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Scene 2 – Unforgettable.

Monday. One more time. I let myself flop down into my chair at SIP - future Grey Publishing - and I can't help but sigh. I love my job. That's why I haven't quitted, despite Christian's subtle – and no so subtle – attempts to convince me to do exactly that. But I love even more our weekends. And this last one was just… dreamy. As dreamy might be my face while I remember it. I feel the smile that, slowly but surely, appears on my face. And the sweet warmth that radiates from deep within my body and melts my heart.

After Christian found out the iPad, he made it his particular crusade for the two days to make me feel the most cherished, loved woman in the world. And he succeeded. I'm amazed at how the little details, like me putting the song in there, mean so much to him. My Fifty, in his Ivory Tower, so unreachable and cold, has never let anyone love him before.

I sigh again, remembering our lovemaking, our playroom session, our dinner at the Space Needle. And our cuddling. I love cuddling with him. I love to be lying by his side, to watch my fingers playing with the soft hair of his lovely chest, tracing the line of his pectorals. I love to kiss it, to feel it under my lips, making him tense, grabbing my hair, asking me without words to keep on going. I love, love placing my cheek in there, close my eyes and just feel him breath. I marvel at the fact that his chest once was forbidden territory, but it has become now my territory. I love that he's mine. All of him. That I can claim my husband in a way no one else has ever done before. Not even… that awful woman. I smile maliciously and content. She never cuddled with him. Ha! My inner goddess throws her arm around my inner bitch's shoulders and they both blow me a kiss.

Still smiling, I get myself ready for the day. I start the computer while I open my agenda, that Hannah always leave on my desk first thing in the morning. As I page through it, my hand unconsciously goes to my belly, and I smile some more. Morning, Little Blip! I look down feeling calm and happy, but the sound of an incoming email makes me look up.

From: Christian Grey

Subject: Reasons why I knew I loved you.
Date: October 31 2011 8:42
To: Anastasia Grey

1. Because instead of getting highly irritated when you fell into my office, I found it funny. (And loved that chestnut hair of yours falling all over your face)

2. Because when you let fall the tape recorder TWICE on my desk, I just wanted to fix it for you (instead of throwing it away and yell at you to get out)

3. Because after you asked me if I was gay, I wanted to spank you (but to me, as you know, that is not a bad thing)

4. Because your eyes saw through me from the first moment. Because I wanted you to stay. Because I needed to hold your hand (OK, those are several reasons, but to me they're a whole package. Deal with me, please)

5. Because I stayed in Portland just so I could see you again (and I followed you like a puppy while you lead me through the islands of that awful hardware store. Oh, the sight of your fine ass was just captivating)

6. Because I hated posing for pictures. And still, there I was, posing in that hotel room for that student's magazine. Anything for you, baby. Since the very beginning.

7. Because I asked you to stay away from me – BUT YOU DEFIED ME, LIKE ALWAYS.

8. Because you called me. I almost died (see next reason)

9. Because I tracked your cell phone, eaten up by a senseless, stupid anxiety, thinking something bad could happen to you. A little innocent woman I hardly knew. Not a feeling I was used to at all (Now is my everyday, even more now, with you carrying our child. Thank you *note the slightly ironic tone, please*)

10. Because I still found you sexy despite the fact that you almost vomited on me (poor azaleas)

11. Because I couldn't take my eyes off you that night (and had to make some emergency exercises that morning so I could restrain myself from having my wicked way with you)

12. Because fuck the papers ;-)

13. Because anyone else had touched you, you were waiting for me. You are only mine.

14. Because only you can touch me.

15. Because you risked everything for the ones I love (PS: if you ever do that again, you have no idea of the things I would make to you. And I don't mean in a good way)

16. Because you put up with your megalomaniac and control freak husband (that's me)

17. Because you're giving me the chance to have my own family. And I'm not afraid anymore.

18. Because you dedicate songs of love to me.

19. Because you drive me mad and you make me happy.

20. Just because.

And one hundred reasons more.

I love you, Mrs Grey. Always. Thank you for a lovely, unforgettable weekend.

Your husband,

Christian Grey
Totally and desperately in love CEO, Grey Enterprises Holdings Inc.

I stare at the screen with my mouth hanging open and realize I'm not breathing. I take a gulp of air and wash away the tears that have been silently running down my face since around point four, I think. Oh, Christian. Could I love you more? I don't think so. This mercurial, control freak, lost boy, loving man that is my husband. My hands cup my belly and I sob a little.

"Look, honey, this is your father" I whisper, rereading his words, drinking them.

And I am, once again, the happiest woman in the world.