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The mommy.

I tiptoe to Teddy's room, Christian trailing behind me. We both peek at the threshold, excited and acting like children ourselves, my husband's hands on my waist. After all, this is the first birthday our baby is aware of, since at one he was way too little to know what was going on.

Teddy is sleeping in his crib, which presides the big room painted in soft blue and cream. Many of the stuffed animals I got in my hospital room are there to keep him company, along with many others that came later. A rocking horse, a balloon and many more toys are scattered around. There's even a shelving with some bedtime stories, tales and books for children, that Christian, and many times I join him, read to Teddy at night until he falls asleep. In a corner, there's a red tent where he hides his favorite toys. And a table with three chairs, so we can all sit and draw. When our little mercurial baby is in the mood, of course. By the big window there's a comfortable two seats sofa where I used to breastfeed him, usually snuggling by Christian's side. Everything is bright and colorful and just perfect, as it should be for any child.

"Maybe we should let him sleep some more" I say, doubtful.

"How much more?"

I chuckle as I notice the impatient in his voice.

"Are you laughing at me, Mrs Grey?" his teeth tug at my earlobe playfully and I giggle.

"Not much, just a few…"

And just then our baby opens sleepy, lazy blue eyes and smiled broadly when seeing us standing there, awakening instantly.

He opens his arms wide, welcoming us with a big big grin on his face, and we enter the room.

"Who's the birthday boy?"

I sing as I reach the bed and sits down. Christian does the same at his other side.

"Me!" he throws his arms around my neck, his father ruffling his hair and leaning to kiss his cheek.

"How old are you?"

He leans back, so his little warm body is resting against me, but his head is on Christian's shoulder. He kisses Teddy's forehead at the same time he concentrates and puts two fingers in front my face after a brief doubt.

"Want to come and see your presents?"

His daddy asks, and I know impatient is eating him alive. He's been tossing around all night. He's never done that before, my dear Fifty.


Of course. How not. Now he jumps from my arms to his daddy's, who takes him happily, hugging him tight against his chest.

"Happy birthday to my favorite baby boy"

He kisses him once again and his son chuckles and reciprocates, kissing him back with a peck on his daddy's face and a big, satisfied smile afterwards. Christian is radiant – and sexy as hell, with only his pajamas pants on.

As I follow them downstairs, I watch them chatting away in a funny way, making me smile. Except for the eyes, which are blue as mine, Teddy's a mini Christian, even watching only their backs, you can say. With the ruffled and copper hair so alike. They melt my heart. I put a hand to my belly and wonder if Phoebe will be a mini me, maybe?

"Now, close your eyes"

Christian murmurs excitedly on his ear when we reach the outdoors room. Teddy places his hands over his eyes, grinning and making funny noises. Christian's grin rivals his. It's delightful to see. A blue bright day of the end of May greets us. The wooden train set is sitting right where Christian left it last night. And even though I advised him that Teddy would probably give it just a few moments of his total attention, I feel apprehensive to see how the whole thing will develop. I don't want Christian to feel bad if Ted doesn't jump up and down at the present.

Thankfully, when he places him on the floor and Ted removes his hands, he springs to the train shrieking in delight. Christian looks at me so proud and satisfied that I have to laugh. We follow and I sit near them, distractedly caressing my belly as Christian starts to explain to our son how it works.

"Mommy! Mommy!"

Waving his little hand, Teddy asks me to join them, so soon the three of us are playing and having fun.