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Age Eight:

Light's little arms wobbled under all his library books. He was on his tippy toes just to see over all of them. He carefully stepped over the other children as his tower of books swayed from side to side with his movements. Light frantically tried to keep them level. Almost there, he quietly thought to himself. His one mistake was not checking his shoelaces. One foot strayed slightly to the right and clamped down on his left shoe lace. He gasped as he and his books fell into a pile. His one knee skidded a cross the floor and he grimaced. He sniffled and tried not to cry. Light didn't care about his knee, it was his beloved books.

"Excuse me?" A boy around Light's age, stood in front of him. Light looked up at him with tear rimmed eyes. The boy looked uncomfortable and he shifted from foot to foot. His messy black hair fell over on of his beautifully dark eyes and he jerked his head in an awkward angle to get it out.

"Y-yes?" Light' voice was soft and shaky, the tears threatening to spill.

The boy silently stretched out his hand and Light wordlessly took it. The boy was surprisingly strong, his thin frame didn't match. Light mumbled a silent thank you when he was back on his feet that didn't go unnoticed by the stranger. The stranger knelt and gathered all Light's books into a stack. When he stood he didn't hand them to Light, he held onto them. "Where are you sitting?" his rhythmically sweet voice spoke again. Light raised a shaky finger to the desk all the way in the back of the library. He walked all the way to the table, Light trailing behind, and set down the books.

The boy's pale face lit up. "Harry Potter? I've read that 6 times!" His face was shining with a smile.

"7," Light faintly smiled at the stranger.

The boy smiled at him, a pulse racing smile. "Impressive." He suddenly stuck out his hand. "L Lawliet at your service." Light hesitantly took his hand and shook it. Both their hand shakes were firm, Light's dad taught him how to give an intimidating hand shake.

"Light Yagami."

L grinned and dropped his hand. "That's quite a collection of books, Light-kun."

The tips of Light's cheeks turned rose. "Yes, I know."

"I bet you do." L let out a deep chuckle.

Light looked down at his crooked feet and fiddled with his thumbs. "You can go back to your friends now, if you want."

L blinked and shifted from foot to foot again. "I don't have any friends..." he mumbled and turned his head to the side.

"What?!" Light's head snapped up and his mouth was open in a small o shape. "But you're so cool!" he exclaimed.

L's entire face flared red and he avoided eye contact. "That's a first."

Light scoffed. "People are stupid."

L's expression softened, he liked this kid, he was so innocent and carefree and didn't give a damn. Then Light said something that surprised him even more. "Their loss! You're my friend now." The triumphant look on Light's face said he wouldn't take no for an answer.

L was far from upset, he was ecstatic. His first friend! And it was a cute little nerd just like him.

Age 10:

Light was shoved up against a locker by a much older kid. His friends all laughed. "Hey nerd! Your calculator can't help you now can it?" There was more of that excessive stupid laughter and Light sighed. The only good thing about this was L wasn't here to witness him get pounded, it was a daily ritual, bullies thought it was so hilarious to harass the smart kid. The funny thing was they didn't harass him because of his brains, no it was because practically every girl had fallen for his charming smile and boyish charm. The bully's foot connected with Light's stomach and he had to hide a wince, he was getting good at hiding things by now.

They bully fumed at the lack of response and Light sighed, all of these meat heads were so very predictable. He reached downward and pulled Light to his feet by his hair. "Gonna stand up for yourself and fight?!" He spat in Light's face while shaking him.

"I'd rather not." Light replied blandly, he just wanted this to be over with.

"Hey!" A familiar voice piped up and Light's eyes widened in fear. No! He couldn't see this! "Light-kun!" L pushed his way through the crowd and gasped at the sight. A big, beefy asshole was holding Light up by his hair.

He smirked, "Well if it isn't the pale faced freak!" While Light's looks had come in L had gotten taller, skinnier and paler, not a great combination.

L clenched his fists at his sides. "You're just upset because his intellectual level is far superior to your egotistic ways." Light was dropped and the bully scoffed.

"Whatever freak-a-zoid!" he and his friends took off.

Light was embarrassed beyond belief, L had just seen one of his worst moments. He leaned up against a locker and hung his head. L pursed his lips as the hallway emptied. L tapped his foot, waiting for Light to explain in some way. But no explanation came. "What. The. Fuck." L never swore, he thought it was a sign of stupidity, he must be really mad.

Light lifted his head just enough to catch the glare L was sending him. "It's nothing to worry about."

The glare intensified. "The hell it's not!" Oh no, extremely pissed, two swear words. If it wasn't such a serious situation Light would be teasing him that is IQ was dropping. L's face got less angry and more stricken and hurt. L stared at his own shoes, he didn't know what to think, he wasn't angry at Light but he was MAD. He had no idea what to do with his anger. It was building up inside of him and it felt like it was going to burst his heart. His best friend, only friend, was getting bullied and he didn't even know. They were supposed to tell each other everything! This wasn't how it was meant to be.

Light's voice was squeaky with nervousness, "Thank you, L."

L nodded and cracked a small smile. "What're friends for." He took a deep breath. "Do me a favor?" Light nodded. "Tell me if that happens again, I'll take care of it. They messed with the wrong person." L looked so determined that Light had to nod. That was the last day the any bully messed with L's best friend.

Age 13:

"So, I've got double dates for us tonight." Light casually inserted it into their conversation.

L's eyebrows shot up into his hairline. Light didn't know yet, but L was gay. "Dates?" he sounded bored with the idea and was very, very uninterested.

Light could feel his lack of interest and he jumped in front of L, making him halt. L could feel Light's body heat from the closeness. "Hear me out!" Light pulled out his puppy dog eyes. "I met this girl at the train station last night, I asked her out but her friend is in town. So... I kinda sorta said I had a single best friend and she thought it would be perfect!" Light gestured with his hands wildly as he spoke.

L nodded in confirmation, he never could actually say no to Light. "What time?" He wasn't happy about it but he'd do it for Light.

Light's entire face lit up, his eyes were sparkling and his shoulders visibly relaxed. He must really like this girl. "7 o'clock! Meet us at Chocolate Surprise! Don't be late." Light scurried off and L sighed. What had he gotten himself into? All because he had a slight crush on his best friend.

Age 15:

L groaned at his reflection and Light stood off to the side. His navy blue braces caught the light and shined bright against the glass. "I hate them."

Light rolled his eyes at his friend, honestly he thought L was being ridiculous. He had an odd thought that the braces actually looked hot on him. "They look awesome, shut up."

L had a smile on his face when he turned towards Light. "Really?" The smile dropped. "Go hang with Elizabeth already."

"Echo." Light corrected. L could barely keep up with Light's girlfriends because he went through them so fast. Most people would classify him as a man whore but L wouldn't. He knew Light's virginity was intact.

"Whatever." L's attitude was clear in his voice.

"If you're gonna be my best friend you gotta stop being a bitch to my girlfriend!" Light stomped out of L's huge house and slammed the door, rattling the windows.

L sighed, he'd done it again.

Age 17:

L was restocking the shelves when he hear voices, on was Light's and the other was a giggly girl's. He couldn't help an eye roll, of course. Ever since they got jobs together at the local grocery store Light had been getting even more attention from girls. It annoyed L to no end when Light slacked off just to talk to a girl.

L rounded the corner and snapped at Light, "How about getting back to work?"

Light had a girl clinging to him and they were making googly eyes at each other, L felt sick. He frowned and tears stung at his eyes as he fled.

"Geez someones on his period." The girl said.

"Shut up, that's my best friend you're talking about." Light let go of her and ran after L. "Lawliet! Come on!" Light grabbed L and made him turn.

"Go back to that girl," L sneered with tears in his eyes.

"Somethings wrong."

"Nothing is fucking wrong! Leave me alone!" Light couldn't help but count in his head, one curse word. Light pulled L against him in a hug and rubbed his back soothingly. The loving gesture made L's tears break loose. God damn he loved the bastard.

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