Life Is Wild

A/N Very AU! Ok the basic premise of this is that Danny lives alone at leopards Den, reasons why explained later. Caroline and Dupe are actually at Mara and run that again reasons why explained later. Alice is a actress and is really famous and she has come to Leopards den to make a film. She is 28 and Danny is 35 and he is very jaded. And that is it, more will come little by little. While writing the first four chapters I have been listening to Adele one and only so if you listen to that song you will get an initial feel for this fic. The idea for this fic has been with me for a while so I actually have this all planned.

Oh and I know I said I would be writing Opp Att but I tried to write something for it and it was horrendously bad! So instead I started this and will write Opp Att soon.

Anyway hope you read and as always enjoy my little tale :D x


He sat in silence in a cold draughty room, even though the windows were closed he could see the breath in front of his face as it erupted from his mouth in short breathy pants. He didn't notice the cold, he didn't notice the damp that permeated the wall above his head. He didn't even notice the drip of the roof as it rained. The only thing which held his concentration for any length of time was her. She kept him warm, she kept him safe, she kept him dry, all it took was the knowledge that she loved him!

He flicked his eyes to the wall opposite and he saw her in all of her glory. She was breathtaking in thse images, some of the pictures which adorned his wall were of her in party dresses and gowns looking stunning which her hair up or down with jewellery or without it. In some of the photos she was relaxed in parks, or in her garden or simply walking in the sunshine. He even had some rare ones from when shed been very young at the beginning of her career. Unfortunately reporters followed her disrupting her privacy and when he finally had her that would end for now he would allow it, simply so he had access to her in some shape or form. He knew they followed her to try and catch her in sleazy situations but it would never happen, she was too innocent, pure. Those reasons there were why he loved her.

He sauntered across to his table and knelt in front of it, this was his own little personal shrine to his one true love. He tenderly fingered a hair brush his hands moved to brush against a bottle of perfume, but his pride and joy was this….he picked up a white t-shirt. He had a photo of her wearing this and now he owned it. It was his! He held the material against his face and inhaled deeply imagining that what he could smell was her. He could easily smell her perfume and there was something else. A clean smell, like washing powder and soap. His love smelled wonderful! The scent filled his senses and heat rushed through him. He could hear her in his head saying she loved him so very very much and flushed with pleasure at the sincerity in her voice. When his eyes opened they were drawn to a framed photo on this desk. He'd taken this one and it was a favourite of his. He'd managed to gain access to her flat one night while she slept. He taken these few mementos and then snapped a few photographs. She looked to beautiful as she slept, her short black hair splayed across her pillow, her face so much younger in sleep. She almost looked like the teenager she had been when she starred in her first film. He toyed with the idea of waking her but she didn't know him yet and he didn't want her to be frightened of him.

Some day they would meet until then he would have to be happy to adore her from afar. He knew they were destined to beb together, they had been since he had seen her first film. He Hadn't even meant to buy that one, he had went for something different but he had picked that one up by accident. He decided to cut his losses and watch it and there she was on his screen looking radiant and young and so beautiful he nearly cried. She spoke to him in that film and every one that followed. Every smile in those were for him, every kiss were for him and every word of desire and love were directed at him. They were meant to be and one day she would learn that if she didn't know to already he'd make her see - one way or the other.

Danny sat teeth clenched tightly. He had been savouring his last moments of peace before the heathens arrived. They were supposed to be here at dinner time, yet they refused to come on schedule and here they were seven am on his land! Truck after truck rattled by causing dust to fly everywhere disturbing his solitude. A man climbed out of a car and looked around disparagingly.

"So this is what I have to work with?" the man said haughtily. "They obviously expect another miracle."

Danny stood up and walked down the stairs slowly. "Yeah and be careful what you say about my home!" he warned.

The man scrutinised him. "Mr Du Plessis?"

Danny shook his head. "I'm Daniel Trevanion owner of Leopards Den, I'm the man who doesn't want you here. The only reason I agreed is coz you need Leopards Den along with Mara and Du Plessis owes me an untold amount of favours."

"Don't forget you are being paid for this and we have a contract which you signed."

"You aren't going to let me forget that are you?" Danny fumed. "Look here is the deal the way I see it, I will accommodate you on my land and in my huts but my house is out f bounds ok! I'll also help you with animal control as long as you all agree to do as you are told! No one enters my surgery either God knows I don't need any of your lot in there messing on if there is an emergency. Finally regarding the animals no hesitation if I say do it you do, they are wild and dangerous!"

"Is all of this in a contract?" the man who Danny decided must be the director asked.

"It damn well better be!" Danny growled.

"If it is I will follow it to the letter, if now that I can do as I want. I own you and your land for the next few weeks."

Danny narrowed his eyes. "Don't push it!"

The director smiled smugly. "I'm Colin Little by the way. As you can see my props trucks are arriving and the crew will be following soon. I do hope you have the room to accommodate all of us."

"There are huts here which I gather are for the maintenance crew and the camera men here. The rest of the cast et cetera will be staying at Mara the neighbouring reserve owned by Mr Du Plessis and his wife. Mara is where the sets were supposed to be going."

"Change of plan." Colin told him simply. "There is more room here for filming."

Danny ground his teeth together. "As stated in the contract any changes were supposed to be ok'd by me before implementation!"

"Do you plan on being difficult the entire time we are here Mr Trevanion?" Colin asked.

"Yes, if you lot don't follow the rules. If any of you get hurt its on my head remember and my reputation which gets trashed!"

Colin narrowed his eyes. "The two stars will be arriving some time after lunch. Be you prepared to show them around their working area."

"If I have nothing more important to attend to." Danny replied and with that he departed.

Alice sat in a car, her white shorts and lemon t-shirt completely in contrast to what shed be wearing back at home. She found it odd to be wearing summer clothes in December, she loved it though, shades rested on her head. Her co-star and her characters love interest in this movie sat opposite her. Austin Bailey was the epitome of every woman's dream guy. Tall naturally tanned with brown eyes, dark hair, perfect smile, teeth, perfect everything…..and Alice hated him. He was arrogant and conceited and he felt the world owned him something just because he could talk convincingly in front of a camera.

"Can you believe where we are being asked to film?" he moaned.

His character was supposed to be fearless brave and used to roughing it in the bush. The only roughing it he had ever done was sleeping in a less than five star hotel!

"What exactly is wrong with Mara?" Alice asked. She thought it as great, the pool was nice, the rooms were spacious and clean. To be fair she had slept in far worse!

He humphed. "There are no clubs for going out, only that Farleys or Tonis…..

"Fatani's." Alice corrected.

"God even the name, why do people here have such stupid names?"

"Do you want some friendly advice Austin? Don't piss off the locals."

"Don't even get me started." he declared. "I mean look at them all." he declared as they passed a child with a goat.

"Christ." Alice muttered shaking her head, she decided to hange the conversation. "Don't know why we need a limo to get around. A truck would do." she said feeling uncomfortable in her surroundings. She was scared to touch anything in case she broke it. She had never felt comfortable in this sort of thing. She should she hit it big a few years ago and still she felt weird. She was just a girl who came from Glasgow and now she was known all around the world. That creeped her out to be fair!

Austin looked at her shocked. "I stipulated a limo in my contract." he smirked. "I can get anything I want!" he said haughtily. "What did you tell them you want before you'd come?"

"A character to play, and they offered me that." she joked.

"No I mean like things. You had to want something. I also get Italian imported mineral water too!"

She frowned. "Really? Why doesn't normal water do? And no I didn't ask for anything I just want to work. I love my job I'm grateful to have work in this climate, we could very easily be on the dole or working in God knows where!"

He snorted. "First of all Alice I will never be on the dole, I will always have work, I am the leading man everyone wants all the ladies love me and why wouldn't they? Look at me." he winked and smiled seductively.

Alice was and she certainly didn't see any redeeming features. She also knew that he was known for whiskimg leading ladies off their feet, well looks like that was ending with her she wasn't interested. He was too shallow!

"And second if you don't want to tell me fine, I will find out what you want eventually."

She could tell by the flare in his eyes that he thought it would be in the bedroom. Oh God!

A house suddenly appeared in the distance, Alice's jaw dropped and a smile began to form. "Wow!" she breathed.

Austin stared at the house in horror." Oh my God look at it! It's like something out of the stone age. Do they have water or electricity or even a toilet? Good God! Thank heaven we aren't living there!"

"I think its gorgeous." Alice breathed as the car pulled to a stop. The house was tall and elegant even. It was a little shabby and worn but that gave it character, a family lived here! She climbed from the car still staring at the house. The driver had climbed out to open the door but she hadn't waited.

"It's fine Brian." she smiled at him warmly.

Austin didn't feel the same however and waited for Brian to open the door for him. When he did Austin didn't even acknowledge him.

"Thank you Brian you're great." she told him still smiling.

Brian nodded. "I'll be back here to pick the two of you up in two hours Miss….."

"Call me Alice or I'll call you Mr Hopkirk!" she warned.

"Alice!" Austin hissed. "He's hired help!"

She turned to Austin giving him a cold look. "That's Miss Collins to you!" She snarled at Austin. "You don't talk to people like that!"

Austin was shocked in silence. Brian smirked before departing.

Danny was walking up from his surgery. He saw the limo departing, God could they be any more pretentious? There were levels of poverty here off the scale and they drove around in limousines! His eyes were drawn to the people. The woman, hard not to recognise her, she was on the cover of every magazine on the racks in town. The peoples sweetheart apparently. He made a face, all woman turned on you in the end! Anyway she seemed to be looking up at his house in wonder. The man however, Danny disliked the look on his face, it was like he had measured this place and found it lacking. Danny was ready to defend this place to the death this was his home and he loved it!

The woman spotted him and smiled. She walked towards him, stride loose, hand outstretched. "Hello."

Danny looked at her hand then pushed his own in his pockets. He had no love for actors. "Yes?" he asked.

"I'm Alice Collins and this is Austin…."

"Mr Bailey." Austin corrected.

Danny smiled though it held no humour. "You expect me to call you Mr Bailey?" Danny asked incredulous.


Danny snorted. "Get stuffed!"

Alice's mouth was open her grin wide.

Austin flushed red. "Do you have any idea who I am?"

"No actually." Danny answered nonchalantly.

Austin's head seemed to inflate with anger. "I have never been so insulted….."

"I bet you have." Danny interrupted his tirade.

Alice had her eyes closed, her face one of great amusement.

Danny turned to her. "And I'm not here to make you laugh either!" he snapped.

"I didn't say you were." she retorted without missing a beat.

Danny raised his eyebrows at her. Not many people spoke back to him when he used that tone.

"I demand to speak to Colin! Such insolence will not be tolerated." Auston boomed and headed for the house.

Danny followed and stepped in front of him before he could enter. "My house is out of bounds."

"Out of bounds?" Austin echoed.

Alice had never heard Austin so outraged before. He was squeaking.

"Yeah out of bounds, like if I find you in there I'll break your snooty nose!" Danny warned coldly.

Oh Alice liked him! He took no crap, no one dared treat Austin like this! He was too big a star, an asset apparently!

"How dare you!" Austin shouted.

"Very easily. Now house or nose." Danny asked.

Austin was obviously torn, too vain to risk it he stomped off. "I'm going to speak to Colin!"

"Try not to get lost!" Danny called after him. "I'd hate for a lion to eat you, think of all the paperwork." rolled his eyes. "Would be a great loss to the world." he muttered to himself sarcastically then turned to Alice who was grinning widely.

"You're brilliant!" she told him without preamble.

His face didn't change, it still scrutinised her .

"I'm Alice…." she began.

"I heard you the first time." he breathed. "Why are you here?"

Alice attributed his behaviour to Austin, he had that effect on people. "Oh yeah, sorry. I'm here for the tour. We're starting filming in two days time so I'm here just to get a look of the place and find my feet."

He snorted and exhaled, decided to make sure she knew his warning meant her too. "I meant what I said by the way, no house, no surgery."

She was now interested. "Surgery? Are you a doctor?" he took no crap and was smart, she might just marry him!

"Vet!" his voice warning her that he wasn't going to allow any elaboration.

Alice didn't read this her face had already lit up. "Really? Me t….."

"I see no need in us talking since we'll be seeing very little of each other." Danny interrupted rudely.

Now Alice was confused. "What is your pr….."

Danny was saved from her question by Colin stomping towards them angrily. Austin was talking and gesturing wildly. He looked at Danny and smiled victoriously.

"I am right in assuming you threatened Mr Bailey here?" Colin asked Danny as soon as they were close enough.

"Christ Austin!" Alice declared. "No Colin he…."

"Call it a warning." shooting Alice a warning glance. He didn't need anyone fighting his battles for him! "He was going to enter my house."

"I merely wished to use the phone, I wasn't going to rob him!" Austin looked at the house disparagingly. "What is he going to have that I want?"

Alice shook her head and covered her face with her hands. Austin was well on his way to a broken nose whether he entered the house or not!

"Well why don't I just walk around your house and see if you like it!" Danny fumed. "And trust me with all your money I doubt you have anything I want. My stuff is far more valuable! Fairly earned with hard work while you.." the word a sneer. "…. just waltz around and get paid a fortune for it! You make me sick!" he carried on. "And excuse me if I don't want my private space invaded, stay out!"

Alice could understand Danny's point completely, someone had been going in her house….she shuddered involuntarily.

Danny saw the shudder and misconstrued it. "Same goes for you too! Like I need some stuck up, pampered, prima donna messing….."

Oh no he didn't just diss her! Ok now she was pissed! He didn't even know her and he the cheek to be calling her stuck up and pampered and a freaking prima donna? She straightened her back managed to look down on him even though he was almost a foot taller than her. "Now look here Mr…. well actually I don't know your name but anyway I wouldn't step foot in that house of your if YOU paid ME! And same goes for the surgery too! And as for the other stuff I have been NOTHING but cordial to you. You have been the one with the attitude and you call me stuck up and a prima donna. You wanna look at yourself a little bit closer. Now since you obviously have issues I'm leaving and won't see you unless you are on set!" and with that she walked off.

Danny didn't care, she was out of his hair anyway. He dismissed the two men and walked into the house Colin talking about suing him. Let him, if it got him off his land he didn't care. God day one of this crap and he was already in hell. How was he gonna last the next two months?

A/N ok so very full first chapter. someone has a little bit of an unhealthy obsession with Alice.
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