could continue with a sequel. What do you think?