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Chapter 10 Hideaway

The door slammed shut behind L's lanky frame. He stood up to his full height, as alert as he's ever been. Shadows fell across the stairs eerily, and as the blinds blew shut he was in a moment of complete darkness until they blew open again. A dripping noise echoed through the stairwell like there was a leak on an upper flight. It was plainly obvious these stairs rarely had visitors.

L moved aside a student's abandoned math homework so he could perch on a step exactly seven stairs up; in the center of the flight. He kicked off his pesky sandals so he could wrap his toes comfortably around the edge of the step. He rubbed his hands over his knees, his spindly fingers caressing the underside of his jutted out joint. He almost looked like an infant, curled over himself like he was. His expression made him seem even more so. L's eyes were large and hopeful, they sparkled with delight like he was waiting for a triple chocolate cake. The expression didn't fit in such a spooky stairwell and it definitely didn't fit on such a serious person, but none-the-less there L was, smiling like a fool.

Every time L heard even faint footsteps he'd jump up and rush to the door like he was a puppy awaiting his master's return. After the fifth disappointment he finally sunk down onto the last step dejectedly. A soft pair of footsteps came close but he did not rise nor did he rise when the creaky door was tugged open. He did not want a sixth disappointment.

Light's low throaty chuckle sounded throughout the alcove. "Not happy to see me?"

L's head snapped up and he jumped from his spot; launching himself at Light, completely out of character for the boy. "Light-kun!"

Light caught him with one arm, saving the box he was holding with the other. "Woah! Don't make me drop your cake, babe."

The sugar addict then turned his attention to the white card board box in Light's hand. "Cake? For me?" He removed it from Light's grasp and reseated himself. Light didn't even have to answer for L to tear off the top and start digging in with his fingers. Light sat on step below L but kept his eyes on the boy, an amused glimmer in his eye.

"Hey, Light-kun?" L mumbled out around a mouth full of cake.

"Hmm?" Light stiflfed a laugh, the edges of his lips twitching with the effort.

L swallowed and wiped off the corners of his lips before continuing. He decided to get right to the point. "You're my boyfriend, right?"

In answer Light raised himself up and his lips grazed L's once, twice, three times before their lips came together completely. The kiss was tender at first until Light's hand found it's way to the back of L's neck and he tugged him down more. L's lower lip quaked as Light pressed at it with his long warm tongue. The cake fell off L's lap but no one moved to get it. Instead, Light's free hand slid it's way up L's faded blue jeans. It reached about knee level before the fabric grew taunt but it didn't matter, the focus was on their mouths.

L had Light's back pressed against the railing and he moved forward against Light as his tongue barely permeated Light's open mouth. Light's lips puckered slightly around L's tongue, he sucked on it softly at first but as the slurping noises increased so did the sucking.

L's breathing became shallow until it was just little gasps. Light's hand massaged the hard bulge in L's pants and L just about melted on the spot. He never imagined anything could feel so good and little spots of color appeared in his vision as he cried out. "Nngh..! Light stop!" The last words came as a surprise to them both and they each froze in place.

"Stop...?" Light seemed confused.

"Yes..." L breathed out as he attempted to compose himself. He cleared his throat and repeated himself a bit more forcefully. "Yes, stop." He settled his eyes on Light.

Light shook himself from his pre-sex daze and echoed L again. "Stop?"

"Yes, Light-kun. Stop."

"As in what we were just doing? You don't want to do that anymore?" He sounded dumbfounded.

L shrinked away from Light in an attempt to hide. He feared what L would do. "Yes... No? Maybe? I don't know!"

Light started to pity the genius as L's confusion became clear. "Babe..."

"No!" L snapped as he huddled close to his knees with his hands inches from his face; his large palms hiding him. "Don't say anything. Just please?"

"You're scared."

L didn't respond.

"What're you so afraid of?" The fabric of Light's clothes rustled as he shifted slightly to scoot closer to L. After Light realized he wasn't going to get a response he ducked his head low and weaved his sun kissed fingers through L's ghostly pale ones. He gently lowered their clasped hands and half smiled at L's frowning face. Light would never voice it aloud but L was damn cute when he was sulking. "Hey," Light spoke softly. "I'm talking to you."

L extracted his eyes from the tiles long enough to give Light a glance and then mumbled something incoherent.

"What was that?"

"I don't want you to leave okay!"

"I wasn't-" Light started but L's outburst wasn't done. "It's a proven fact that when Light-kun gets what he wants he moves on! He finds another prey and another after that and he won't stop until the whole world has been deflowered by him!"

L's chest heaved up and down when he was done and Light just stared at him slack jawed. "You... I..." Light tried to organize his thoughts, knowing very well that L spoke the truth. But this time those weren't his plans. "This is different."

"How?" L spat out. He was upset but he was spewing it out as anger.

Light's jawline twitched but he relaxed, his eyes softened and his hands craddled L's gently between his. His eyes met L's and he tried to will L to see the truth in his words. "Because I love you."

The anger and sadness all drained out of L with the one little phrase; even his fear went away. L flung himself into Light's lap and his arms slung around Light's neck with his hands making it into Light's hair. Light clasped his hands behind L's lower back. They stayed embraced like that for several moments and they would've stayed like that for several more if it weren't for the interruption.

"Light Yagami to the main office, Light Yagami to the main office."

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