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Ana and Kate.

A couple of hours later, we have already had our breakfast – this time and for being his day, we let Teddy have it while playing with the train, his daddy and I sitting with him as we ate as well - and almost the whole family is with us, so we can celebrate with a lunch.

I arrive to Kate's side, and when she turns to me, we hug once again. I am so happy that she's still in my life. My sister in law, no less. And with a lovely baby girl that is now in my husband's arms. I smile as I watch them.

"She's beautiful, Kate"

"Isn't she?" she asks, radiant. "Your Teddy is doing well too"

"He's growing up so fast! You'll see for yourself soon. I got the feeling that time flies since he was born"

"Don't worry much about it though, you already have another on the oven" she teases me, and I elbow her, we both showing big grins on our faces. I shake my head. She'll never change. Then I look down at my belly, my two hands cupping and rubbing it.

"My little Phoebe"

"Oh, you already decided, then? Not Ella"

I talked to Kate via phone about it some time ago. We still talk often, about everything and anything. And since she got pregnant, she turned to me for advice. Who would have thought. Me, taking the lead and teaching something to Kate, who was always so ahead in everything: sex, sympathy, beauty, money, family – what with a brother and her parents still together. I think the only reason why I never envied or hated her was because I loved her. I still do.

"No Ella. But that's fine. Maybe it was asking too much" I admit.

"Probably. He already did so much accepting to go to Detroit back then"

"I know"

"He'd do anything for you, Ana" I smile, knowing that's true. "I'm so happy that he was able to love you the way you deserved. The contrary would have been a shame"

Kate sounds truly sincere, despite her still lingering issues with my husband. I grab her hand and squeeze it lightly.

"It would have happened, eventually. We are meant to be, I know"

"Always the romantic"

She rolls her eyes, moking me and I laugh. Then she squeezes my hand back and we smile at each other before going back to watch our men.

The daddy.

I show him the baby, leaning toward him as we seat on the floor.

"One like this?" he says, looking at Ava, soundly asleep in my arms.

Teddy is sitting between his uncle's legs, since Elliot is sitting with us, listening to the conversation with an amused face.

"Yes, more or less. A little baby girl. Your little sister"

He looks over at where Ana is, standing by Kate's side, chatting. I look too and they wave to us, grinning. Suddenly Teddy seems to realize something and his eyes go wide.

"Inside mummy now?"

"Yes, we explained to you, remember?" He looks kind of scared and worried. "But it doesn't hurt" I look at Ana, who is now watching us intently, and shake my head lightly, to let her know everything's OK.

But I truly hope Teddy doesn't ask me how we'll get her out of there. It was hard enough when Ana's belly started to show, to find a simple and kids appropriated way to explain him she was having a baby. He asked us if we were going to buy her.

"And how will she out?"

Fuck. While he ruffles Ted's hair, Elliot's eyebrows shoot up, looking at me expectantly. He's really enjoining this.

"Well…" Damn, I'm so not ready for this. "Mother's have a way. They err… There are doctors like grandma to help" I end up, lamely.

Elliot is laughing quietly and silently at me. I'm going to kill him.

"So" I go back to the topic. "What do you say?"

He comes closer and peeks at Ava's face again. She's still sleeping, all rose cheeks and pouty little mouth. Beautiful and warm against my chest, a lovely weight in my arms.

"You want to hold her?" I ask, trying to get some kind of reaction from Ted, since he doesn't answer.

He scrunches up his face and shakes his head no, leaning on Elliot's chest.

"You want to go back to the train?"

He nods yes vigorously, and soon after, he's already running for it.

"It'll take time" My dad, who has been watching in the distance, says. "I know for Elliot was hard at the beginning, with both, you and Mia"

"Hey, I was a kid, don't hold it against me!" he says, putting his hands up before extending his arms to take Ava.

I give her to him reluctantly, feeling the void she leaves, and my eyes meet Ana's. She smiles and I smile back. I so want to hold my baby girl in my arms.