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AU/DS9: It has been years since everyone left – Benjamin, Worf, O'Brian, Nog, Julian and Odo. But then why Kira kept dreaming of them being together? And most disturbingly she kept seeing Jadzia, an old man, and a young commander playing tongo.

Old Friends never leave: Part VI

Nerys returned home rather disappointed. She had hoped that meeting the resident mystery would help her put an end to torment of faces alas it didn't. 'A journey,' she thought 'my tiny shiny,' she was not going to play. She was certain with time the faces will simply give up and let her be.

The next morning after her return Nerys woke up to the usual wakeup call the station produces announcing it is o five hundred hours. She got of bed rather sleepy and headed to the bathroom. The rinsing helped waked her up completely. Dressing did not take long. Her uniform was nicely pressed. She straightened it up and left her quarters.

For some reason, it would seem maintenance have outdone themselves as everything around was shinning brighter than ever before. She thought perhaps a special arrival was expected. Yesterday she did not have the time to review the station logs. No matter, it was still very pleasant to the eye.

She imagined the work load these lovely Starfleet officers must have had to make it so shiny and it brought a smile to her face as she entered the turbolift. "Ops," She said rather lazily and the turbolift was on its way.

On the way she thought of the day she had spent in the autumn gardens of Gallean. Despite the disappointment of not achieving her task it was still a memorable experience. Every color of this planet was surreal and yet extremely beautiful. The aroma in the air really had no comparison – fresh aroma of forest untainted by civilization. She could still remember how it felt.

The turbolift reached Ops and almost automatically she descended without looking at anyone and headed to her office at the top. The doors slid open and she ventured in. She walked around the desk and sat down. Sitting down gave her a strange feeling. When she came to think of it, it seemed as though she had sat down on rather softer cushion.

"Do you mind, Colonel?"

A voice startled her and she jumped off the seat. Then in utter shock realized someone was already sitting on her chair. When her eyes fell on the person in red uniform occupying her chair she screamed and then gaped holding her hand before her mouth.

The face looking back at her was awfully familiar. Heck, it was more than familiar. She knew it better than anyone else. It was the face of her long gone friend and former Chief of Security for Deep Space Nine Odo. The red uniform then retreated and was replaced by the usual brownish uniform.

"Odo?" Nerys whispered still in shock and denial.

"Nerys," Odo said getting up and taking her hand into his kissing it gently.

"I thought you are still with your people on…"

"I was!" Odo replied in his usual short spoken way.

"And now?"

"Now, I'm here. Decided to come and visit. I arrived yesterday but you weren't here."

"I, uh, I was out for uh, awhile."

"I noticed so I decided I would come and wait for you in here. But I never thought I would have become that invisible."

"I'm so sorry, Odo. I have some things on my mind."


Nerys spent the afternoon with Odo. It was a very refreshing experience for her and very relaxing. The usual banter between Odo and Quark was still very entertaining when they went to visit. Odo insisted that he would be staying for awhile, which made Nerys happy.

In the following two weeks, Nerys' mood was perfect but she should have known better. Troubles started to land one after the other and she became very preoccupied and did not have the time for Odo at all.

One evening, she finally managed to get free earlier. She reached Odo's quarters and knocked on the door.

"Nerys," Odo greeted her.

"I'm sorry. I've been much busy as of late but now I'm all yours."

"Good to hear," Odo replied and kissed her, and she kissed him back.

She spent the night with him and it was wonderful. At least something good has happened to her.

The next day however the faces returned and it presented quite the challenge. Odo of course quickly noticed her odd behavior but she did not share what was bothering her. So he did as he usually did investigate. He uncovered pretty quickly the mysterious message that she received from Bajor.

It was to say the least intriguing. Checking the flight log he discovered the planet she had been on and got intrigued by the readings the ship had taken. It was intriguing and more to the point he knew something of it. He had learnt it during the time he had spent with his kin and decided to share with Nerys.

"What?" She exclaimed when they were alone again.

"I'm sorry but unusual things tend to trigger my curiosity."

"Right," She said not that she was surprised. Odo indeed did not tolerate staying uninformed. "And?"

"And I can help!"


"I have heard of the man you have met on the planet."

"What?" Nerys stared disbelievingly. "How?"

"The time I spent with my kind. Don't forget they have been travelling for a long time."

"And what do they know of that man?"

"They know Q is very afraid of him."

"Q? Afraid? Of a single man? That's hardly possible, Odo. They are not afraid of anything."

"Well, apparently we were wrong. Even the Q fear something."

"What else?"

"They say this man comes from another galaxy. His knowledge and power are great. He knows things about space probably no living soul does. He appears only when he's needed and usually heralds great change."

"That is rather vague. Don't you think?"

"Yes, I agree."

"Heralds great change?"

"Yes," Odo confirmed. "They call him Mystery."

"Mystery how quaint."

"You said Q pointed you to go find him as well as yourself?"

"Yes, I did find him but it was rather disappointing." And she told him reluctantly of her experience.

Odo then shared some of the stories he had heard about him and she quickly understood the man's dismissal of her was something rather normal. The man operated in mysterious ways hence the name.

"Odo, he wants me to give in no matter how embarrassing it might get and honestly I can't do that."

"But if you don't then the dreams will never stop."

"There is no guarantee of that whether I comply or not."

"But it is worth trying." Odo pointed out.

"I suppose."

There was some truth to what Odo said. She was losing nothing by trying other than self respect and some respect. The worst that could happen would be everyone would think she had gone crazy but that is something easily explicable and so she gave in though reluctantly at first.

Somehow it was not as bas she thought it would be. True sometimes it was creating really ridiculous situations but it was rather entertaining and funny. She had truly never felt so free even when they were around. It was refreshing experience.

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